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E X C E L L E N T      W O R K

W E L L    D O N E

A N D    T H A N K    Y O U


Kaifu  - Toshiki. Prime Minister of Japan who stated in 1990 'I said that someone had to solve the UFO problem [whilst using] far reaching vision at the same time.  From the point of [view of] 'people'  in outer space, all human beings on earth are the same people, regardless of whether they are American, Russian, Japanese'' (Birnes (2004) p. 177)


Katchen -  Lee.  A marvelous quote from this NASA physicist whilst talking of NORAD (North American Air Defense Command): 'UFO sightings are now so common' major defense systems have UFO filters built in 'The filters cut out all unconventional objects or targets' Something that hovers in the air and then shoots off at 5,000 miles per hour doesn't interest us because it can't be the enemy' (Birnes (2004) p. 177) [I’ll say it can’t be the enemy, how could you win against something like that!]


Kazakstan Mountains -   At 11pm on 16th August 1960, an eight-man geophysics expedition from Leningrad were camping here when “a brilliant orange, lens- shaped object suddenly rose over the mountains with a diameter 50% greater than that of the moon, according to the mineralogist leader of the expedition, Dr Nikolai Sotchevanov.  The object flew south, zigzagged to the north-east, and disappeared behind the mountains after curving round.” (Hobana & Weverbergh (1975) p.284).  The object was  brighter in the centre than at the edges.


Keel – John Alva.  Author of: Strange Creatures from Time and Space (1970); Operation Trojan Horse (1971); The Mothman Prophecies (1975); The Eighth Tower (1976). “Experienced UFO researcher John A. Keel set forth his opinion that the MIB were “the intelligence arm of a large and possibly hostile group.”  Keel said that he considered the UFO silencers to be professional terrorists assigned the mission of harassing UFO researchers who became too involved in investigations that might reveal too much of the truth.  Keel said that in his own research he had uncovered some extreme cases of personal abuse in which certain UFO contactees and/or UFO investigators had been kidnapped…[subjecting] their victim to some sort of brainwashing that leaves [them] in a state of nausea, mental confusion, or even amnesia…dark-complexioned mystery men had sometimes silenced saucer sighters even before the witnesses had had time to report [and]…did not want people to know their place of origin: “They have been lying to contactees since 1897!”… [sighting the example of the Texas airship mystery when] according to newspaper accounts, some “pottery” had fallen from one of the mysterious airships.  The next day a dark-suited man of “Oriental complexion” arrived in town and bought up the strange fragments.” (Steiger & Steiger (1994) p. 123-4).  [Actually some other reports of MIB assert that they have incredibly pale skin, the one who dissolved the coin into another plane did, and the one with the red lippy on].  Anyway, “These ultraterrestrials, Keel claimed, are malignant intelligences from another dimension of existence, who are able to enter our reality at will [as]…angels, demons, fairies [etc]… anomalous animals such as Bigfoot [Sasquatch] and sea [lake] monsters, and, in the twentieth century, space travellers from other worlds…Men in Black…are the origin of the Grim Reaper figure and the widespread legends of vampires…minions of the King of the World”. (Baker (1999) p. 132-3).  He walked the line between demonology and ufology.


Kelly Hopkinsville – A famous case of metallic, floating, goblins.  A normal family living in a tiny hamlet had a nasty fright night on August 21st 1955.  The Sutton family and relative Bill Taylor who saw a saucer shaped object with a multicoloured exhaust plume descending in the field nearby when he went to fetch water from the well.  From indoors they watched a three foot, hairless creature with a large head and bat ears approach with long arms raised above it’s head.  It was glowing silver in the dusk and had huge eyes on the sides of it’s head with a grin from ear to ear.  More of them came and climbed about, dropping onto the roof from a nearby tree.  Shooting at them, a hasty move as they had their arms raised, didn’t work as it just made a metallic sound and they rolled or floated away unharmed.  Taylor tried to leave but they grabbed his hair from the roof.  The goblin gremlins hung around all night with the Suttons shooting at them, but they never tried to get in.  Making a dash for it, the family drove to the Sheriff’s Office and Deputy George Batts got two Kentucky State police and went straight round there, but the aliens had gone.


Kennedy – President John F.  The Thirty Fifth President of the US was unfaithful to Jackie with Marilyn Monroe, amongst others, and he leaked information to her about ufos which endangered her life.  They both wound up dead, her in ’62 him in ’63 (November 22nd public assassination.  They said that Lee Harvey Oswald shot him from the grassy knoll, but Jack Ruby killed Oswald before the court case.  Ruby had “nine contacts with the FBI” (Dolan (2002) p. 271).)  Kennedy reported a “1963 UFO sighting off Cape Cod, near the family compound at Hyannisport, Massachusetts. The object was reportedly sixty feet in diameter and saucer-shaped, with a gray top and bright, silvery bottom…[emitting] a humming sound” (Birnes (2004) p. 179).


Keyhoe – Major Donald. Born 20 June 1897, Iowa. Author of: Flying Saucers Are Real (1950); Flying Saucers from Outer Space (1953); The Flying Saucer Conspiracy (1955); Flying Saucers, Top Secret (1960); Aliens From Space (1973).  Major Donald Edward Keyhoe, US Marine Corps and from January 1957 Director of NICAP.  Widely regarded as “one of the best behind-the-scenes chroniclers of U.S. government response to the UFO situation in the 1940s through the 1950s.” (Howe (1998) p. 24) he is noted for drawing “attention to the apparent correlation betweent he development of atomic weapons in 1945, and the upsurge in the Ufo sightings from 1947 onwards, suggesting that this dangerous technology had forced the aliens to pay much closer attention to humanity.” (Baker (1999) p. 135)  By 1960 he was frustrated by the ever-tightening censorship and outright lies that had become the strictly enforced policy of…the “Silence Group”.” (ibid).  Howe on Glimpses of Other Realities: High Strangeness – “high strangeness linked to non-human intelligences which the “Silence Group” or MJ-12 enforcers never wanted the media or public to know.  But information has leaked out anyway from people frustrated by their own firsthand knowledge of a non-human presence in a world where denial has become a substitution for truth…One government agent told me his superiors hoped to be dead before the “true story” erupted” (Howe (1998) p. 30).  In 1969 the Board of Governors asked him to retire from NICAP, and in 1981 he joined the Directors of MUFON. After a full life he died on November 29th 1988.

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