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In 1977 at 8.30pm on Wenesday 5th October an English school teacher, Mrs Hindmarsh, reported to her local Police Station, Macclesfield, that some of her pupils had seen a UFO.  She stated that whilst they were in the playground between 2.45 and 3.00 pm ten of her pupils aged between 7 and 11 years saw the object ascending.  Manchester Airport had no traffic in the area at the time, and it remains unexplained.

The Police were impressed that she had already supervised the children (to ensure no copying took place) and asked them to draw what they had seen.  The colourful crayon drawings on the left are the resulting images, showing a large object.   Six of the ten pupils affected depicted a ladder coming from the object, seven show doors or windows or internal structures,  and at least three are very close-up,  implying that contact with the occupants took place.  

So what is this?  Is it covert mind control, or is it friendly angellic 'invisible friends' possibly soul teachers, is it other dimensionals or is it space faring folk?  Can't figure it out?  Can't make sense of it?  Know it's alright really, so it's easier to forget isn't it.  The Ministry of Defence certainly thought so, their reply states: "I can assure you that simple explanations are found for the great majority of UFO reports, the most common single source of sightings being aircraft or the lights of aircraft seen under unusual conditions.  Investigations over a number of years have so far produced no evidence that UFOs represent a threat to the air defences of this country."  It was a dissappointing response, no doubt designed to allay anxiety in the face of a truly unexplainable phenomena.  But they did admit that the MoD has "specialist authorities" which investigate reports "to see if they have any bearing on the defence of this country".  I'm guessing it's all part of growing up, as humans, as a species, as souls belonging to 'God', but it's the nature of the phenomenon to be puzzling and mind expanding isn't it.



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