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Which Sylvia Plath poem is quoted containing the line - "Sarcophagus and a face on it"  - answers on a postcard and you may win a prize  


Control your own mind                    Gathering Data . . . . .

E X C E L L E N T      W O R K

W E L L    D O N E

A N D    T H A N K    Y O U

"Alienist" was a somewhat derogatory and now obsolete term for a psychiatrist or psychologist. It was given renewed attention when used in the title of the 1994 novel The Alienist by Caleb Carr.


It is also used in Joseph Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness to describe the doctor in the Company headquarters in Belgium.


It also appears in H.P. Lovecraft's 1927 novella The Case of Charles Dexter Ward to describe the doctors who examine the protagonist during his stay at Dr. Waite's psychiatric hospital.


The above is Wikipedia's definition of the word 'alienist' (i always wondered why ufologists were called that instead of alienists).



When reading Dan Sherman's Above Black literature on Project Preserve Destiny, I noticed that he was talking about being influenced by sounds at a subliminal level and had left a cunning clue regarding the sighting of a white van which drove to the manufacturers of a headphone which canceled out sound (you've all seen the adverts, they are made by BOSE, any connection to General DuBose?).  The same technology is used in Black Helicopters to silence the down draft of the engine noise and whirling blades. They do this be emitting a wave which neutralises the sound wave, leveling them both out to make a straight line of silence.

Silent Sounds - a description of the subliminal ultralow frequency sound waves which enable hearing at long distance and the production of targetted sounds which may only be audible to the recipient, presumably they can do this with imagery too.  I think this technology is a bit in advance of the Americans as 'they are our allies' and also who gave them the technology - where did they develop it from.  Insects are good at these modes of communication hence ultrasonics in their predators Bats and also the Cricket's hind leg call (also Amphibians with their dawn chorus and Birds).  Maybe the original creator 'God' or 'Gods' Elohim (can't help thinking that sounds offensively gender specific for beings of such importance) created three or four types of humanoid - Insect (Earth); Reptilian (Water); and Flying (Air).  Perhaps the flying ones are the ambassadorial negotiators/mediators who signal to humankind and forage for water and electrical supplies as well as genetic material.  The nocturnal lights and daylight discs would be the same creature, glowing with a translucent or transparent skin like the Jelly Fish and Electric Eels and other deep sea creatures which have transparent skin and can create their own glowing torches, patterns and displays, and also can give an electric shock for stunning prey and protecting themselves.  Perhaps the other two are Humanoid Races dwelling deep below us, the big black eyed stick creature and the cold emotionally detached Draconian, who may be learning about the surface by interfacing with our thoughts at an invisible yet tangible/influential level.  And so with genetic and psychological anxieties hightened, we emerge into to the new millenium and PANIC, lots of panic, except in the people who don't have time to think about it, or are too aneathetised by coffee to care.  They are still using bombs though, so we can't be that advanced.  It's nothing that wasn't said in the Forbidden Planet movie, which was based on the Tempest by Shakespeare (who was Shakespeare?).  The ID monster rising out of the sleeping Ego and being seen only in the electricity of the military complex - explorers (the wire fence in the film) the human anxiety from the 'unconscious' rising like an animate fire to threaten and destroy what it fears.  The viscious circle of fear and desire - we explore the unknown, but the unknown scares us.


The rays are: light; sound; emotion (life, passion); damage (death, mutilation used to disarm nuclear devices and rockets); and heat (which we use in our homes everyday, the common or kitchen microwave - they operate on different concentrations of wave - frequencies.


                        PARANOIA definitions of:


James Tilly Matthews and the Air Loom Gang


-Being afraid of being recognised by people you don’t like (cos you think they don't likeyou)

-Being in danger from people who don’t like you (cos they think you don't like them)

-Being suspicious of people’s motives (cos you haven't a clue what they are)

-Being aware that there is more than meets the eye going on

-Being cautious

-Being aware of the risks

-Being aware of being observed, tracked, manipulated or controlled

-Being one step ahead of the game when it’s going faster than it should be

-Being threatened due to a lack of status or a perceived hostility to the mainstream.


Situated before Paranormal in the dictionary, the word was invented with the first case of the ‘air loom’ used for mind control, so presumably it is used as a cover-up to remove emphasis from the persecutors and cast doubt on the perceptions of the persecuted.

Does the fact that the Air Loom Gang held magnetic metal rods by the use of which they could dissappear mean that they were of the realm of Magonia, the race of the 'good neighbours' and the 'gentle folk'?  Were they like the Men in Black?  Or were they an occult group of wizards using Tesla-esque technology in a vaguely non-lethal manner, a secret group of Masons, elite illuminatii controlled?  It is questions such as these that draw the enquirer into the realm of the mysterious, and then it is a test of mental agility to succeed in gaining knowledge without losing self.  It may become a religious experience, a soul exploration between the human and the Creator, or a battle with demons.  These questions have been explored for a long time, some people have decided that there are no answers and no truth to be found, only a journey, and adventure to stretch the imagination.  Many have given up - returning to the simple pleasures and requirements of life - a happy home, food on the table and a stable job with reliable friends.  This is the route that Sam takes at the end of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, while Frodo, genetically impelled by his destiny, sails on.


Jacques Vallee in Passport to Magonia (1970, p.66) says - "According to medieval occultists, all invisible beings can be divided into four classes: the angels; the souls of the dead; and the elemental spirits, which correspond to [Robert] Kirk's [The] Secret Commonwealth.  In the fourth group are the gnomes, who inhabit the earth and correspond to mine-haunting fairies, goblins, pixies, korrigans, leprechauns, and the domovoys of Russian legends, and the sylphs who inhabit the air. [Although] These subdivisions are...extremely difficult [to pin down and are fluid]".

I've been experiencing contact for aslong as I can remember in ebb and flow sequence.  I find that when it's happening it's intense and when it's over it's as if it's not coming back.  When it's 'off' I forget what's occurred and what I think about it, and when it's 'intense' I wonder whether it is the military or aliens or God.  If it's the military I think to myself their agenda would be to target individuals, interferring with their electronics equipment and using beam weaponry, in order to activate the individual into agitating for clarity on the issue - thus creating an 'alien sub culture' legitimising space exploration, non lethal weapons development and increases in 'security ' .Or maybe the 'aliens'

are elcetromagnetic in nature.   Recommended reading Jacques Vallee - Dimensions, and Brinsley Le Poer Trench's Sky People.

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