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Indonesia - The most spectacular UFO incident in Indonesia occurred when, during the height of President Sukarno's confrontation against Malaysia, UFOs penetrated a well-defended area in Java for two weeks at a stretch, and each time were welcomed with perhaps the heaviest anti-aircraft barrage in history' I am convinced [continues Air Commodore J Salutun, member of Parliament and Secretary to the National Aerospace Council of the Republic of Indonesia] that we must study the UFO problem seriously for reasons of sociology, technology and security'  the study of UFOs may lead to new and revolutionary concepts in propulsion and space technology in general'  The study of UFOs is a necessity for the sake of world security in the event we have to prepare for the worst in the space age, irrespective of whether we become the Columbus or the Indians' (UFO News, vol. 6 No.1 (1974) p. 123)


Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit - IPU has been described as Ufology's equivalent to a SWAT or SAS team, supporting the backroom boffins of Majestic 12'  (Spencer (1991) p. 203) by a quick retrieval system for downed saucers.  It is thought to have been formed in 1947 by General George Marshall as a top unit of UFO investigation scientists under the scientific and technical branch of the counter-intelligence directorate of US Army Intelligence, reporting to Project Blue Book in the 1950's, it's public life seems to have ended there.


Invisible College - a term originally begun in the 1600s for priviledged students of the occult, referring to the secrecy required to prevent official disapproval, this colloquialism now refers to scientists researching the ufological phenomenon without wishing to damage their careers by stigma or ridicule.  There's probably more to it than that, but it's invisible therefore not in plain view but obscured: 'Dr Hynek - took the opportunity to make legitimate what had for some years been almost a secret society within ufology.  This was a group of scientists who met covertly to discuss UFOs as they were still wary of the potential repercussions of displaying open interest in such a subject.  It was known as the Invisible College.  Hynek came out into the open, [at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, December 26th 1969, a few days after Blue Book was closed] bringing the college with him, and set up the 'first UFO group set up and run by scientists' CUFOS in 1973. (Randles (1981) p. 52).


Irwin, Gerry. (One can only wonder how many Gerry Irwin's there are that we don't know about).  In February of 1959 Private Irwin was driving back to his El Passo barracks.  Before he could get there, while travelling through Cedar City, Utah he saw a glowing UFO.  Thinking that it was a crashing plane, he carefully wrote 'stop' on his car to alert other drivers and wrote a note to tell them to call the police, before going off to investigate.  The Sheriff and a search party found him an hour and half later.  As he was unconscious they took him to hospital.  It took him six weeks to be well enough to return to the site to find his coat and when he did it seems to have awoken him, as if from a trance, for  he reported to the Sheriff as if the six weeks had not passed.  In August he didn't report for duty and was listed as deserting, and he was never seen or heard from again.


Ishikawa, General Kanshi.  In 1967 the Chief of Air Self-Defence Force of Japan, General Ishikawa said 'UFOs have been tracked by radar; so, UFOs are real and they may come from outer space' small ones for scouting and large ships for interstellar travel, utilizing electro-magnetic fields the saucer-shape is the best design from the point of view of hydrodynamics.  UFO photographs and various materials show scientifically that there are more advanced people piloting the saucers and motherships.' (Good (1993) p. 426)


Isla de Lobos, Uruguay.  October 28th, 1972, a remote lighthouse on the Atlantic coastline.  Corporal Fuentes went to inspect the generators after ten pm, 150ft away from his four companions.  Seeing something odd, he went back and got his gun.  It was an object 'parked next to the lighthouse on top of a terrace' and then he saw three humanoid but non-human entities.  They were able to prevent his aggression by a force field of vibrations, got back in their craft and took off. (Spencer (1991) p. 205)


Ithaca.  Route 34 leads to Ithaca, New York.  In 1967, December 12th  Rita Malley was driving her five year old son Dana home.  She saw a red light and looking more closely as it followed her, she could make out a 'domed top and square red and green windows' of a saucer shaped object.  She felt she'd lost control of her vehicle and called out to her son, but noticed he was in a trance.  The car moved over to the side of the road, hit the hard shoulder and ran into an alfalfa field.  'A white swirling beam of light flashed down from the object' and I heard a humming sound.  Then I began to hear voices.  They didn't sound like male or female voices but were weird, the words broken and jerky, like the way a translator sounds when he is repeating a speech at the United Nations.  But it was like a weird chorus of several voices. I became hysterical.  My son would not respond to my cries.  I knew the radio wasn't on.  The voices named someone I knew and said that at that moment my friend was involved in a terrible accident miles away.  They said my son would not remember any of this.  Then the car began to move again, although still not under my control.  We came up out of that field and over the ditch as if it were nothing, and then back onto the road' (Picknett (2001) p. 94).  Rita was able to drive home, but felt very traumatized.  The next day she discovered that her friend had been involved in a serious car crash.  It caused Rita a great deal of sorrow for a while afterwards as she remembered the incident.


Ivanoff, Aino, from Finland.  Driving her car in April 1980, Aino Ivanoff was surrounded by a mist which somehow transported her to a room where she was examined by small entities.  The entities communicated an anti-war stance which they felt strongly about.  They also referred to their inability to reproduce. (Spencer (1991) p. 205).

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