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Icke,  David.  An author and lecturer who used to be a sports commentator on BBC tv and had a major spiritual breakthrough in 1991 which surprised everyone.  He has written I am Me, I am Free (1996) which is a good place to start in reclaiming your sense of self awareness.  Other titles: It Doesn't Have To Be Like This; Truth Vibrations; Love Changes Everything; Days of Decision; In the Light of Experience; Heal the World; The Robot's Rebellion; And The Truth Shall Set You Free; Children of the Matrix: Alice and the Twin Towers.  -Your personal learning, your understanding of yourself and your potential, is what matters and the education/ indoctrination system suppresses, not caresses, that understanding.  You're not a clone, you are an amazing being of light and love with an astonishing uniqueness to express.  What are you doing worrying about examinations set by a system which wants to condition you, clone you and crush your sense of uniqueness?  It's a piece of shit, walk away. (Icke (1996) p. 128)  He's a charismatic man, at  Having said that, I was one of the very few women who attended a Lavender Hill lecture where he left the discussion of 'sexual abuse' til the last item of his day long lecture on a Saturday night.  I had to leave before he got to that subject . So I don't know how creepy he is, but judging by his incredibly detailed researches he should be  an honourary professor.


Ikonos,  Commercial Imaging Satellite launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on April 27, 1999 which disappeared.  Before we jump to the alien hypothesis consider these points offered by William Birnes in the UFO Encyclopedia (2004):

1: companies that launch commercial surveillance satellites that could photograph American military installations have been notified that in the event of a threat to national security they will be shut down by the military, and/or destroyed.

2: rival commercial satellite companies, vying for lucrative contracts maybe taking sabatorial action thus increasing the insurance premiums of their competitors and  losing them clients.

3: directed-energy weaponry systems (lasers, particle beams, ultra frequency electronics, 'death rays' etc) are being deployed by rival nations and they 'leave no trace of a targeted satellite' (to say the least!) (Birnes (2004) p. 166)


Imjarvi  This sighting occurred in southern Finland (North-West region of Heinola) in January 1970.  Two skiiers, Aarno Heinonen and Esko Viljo, saw a bright light and heard a buzzing sound.  Within the luminescent glow was a nine foot wide saucer which came very close to the witnesses.  A tube of light descended from the base of the craft, and a thin pale entity carying a black box was standing there.  The creature had a hooked nose, small ears, a pointy head and was wearing a light green overall and dark green boots.  This was noted in a few seconds, and then the craft was gone, but it may have lasted longer as one of the skiiers noticed they had a numb leg afterwards.  Esko suffered from a red and swollen face, while Aarno was peeing black for several months!  He also had aching joints, a terrible headache and felt numb and exhausted whilst also suffering short-term memory loss.  Strangely, when they revisited the area six months later with a journalist, a photographer and an interpreter, they all got swollen red hands and Aarno was made ill by the pain in his head.  Aarno went on to claim twenty three more sightings in the next two years accompanied by contactee experiences.


Implants - Ever since fairies prevented humans from capturing, betraying or harming them by giving them an 'elf shot' to cause memory loss and induce sleep, implants have been on the cards.  With the development of nanotechnology there is no stopping it and no saying what they've put in you.  Mad people claiming that satellites are tracking them, doesn't seem quite so mad now does it.  Proving the implant is extraterrestrial, in these days of technological leaping is surprisingly difficult though.  It may be that the aliens remove it before you can get a doctor to, or that once the doctor has, then the covert military group steal it from the medical office store, or it may disappear in front of the very eyes of the analyst!  One man at least has dedicated his life to this and that is Derrel Sims  He will video the process, ensure that the professionals are monitored and analyse the implant for anomalies, but he is a former CIA employee.  What has been noticed so far is that the devices are protected from rejection by the body by a bioshell made from the persons own tissues which are not normally or naturally found in that area or region of the body.  So instead of the person having a 'foreign body' in them they have a custom-made, designer transceiver, tailored to bond and respond through nerve interaction.  It has something to do with electromagnetics, biofields, exotic alloys, metallic isotopes and crystals.  It may be to send messages to your brain, or to monitor your health, to track your position or to release data or chemicals into your nervous system.  Humans can't really complain because as a species we do this to animals, without dialogue or consent.


E X C E L L E N T      W O R K

W E L L    D O N E

A N D    T H A N K    Y O U

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