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MIB -– Men in Black, mysterious untraceable strangers, who turn up after a ufo sighting or abduction to warn witnesses to keep quiet about what they saw.  A memo was sent out by the Department of the Air Force on 1st March 1967, regarding "“Impersonations of Air Force Officers"”. It says that "“persons claiming to represent the Air Force or other Defense establishments have contacted citizens who have sighted unidentified flying objects"” and asked staff to report any cases of such events to the "OSI offices"”.  (Randles & Hough (1994) p. 160).  The memo sites a case where persons unknown impersonated a NORAD official and took photos away, and another where someone in Air Force uniform told a group of witnesses and police to shut up about it. In September 1976 Dr. Herbert Hopkins, a physician of Orchard Beach, Maine, USA, was investigating the October 1975 case of a patient, David Stephens. By using regression hypnosis, Dr Hopkins helped Stephens to recollect "a classic abduction story of being in the presence of small alien beings with heads shaped like lightbulbs that were carrying out tests" (Randles (1997) p. 171).  Baffled by this, Dr Hopkins was glad at last to find himself the only one at home on the night of September 11th 1976, so that he could have time to think.  The phone rang.  It was from someone who said they were from the New Jersey UFO Research Organisation inviting themselves round.  This was in the days before mobile phones, yet surprisingly within a few seconds the caller had arrived at the door. As if under a spell, the Dr let the stranger in, only realising afterwards how out of character this was.  The caller was in a crisp black suit. "“He looked just like a china doll wearing clothes so clean and fresh that they might have come from a store window dummy."” (Randles (1997) p. 172).  He had a chalk white complexion and was absolutely hairless.  It seemed to Dr Hopkins that the man had no lips and was trying to conceal this fact with red lipstick which smeared later in the visit as the stranger wiped the back of his hand against it. (Not unheard of, I know some Goths like that). In perfect English, yet with a monotone and flat speaking voice the stranger asked about the sighting, while the Dr gave him all the details.  Perhaps because the Dr hadn't experienced the sighting himself and so wasn'’t as much under the stranger'’s control, the visitor used a illustration to scare him into silence. The MIB requested a coin from the Dr (perhaps the MIB had planted one on him?).  In the Dr'’s hand the one cent piece "suddenly began to develop a silvery color -  and the silver became blue, and then I [Dr Hopkins] had trouble focusing. [hypnotism?] I could focus on my hand perfectly well - that was my reference point - but the coin was simply gone.  Not abruptly.  It simply slowly dematerialised -– it just wasn't there any more.  I didn'’t smell anything.  I didn'’t feel anything.  I didn't hear anything."” (Randles (1997) p. 172).  It either vanished into another dimension or else the curious stranger had hypnotised the Dr and was now threatening him.  Referring to a local UFO witness who had died, the MIB said "Just as you do not have a coin, so he no longer has a heart."” (ibid p. 173).  The MIB then requested that Dr Hopkins destroy the tapes of David Stephens'’s regression.  "“My - energy -– is - running -– low -– must - go -– now -– goodbye"” said the stranger, as if he was a tape player with run down batteries, and he walked stiffly away, clinging to the wall of the house and then turning a corner.  "“Moments later a very brillliant bluish/white light -– too bright to be a car headlight -– sped lateraly across the front of the house."” (ibid p. 173)  Understandably spooked, the Dr did as requested, demagnetising the regression tapes and throwing them away, along with all his case notes.  Days later he found that there was no New Jersey UFO Research Organisation, and bitterly regretted his rash actions of destroying the records of the case.  Jenny Randles'’s book The Truth Behind the Men in Black (1997) is full of such cases.  There are also two films starring Will Smith which depicts MIB as being human secret agents. But they have been around longer than ufology: "“In the midst of a religious revival in Wales, a young rural woman was visited three nights in succession by a "“man dressed in black"”, the Barmouth Advertiser reported on March 30, 1905.  "This figure delivered a message to the girl which [was too] frightened to relate"”."” (Clark (1998) p. 376).  In 1703 in Norway during a witch hunt a thirteen year old girl told clerics of "“three men dressed in black"” who she said were from the Devil.  In A History of the Devil (1973) William Woods declares "“the devil wears green or gray, but mostly he is dressed in black, and always in the fashion of the day"” (ibid p. 376) MIB however have been seen driving pristine cars which are well out of date.  Still, they are trying to keep the lid on some sort of underworld/underground/other dimensional phenomenon.  "A dark gentleman in a cloak and hood is supposed to have handed Thomas Jefferson the design for the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States"”, says John Keel, and "“Men in Black are also an integral part of the Oriental belief in the King of the World.  Ancient tradition in parts of China, Tibet and India claims that there is an underground city where the King of the World runs everything by sending spies and minions to the surface."” (quoted in Clark (1998) p. 381).  Here'’s another one, this time about '“Jello'” (that'’s jelly).  In November 1966, Mrs Ralph Butler and a friend were in Owatonna, Minesota.  They were watching lights dancing in the night sky.  Suddenly one of these lights decended, it had multicoloured lights around it'’s glowing rim.  Mrs Butler'’s friend collapsed onto her knees in a trance state and issued forth a strange metallic voice, which in a stilted slow fashion demanded to know "what is your time cycle?"” .  Mr Butler tried to answer about minutes, hours and days and was then asked "“what constitutes a day and what constitutes a night?"”.  She answered twelve hours, and then the object shot upward into the sky again and her friend came out of the trance remarking "Boy, I'm glad that'’s over"” (Keel (1970) p. 184).  Then in May 1967 a strange man visited her house. "“He said his name was Major Richard French". He was about five feet nine inches tall with a kind of olive complexion and pointed face. His hair was dark and very long "too long for an Air Force officer" …[he drove a white Mustang rented car] "…He said his stomach was bothering him" …I told him that what he needed was some Jello" …[Early the next morning he came back for the Jello] "…Did you ever hear of anyone trying to drink Jello? Well that'’s what he did.  He acted like he had never seen any before.  He picked the bowl up and tried to drink it."” (Keel (1970) p. 185).  Now it could be that this was just someone interested in the case, a ufological fan who doesn'’t get out much and wanted to make a good impression, but when they checked there was a Richard French in the Air Force in Minnesota, but he did not fit this MIB'’s physical description.  This MIB was wearing a grey brand new suit, and seemed desperate to eat in the company of Mrs Butler, perhaps a reversal of the old folklore which says to never eat in the company of fairies and witches.  Still, weirder things have happened than that, and it'’s important not to assume every strange human is anything more than just geeky. Just cos you wear your pants outside your trousers, doesn't make you Superman!


Mind Control -– Remote influencing of your thinking.  Since James Tilly Mathews declared there was an Air Loom (an etheric manipulation device) which caused him physical discomfort and affected the minds of prominent people in the 1890s, this has been an issue, and they just called him paranoid - the first recorded case of it - and locked him up in Bedlam.  People used to say it was the Devil making them think evil thoughts, now they blame the CIA.  Unfortunately many of the people discussing this issue are unwilling to reveal themselves too much, for obvious reasons.  Apparently electronic devices, and pharmaceuticals have been deployed to cause apparent "‘mental illness" in opponents to the predominant ideology (see LSD).  Writers on this subject include Commander X and Jim Keith.  Such techniques have been used to create Manchurian Candidates: "“An account of the creation of mind controlled assassins was provided by Colonel William Bishop who, in 1983, made the following statement to researcher Gary Shaw: “That was how, after the Korean War, I got involved with CIA.  I have been subjected to every known type of drug.  The medical doctors connected with the agency found that certain drugs work quite well in conjunction with hypnosis -– hypnotic power of suggestion -– with some subjects '…indoctrination' …Then there is a mental block put on "…[then, later] the phone rings.  A code word will be read to him in a voice that John Doe recognizes.  That will trigger the action.  John Doe will commit the assasination, return home, and remember absolutely nothing of it"”."”  (Keith (1999) p. 74-75)  "“In 1920 Allen Dulles was appointed First Secretary of the American Embassy in Berlin and" …took over American Intelligence" …Dulles was chief of station in Berne, Switzerland in the early 1940s, at the time that the effects of LSD were purportedly discovered by Dr. Albert Hoffman, working for Sandoz laboratories.  At the same time mind control experimentation using mescaline and other drugs were being used on inmates of the Dachau concentration camp "Allen'’s brother, John Foster Dulles, became the chief executive of the influential Sullivan and Cromwell law firm, that represented the notorious I.G. Farben during the [demonic] rise of the Nazis.  I.G. Farben, run until 1937 by the Warburg family, banking partners with the Rockefellers, along with Rockefeller'’s Standard Oil of New Jersey, were merged in hundreds of transnational cartels.  They were in essence the same firm.  After World War II, the president of Standard Oil funds had been used to pay the wages of SS overseers at Auschwitz.  CIA mind control experimentation emerged full-blown under Project BLUEBIRD in 1947 [the deliberate creation of multiple personalities, in fragmented compartmentalized areas of the mind, so that other personalities are amnesic while current one is active]"…under the supervision of Security operator Morse Allen.  At the same time the U.S. Navy was doing its own drug experimentation under Project CHATTER [truth serum research]"PROJECT ARTICHOKE [1952]"…control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will"…MKDELTA" …October 1952 "biochemicals in clandestine operations "…MKULTRA"…April 1953 [-1966]"…controlling human behaviour "…MKNAOMI"…stockpil[ing] severely incapacitating and lethal materials, and to develop gadgetry for the dissemination of these materials" …[ended 1969 maybe] "MKSEARCH"…to manipulate human behaviour in a predictable manner through the use of drugs. "MKCHICKWIT"…Europe and Asia [I think the name says it all, and it'’s probably the creation of sex slaves] "…MKOFTEN" behavioural and toxicological effects of certain drugs on animals and humans"…etc"” (Keith (1999) p. 59, 60, 61).  All it takes is to get one or two witnesses to report seeing "‘aliens"’ through hypnotism, drug and electronic device usage, and the belief spreads.  Also you then have people willing to let "‘aliens" do things to their bodies which they would not let their local general practitioner/doctor do to them, and so you can obtain biological dna samples, reproductive for the production of genetically altered humans for soldiering, or for creating an implant to control future behaviour patterns and thought processes.  It then becomes irrelevant whether there are aliens or not, and it'’s pertinent that this seems to have begun after the Nazis [apparently lost] and WWII, in 1947.  (See Project Paperclip and Screen memories and a good book on the subject is Secret Weapons (2001) Hersha & Hersha & Griffis & Schwarz, or you could try reading Bluebird -– Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists (Ross (2000)  Also known as (aka) brain washing.


Moller Skycar, Dr Paul Moller with his flying disc shaped craft, see links on the left.  Problems include the fact that they run on deisel, petrol or ethanol instead of electricity or solar power, and that you need a pilot's licence to fly it above ten feet.


Moon -– Represented by the Goddess of hunting, Diana, who has many other names: Persephone, Lilith, Hecate.  The Moon has long been associated with the female in mythology, whilst the Sun is the masculine element, the father figure.  See Luna. It could be occupied, it could be hollow, it may have architectural constructions on its surface.  "“Aristotle told of a people called the Proselenes who lived in Arcadia, a mountainous region in central Greece, long before the coming of the Greeks.  The name Selene -– the Greek goddess of the moon -– has come to refer to the moon itself, and the term Proselenes means "“before the moon"”. [I have to jump in and correct him here, "‘pro" means in favour of (pro/anti) "‘pre" means before (pre/post) so Proselenes means worshippers of Selene, her subjects, fans of hers]. According to ancient legend, the Proselenes held claim to Arcadia because they lived there "“before there was a moon in the heavens."” [or before the Moon arrived in the Earth region? Possibly having travelled with or on the Moon?] The Greek writer Plutarch also referred to "prelunar people"” in Arcadia, and the Roman author Ovid stated that the Arcadian "folk is older than the moon"”.  The Roman Apollonius Rhodius wrote that the Arcadians "“dwelt on the mountains and fed on acorns, before there was a moon."” [this is getting silly now, acorns are surely poisonous?]  In Tibetan texts, there are references to a people on  a lost continent named Gondwana, said to be civilized before the moon shone in the night  sky "…Immanuel Velikovsky" …quotes from the Finnish epic poem Kalevala regarding a time "“when the moon was placed in orbit"”."” (Marrs (1997) p. 17).


Mothman -– "A strange, eerie creature combining humanoid features with those of a bat.  It reportedly inhabited the Ohio River Valley, West Virginia in 1966-67.  It was described as gray-featured, over seven feet tall, with a wingspan of about ten feet, and possessing the ability to take off vertically and fly without flapping its wings.  On its face were two gigantic, protruding, glowing eyes.  In Mothman Prophecies [1975], John A. Keel reports the strange incidents occuring, and the creatures (including Mothman) seen, in the Ohio River Valley during 1966-67"” (Briazack & Mennick (1978) p. 141).  Mothman didn't have a face as such, because he had no head, and the eyes were set into his chest. He (or more correctly "‘It"’) was seen by over 100 people in specifically the Point Pleasant area.  It could be that the wings were placed such as to obscure the head of the creature.  But the strange thing about it was that it looked "like a bird, but it was the size of a small airplane...flapped its wings" (Vallee (1970) p. 78) and could keep pace with a 75mph (miles per hour) vehicle.  Reports were that it was approximately "six feet long, with a wingspread of eight to ten feet...[and had] large, round, glowing red eyes." (ibid. p. 78)  In 1976 in Mawnan, Cornwall (G.B) a strange "Owlman"’ was observed.  "‘It"’ had black claws for feet, legs that bent backwards like a bird'’s, hands at the end of its wings and pointy ears, red glowing eyes and a black mouth, with grey feathers..  Owlman was first seen hovering over the village church on 17th April 1976 by two sisters.  Then on July 3rd  two teenagers heard a strange hissing sound in the woods and saw a huge owl standing with fiercely glowing bright red eyes.  They assumed it was a joke until the entity flew up into the air.  More sightings followed in '’77 and '78.  An investigation found that the Mawnan Church stood on a prehistoric earthwork, which may have a connection, and that Morgawr, a sea serpent local to the area had been seen at the same time. (Baker (1999) p. 181)  An earlier instance of the phenomena was Spring-heeled Jack.

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