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NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1958) officially a ‘civilian’ agency, nevertheless collaborating with private companies and: “CIA, Department of Defense, National Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency” and presumably other groups and agencies. (Good (1993) p. 362).  A NASA scientist declared in 1967, that although in 1965 “most of us regarded UFOs as a branch of witchcraft, one of the foibles of modern man. But so many reputable people have expressed [an] interest in confidence to NASA, that I would not be in the least surprised to see the space agency begin work on a UFO study contract within the next twelve months.” (ibid p. 363).  I take that to mean that public opinion had to be swayed to and visibly appeased (which it hasn’t been) but it also seems to me an obvious red herring, as I would guess that NASA was established as a response to the foreign craft seen in the sky, and as it was based on the rocket science of the National Socialist Germans.  With NASA being the primary organisation in the West to be in a position to answer these questions, it has utilized ‘double talk’ and ‘spin’ to weave a linguistic path through the dialogue which presents NASA as naïve while actually being sharply intelligent and ruthless in it’s drive to see and understand the universe around us.  Add to that the lies and ‘disinformation’ of propagandist ‘dominant control speech’ and mix in the fact that as pedestrians we really aren’t in a postion to know whether there is a Face on Mars or not, or even what is beyond the blue sky, or even whether ‘stars’ are what we are told they are or just points of light from something else, and you have Spinoff the NASA database. This database has patents for amazing technological products which the average human never gets to benefit from, but which if used correctly for beneficial purposes could surely help them. Then there is ‘photo-imaging’ where you are not even sure whether the photographs they show you are real documents or imagined artwork generated by powerful computers.  The controversy of the Moon landing: did they pass through the Van Allen Radiation Belt; were there residents on the Moon who were hostile to the approaching humans; what do the anomalies in the photo doumentation of the Apollo missions mean; what about the ‘leaked’ audio files which reveal a knowledge of Other off-world spacecraft, are they genuine or engineered as an excuse to spend enormous resources on going out into space when the underprivileged populations of this planet are starving and dying through poverty.  Questions and no forthcoming direct answers from NASA, just dumbed down dialogue, and denial unless you get the wording just right, or unless you can read between their lines, but once it is open to interpretation it is not official, but guess work.  Starry Messenger’s “Year in Space 2004” says for the July 20th anniversary of the 1969 first human Moon walk by Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong: “Perilous Descent.  The first lunar landing, which occurred thirty-five years ago this week, almost didn’t happen at all.  As Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin descended in the lunar module Eagle to a landing at the Sea of Tranquility, alarms rang out in the cabin as the spacecraft’s computer was overloaded with requests, an “overflow” condition that could have required the crew to abort the landing.  Flight controllers on the ground quickly assessed that the crew could continue their descent despite the alarms, which rang out several more times.  Closer to the ground and running dangerously low on fuel, Armstrong avoided landing in a huge boulder-strewn crater and flew Eagle further downrange until he found a suitable spot to land.  Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin is seen preparing to step onto the Moon.”  In the photo, the light from the Sun casts the shadow of the Eagle towards the viewer, yet the back of Aldrin which is towards the viewer is illuminated and not in shadow.    Apparently though they did not take any flood lighting with them.  Many such anomalies have been documented, including blue sky through the window while in deep space, the lack of stars in the sky (which may be due to the speed of the film, but I doubt it), the fluttering of the flag, the repetition of mountain ranges and scenery in shots apparently of different locations on the Moon, seams between the backdrop and the floor, but mostly shadows going in two directions or more in the same image, with only one declared light source – the Sun.  All catalogued in What Happened On The Moon (  When the Mars landings were happening in December ’03 and January ’04 of Beagle, Spirit and Opportunity (the latter two being NASA’s) NASA replied in standard format to me, in response to questions about their position on ufos, that they were not interested in, aware of or seeking life elsewhere.  Tim Good reports that “In 1978 CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy) filed a request for information relating to a NASA report entitled UFO Study Considerations, which had previously been prepared in association with the CIA.  In his response, Miles Waggoner of NASA’s Public Information Services Branch denied this. ‘There were no formal meetings or any correspondence with the CIA,’ he stated.  Following another enquiry by CAUS, NASA’s Associate Administrator for External Relations, Kenneth Chapman, explained that the NASA report had been prepared solely by NASA employees but that the CIA had been consulted by telephone to determine ‘whether they were aware of any tangible or physical UFO evidence that could be analysed; the CIA responded that they were aware of no such evidence, either classified or unclassified.’…[this] is demonstrably false, as is its denial of Air Force investigations.” (Good (1993) p. 364).- Nazis, knowledge of the occult and genetic concerns have probably been there from the start, with high technological input and a drive to explore space because there are Others out there that we want to meet (or possibly because we have outgrown this planet).  See also Project Paperclip.


Nash-Fortenberry – On July 14th 1952, Captain William B. Nash and his copilot First Officer William H. Fortenberry were 8,000 miles over Chesapeake Bay at 8.12pm in a Pan American Airways DC-4, when they saw  “six crimson [red] dots at 30 degrees.  The dots, streaking in their direction, were at 2,000 feet altitude, about a mile lower in the sky than the airliner.  As they got closer, they resolved into reddish orange circles, apparently 100 feet in diameter and 15 feet thick, with sharply defined edges.  Nash would recall that the object “were holding a narrow echelon formation – a stepped-up line tilted slightly to our right, with the leader at the lowest point and each following craft slightly higher.”  The lead object suddenly slowed, so suddenly, in fact, that the two behind it wavered and nearly overran it.  Within seconds the discs were almost underneath the DC-4 and slightly to the right, and in unison “they flipped on edge,” in Nash’s words: “the sides to the left of us going up and the glowing surfaces facing right.  Though the bottom surfaces did not become clearly visible, we had the impression that they were unlighted.  The exposed edges, also unlighted, appeared to be about 15 feet thick, and the top surface at least seemed flat. In shape and proportion they were much like coins.  While all were in the edgewise position, the last five slid over and past the leader so that the echelon was now tail foremost…without any arc or swerve at all, they all flipped back together to the flat attitude and darted off in a direction that formed a sharp angle with their first course…[as these six left] two more objects just like them [but brighter] darted out from behind and under our airplane”…all eight blinked out momentarily, then came on again.” (Clark (1998) p. 410)  The sighting lasted only 15 seconds and ended with the craft speeding towards Newport News, Virginia, climbing in a graceful 45 degree arc and blinking out.  Their speed was an estimated 12,000 mph.


NATO – In February 1961 “thirty to fifty enormously large, circular, disc-shaped, metallic objects flying in formation over Central Europe…caused the Soviets and the Allies to start shooting at each other” (Steiger & Steiger (1994) p. 97).  In response to this event  Air Marshall Pike decided to order an in-house (NATO/SHAPE, North Atlantic Treaty Organization/Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe) study to assess the situation involving these incidents of the circular discs and related matter.  The study known first as “An Assessment” was late named The Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe.” (ibid p. 98).  The study completed in 1964 and drew the following conclusions: “1. Our planet Earth and its inhabitants, the human race, have been under extensive, detailed, in-depth surveillance. 2. This surveillance or monitoring has been going on for a long time – for hundreds or even thousands of years – and was a possible threat to our Allied forces. 3. However, because of the high level of demonstrated technology, whoever or whatever is behind these circular, metallic discs must not be a real danger…We have virtually no defense against their advanced technology…4. There seems to be enough evidence that some kind of a procedure or process – some “plan” on the part of the aliens – seems to be developing…” (ibid (1994) p. 99)  “Group 1: Referred to as the ‘Grays’ biological androids or clones; Group 2: Humanoids or humanlike in appearance; Group 3: Taller Grays – about six feet tall with humanlike heads, but without the big wraparound eyes; Group 4: Reptilian in appearance – some kind of reptilian connection, but with lizardlike skin.  The eyes have vertical pupils.” (ibid p. 100)  Just to cheer you up after that, I’ll add this event that happened “at an Italian NATO Air Base outside LeBoerno.  Just two days before Christmas 1963, a young Italian Air Force sergeant watched as a UFO just “dropped down” out of the sky, landed in front of him, and a humanlike being spoke to him in perfect Italian, asking him if he wanted to go for a ride…the young man was so excited, he wet his pants – and it was an extremely bitter cold day!” (ibid p. 102)  I’m surprised that kind of biological reaction doesn’t happen more often, or perhaps no one is honest enough to admit it.  Reminds me of Little Miss Tuffet and the spider that “dropped down” beside her, would’ve shocked anyone I think, and then to be invited on a cruise aswell, and at Christmas!


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Tab Goode


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