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Canary Islands – 21.27 hrs, June 22 1976 thousands of witnesses including the crew of Atrevida Spanish Navy vessel saw an “intense yellowish-blue light moving out from the shore” it became stationary and went out, and then a rotating beam shone luminously for two minutes.  Then there was a halo of yellow and blue for forty minutes, two minutes after this the main light split forming a blue light underneath whilst the upper part spiralled upwards lighting up the area.  Apparently this blue light was a crystalline sphere filled with an electric blue and containing two people dressed in red, witnessed by Dr Francisco Padron who filed a formal disposition attesting to the fact.  Declassification in 1994 revealed radar readings, photos and Naval authentication.


Cardenas –January 3, 1979, Filiberto Cardenas, his family and neighbours on a highway of Hialeah, Florida, experienced a car stall.  A blue-violet beam from a craft above beamed Cardenas aboard and flew into the ocean with him inside.  His captors were wearing tight all-in-ones, were small and used telepathy.  They gave him messages of universal love for the benefit of humanity and the planet.  Hundreds of people at Miami International Airport witnessed a large unknown and two smaller disks hovering at the same moment and location as Cardenas’ encounter.


Carter - Jimmy, said he saw a ufo in 1976 in Georgia and after election to the presidency wanted to disclose, but the National Security Agency (NSA) apparently put the clampers on him by threatening legal action if he revealed classified information.


Cash – Betty Cash, Vicki and Colby Landrum saw a flaming diamond on December 29, 1980 in Dayton, Texas.  Vicki thought it was Jesus and that they wouldn’t get hurt by it.  As if to prove them wrong, they got zapped by tremendous heat and Cash was hospitalized for burns.  Symptoms show it might have been radiation poisoning aswell (headaches, blisters “eyes swollen, painful and watery; permanent damage to the eyes; stomach pains, vomiting and diarrhea; sores and scarring of the skin, with loss of pigmentation; excessive hair loss over a several-week period, the new hair having a different texture than the old; loss of appetite, energy and weight; damage to fingernails and shedding of fingernails; increased susceptibility to disease; and cancer. (Birnes (2004) p. 57).  Twenty three helicopters had surrounded the craft before the event was over.


Cattle Mutilations – the main researcher on this topic is Linda Moulton Howe who has produced books - Glimpses of Other Realities I (1993) & II (1998), Alien Harvest and her film Strange Harvest (1980).  The signs are finding cattle, horses and other animals dead with precise incisions, or coring where rectums, sex organs, glands, tongues, eyes and areas around the jaw have been surgically removed with ex-sanguination (blood removal). No footprints are found and no perpetrators have been caught.  Normal decay does not occur and natural predators do not approach the carcas which is found often a small distance from where it was last seen alive.  Farmers often wonder why the animal is not kept by the perpetrators thus removing the evidence and preventing the fear fostered in the witnesses/owener by the sight of it.  Linda Howe concludes it may be a testing programme of the toxicity levels in the animals (or retrieval of biological materials) possibly to detect radiation levels, or other pollutants which will cause irretrieval damage to humans if not prevented by monitoring now.  The incisions are so skillful as to suggest the use of medical lasers, and yet was occurring before hand-held surgical lasers were developed. (Note the word ‘developed’ is often used instead of ‘invented’ singifying reverse or back engineering, probably). It is thought that UFOs are the perpetrators of the animal abuse as they can attack from the air, and can lock the animal in a force field beam, thus lifting it away without leaving any footprints or landing traces.  


CAUS – Citizens Against UFO Secrecy founded in 1978 by Attorney Peter Gersten and producing a journal called Just Cause.  A non-profit organization dedicated to recovering government documents and filing lawsuits against federal departments for failure to protect citizens against potentially hostile intrusion by ETs and their craft.


Cayce – Edgar was known as “The Sleeping Prophet” as he would fall into a self induced psychic trance state and attempt to predict the future (always subject to change) in order to warn humanity of impending disasters. “Born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in 1877, Cayce began his unusual work around the turn of the century.  After he mysteriously lost his voice, a doctor suggested that cayce learn to hypnotize himself to deal with the symptoms.  Between then and his death, some 30,000 case records accumulated of what Cayce said during self-induced trance states…biographies include There is a River by Thomas Sugrue, Many Mansions by Gina Cerminara, You Will Survive After Death by Sherwood Eddy and The Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stearn.” He died in 1945. (Klimo (1987) p. 113)




Which Sylvia Plath poem is quoted containing the line - "Sarcophagus and a face on it"  - answers on a postcard and you may win a prize  


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