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Putting the UN

in the middle of


See Nexus Magazine - Feb/March 09 for a CIA Whistle blower, giving evidence on the six fingered alien in Roswell Alien Autopsy Footage.

Happenin' Tunes

roswell2 (3)

A YouTube film has appeared

from apparently 1947

This may well be the Footage which

Ray Santilli recreated in the Autopsy Footage,

since the body in it is identical.

Best films  -




District 9

The Fourth Kind




Owned and written by

Tabitha Goode

Fine Art BA. (UEL)

University of East London

Women's Studies MA.  (WMIN)

Photo Studies MA.  (WMIN)

University of Westminster

Are They real, or is it fiction?

Urban myth or contradiction?

Is there any way for us to know

From whence They came, and where they go!

Satellites in the darkest night,

Beam our thoughts and hear our plight.

Will the wandering anomaly

Lift me up and carry me?

Stars that twinkle like a lamp.

Bone-dry circle in the damp.

Broken branch and radiation.

Can aliens save our nation?

Will the answer ever come,

Or is the deed already done?

What if the oil underground is connected to what makes the Earth spin?  What if the oil underground keeps the tectonic plates somehow from cracking or sinking?  I don't think enough is known about what we call "oil", and what that substance means to the Planet Earth.  It may be Gaia's life blood.  The drilling and tunnelling may crack the planet, though i hope not.  We need to promote the alternatives, which are, anti-gravity craft and electro magnetic propulsion.  Maybe, they are not out of reach, but the oil barrons are too addicted and hooked on petrochemical poisons?


I am TabithaGoode BA MA MA

and am not on FaceBook.





It wasn't Joe the Plumber but

Bob the Builder who said :-

Can we fix it?  YES WE CAN!"

Why does nobody question the Kenneth Arnold sighting?  He was one man saying he saw things without proof or photos, yet he's taken as the start of modern ufology.  Why, if they don't question him, why question other people's sightings?

Anyone seeing strange humanoids, UFOs or aliens will, by most Doctors, be judged to have an hallucinatory psychosis, even if only hearing voices.

Channelling and concrete evidential visual proof does not necessarily guard against this diagnosis.

This website seeks to challenge this dark taboo, hence the name - RosUNwell.Info


Whilst SETI and Hubble search for E.T. "out there" - hundreds of people feel contact in the mind.  Telepathy could be a way of crossing vaste distances.

If you think "abductions", by secret men or aliens is "cruel", then educate yourself as to what humans do to animals, which needs to stop.

Now we have little green men androids and the Cloud, and tech even Steve Jobs is hard put to explain.

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