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 Mack , John.  I feel concerned that there is a network of men making money and fame from this phenomenon, while the rest of us suffer abductions from whoever and stigma from everyone else.  Professor John E Mack was a high up mental health professional, surely he had enough money and status already, and was he helping the abductees or exploiting a sordid mind control experiment and saying it's aliens?  I think it is beneficial that he drew attention to this subject from within the authoritarian establishment, but he was not an experiencer himself - "“Initially sceptic with regard to the whole idea of UFOs and aliens, Mack became intrigued by the subject after meeting Budd Hopkins in January 1990.  Impressed with Hopkins'’s research"” (Baker (1999) p. 149) he wrote his own book in 1994 called Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens.  And that'’s a Harvard Psychiatrist for you.   He also wrote Passport to the Cosmos - Human Transformation and Alien Encounters (1999) reviewing the experience through other cultures.  He died by a drunk driver in London on 27th September 2004.

Magonia.   "“ a place where gentle folks and graceful fairies dance, and lament the coarse world below" from the Preface to Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee (1969).  The Archbishop Agobard of Lyons (779 -– 840 AD) first described the term in the 9th century text Liber Contra Insulam Vulgi Opinionem, a rant against superstitious plebians.  He said that people in the Lyons region of France "“say there is a certain region, which they call Magonia, whence ships sail in the clouds."” (Baker (1999) p. 152)  Four occupants from the cloud ships (also called "“storm wizards"”) were marched in front of the populace and were about to be stoned to death, when the Bishop (thankfully) stepped in and saved their lives.  Jerome Clark seems to think that John Keel interpreted this to mean that such ultraterrestrials were the "“incomprehensible demonic intelligences from another reality" …[who] create and manipulate matter, and [use] "…various guises (as spacemen, angels, fairies, creatures, and nineteenth-century aeronauts)"” to continue their nefarious activities with scant regard for humanity (Clark (1998) p. 495).  Vallee likewise notes that the phenomenon is "“chameleonlike [in] character: the shapes of the objects, the appearances of their occupants, their reported statements, vary as a function of the cultural environment into which they are projected."  (Clark (1998) p. 496).  It is what'’s called a "‘psychosocial hypothesis"’ which is dependent upon who is looking and when they look to determine what they see, but bare in mind that it is also quantum physics that has noted that something is either a particle or a wave depending on who is looking and when they look.  "“Magonia - …sometimes a remote country, an invisible land, some faraway place - …celestrial country - …parallel universe, which coexists with our own.  It is made visible and tangible only to selected people, and the doors that lead through it are tangential". (Baker (1999) p. 152).  The Aerial Race, Vallee notes, were traditionally called Zephyrs, Sylphs, Sadaim or Daimonas: "The Sylphs seeing the populace, the peasants and even the crowned heads thus alarmed against them, determined to dissipate the bad opinion people had of their innocent fleet by carrying off men [and women] from every locality and showing them their beautiful women [and men], their Republic and their manner of government, and then setting them down again on earth in divers parts of the world."” (Vallee (1988) p.17)  So they tried this plan, but found that when they put the humans back on earth in diverse/different parts of the world from whence they had come (so that they could spread the good news I assume) the locals thought the worst and tried to kill them!  Such was the case at Lyons where these humans (three men and a woman) chosen to be ambassadors of the aerial Sylphs were put in mortal danger.

Majestic -– MJ-12.  Holy Mary Mother Of God, and Magdalena, what have the boys been up to?  Must be magic, or God.  Whitley Strieber wrote a book of this name as fiction, but it convincingly suggests that there is a power of magic out there that the military want, but can'’t control. It contains the tale of a soldier grabbed from the desert by a magnetic dark mass which flies him around, and tales of souls switched into new bodies, men into women's bodies etc, who are then used as spies and messengers by the aliens. In the Afterword to Majestic (1989) Strieber says: "“This novel is based on a factual reality that has been hidden and denied.  I have used what little is known for certain of the crash of a so-called alien spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947 as the springboard for my story.  My vision of the others, their world, their motives and their objectives is based on my own understanding - Thanks to the kind assistance of UFO researcher William Moore, I was able to interview many of the witnesses still living in the Roswell area.  When Moore took me there, I found that he and researcher Stanton Friedman, who along with Jaime Shandera have investigated the whole story with meticulous expertise, were well known to the local people, and well respected for their honesty and thoroughness"  …That the cover-up has remained intact is astonishing, considering the existence of the [Jesse] Marcel interviews, and the statements CIA Director [Roscoe] Hillenkoetter has made."” (p. 355 + 358).  Strieber goes on to say that rather than asserting that the others or aliens are from another planet, he is instead calling them an "“intelligent unknown"” (p. 359).  The above governmental, above top secret group of high level men -– Majestic,  also known as Majority 12 -– has been investigated and validated as much as possible.  This group -– Majestic - was formed on September 24th 1947 by an executive order of President Harry Truman in response to the Roswell Incident.  At some point in December 1984 a ufologist called Jaime Shandera received a roll of 35mm camera film through the post in a brown envelope, anonymously.  When printed up this produced 8 photos of a government briefing paper for President-elect  Dwight Eisenhower, dated 18th November 1952, written by Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter.  (Rumours abounded, as they always do as ufologists, though they want to believe, are often the most sceptical).  TOP SECRET/MAJIC/EYES ONLY. The Majestic group of twelve was led by Dr Vannevar Bush (a leading US scientist, organizer of the National Defense Research Council in 1941 and the Office of Scientific Research and Development in 1943, head of Joint Research and Development Board); Dr Lloyd Berkner (Executive Secretary of the Joint Research and Development Board in 1946, established the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group, member of the 1953 CIA Robertson Panel); Dr Detlev Bronk (physiologist/biophysicist, Chair of National Research Council, on the Medical Advisory Board of the Atomic Energy Commission along with Dr E. Condon, and a member of the Brookhaven National Lab'’s Scientific Advisory Committee); James Forrestal (Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of Defense from July 1947  - til resignation in March 1949, over-stress and his apparent murder in May 1949 at Bethseda Naval Hospital.); Gordon Gray (Assistant Secretary (1947) Secretary (1949) of the Army.  Special Assistant to President Truman on National Secrurity Affairs (1950), Director of the Psychological Strategy Board (1951).); Vice Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter (3rd Director of Central intelligence (1947-50), 1st CIA Director from September 1947, on Board of Directors of NICAP); Dr Jerome Hunsaker (Head of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Departments at MIT (Massachusetts Insititute of Tech) Chair of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics); Dr Donald Menzel (Director of Harvard College Observatory held Top Secret Ultra security clearance and was involved with the National Security Agency (NSA) he was a keen astronomer and a leading debunker in the field of ufology, sceptically dismissing at length.); General Robert Montague (Base Commander of Atomic Energy Commission at Sandia, Albuquerque, New Mexico from July 1947 to February 1951); Rear Admiral Sidney Souers (1st Director of Central Intelligence (January-June 1946), Executive Secretary of the National Security Council from September 1947); General Nathan Twining (Commanding General of Air Material Command at Wright Field/Wright Patterson AFB from 1945, involved in the retrieval of the crashed disc from the Roswell Incident from July 8th-10th '’47); General Hoyt Vandenburg (Air Force career, then 2nd Director of Central Intelligence 1946 -– May 1947, then Air Force Chief of Staff)". (Tim Good (1993) p. 250-252).  "There is as yet no official confirmation for the existence of MJ-12" (Good (1993) p. 253).  Perhaps purposely, by the time the group came to public attention all it'’s members were dead already.  "“Wilbert Smith learned in 1950 from Dr Robert Sarbacher that the stories of recovered discs were factual" …and that a small group - probably Majestic 12 -– was headed by Dr Vannevar Bush in oder to learn as much as possible about the "‘modus operandi"’ of the saucers -– and only those with a need to know were to be kept informed of the findings.  An intelligence matter classified two points higher than the H-Bomb [it was] unlikely to be revealed except to those with very high security clearances: even at that level, the degree of dissemination would be strictly compartment[aliz]ed." (Good (1993) p. 431).  The fear of the human earth enemy (Soviets/Russians, or Chinese, or Japanese) getting the technical devices first may have driven the Cold War paranoia, not to mention the development of nuclear weaponry systems at this time. The subject has been further investigated by Stanton Friedman in Top Secret/Majic (1997).

Mansfield - "“Just after 11pm on October 18, a US Army reserve crew was flying a helicopter from Columbus to Cleveland, Ohio.  They included Capt. Lawrence Coyne (nineteen years flying experience), Lt. Arrigo Jezzi, Sgt. John Healey, and Sgt. Robert Yanacsek.  At 2,500 feet and good visibility, the crew noticed a red light to the west, slowly moving south.  They assumed it was probably an F-100 out of Mansfield.  Very abruptly, however, the light changed course and began to head right at them."” (Dolan (2002) p. 383) They tried to evade it by descending at a rate of 2,000 feet per minute.  They couldn'’t get any confirmation as their radio had died.  "At 1,700 feet above the ground, the crew saw the object streak in front of, then above, the helicopter.  It stopped dead for about ten seconds, filling the entire windscreen.  All four members saw it clearly: it looked like a gray cigar with a small dome on top."” (ibid p. 384)  There was a red and a white light, but it was the green light that sought them out and flooded the cockpit with an eerie glow.  The saucer then flew west, made a sharp trun and disappeared, in the region of Lake Erie.  There was even a witness on the ground, who described the green searchlight as reaching to where she was.


Mantell -– Captain Thomas.  One of the few people to die chasing "“Venus"”!  On January 7th 1948 at 1.20pm a large UFO was seen by Godman AFB, Kentucky.  It was described "“alternatively as a bright disc-shaped object, round, and cone-shaped"” (Dolan (2002) p. 56).  When it was still there at 2.30pm and a flight of P-15s went past, their Flight Commander Mantell was asked to intercept.  He climbed to 15,000 feet in pursuit of it, while his men turned back for fear of running out of fuel or oxygen.  At 2.45pm he is recorded as having said "“I have the object in sight above and ahead of me, and it appears to be moving at about half my speed or approximately 180 miles an hour"….  "It appears to be a metallic object, and it is of tremendous size."” At about 3.15pm he said "“I am trying to close for a better look."” However his plane spiralled down and he died.  Captain James F. Duesler claims he was a crash investigator at Godman Field in 1948 and saw the "strange gray-looking object"” that Mantell had pursued (Marrs (1997) p 155).  Of Mantell's crashed plane he said "“The wings and the tail section had broken off on impact with the ground and were a short distance from the plane"  …It appeared to have "belly flopped"’ into the clearing "There was no scratching on the body of the fuselage to indicate any forward movement and the propeller blade bore no tell-tale scratch marks to show it had been rotating at the time of impact, and one blade had been embedded in the ground."” (ibid p. 156)  It was insulting for his family to accept the Air Force's official explanation of Mantell'’s death as down to chasing Venus, so air intelligence officers at Project  Sign tried to blame a Skyhook balloon.  Skyhooks were launched from September 25th 1947 until the 1970'’s as atmospheric testing devices by the Navy.  But even "“they were unable to locate any records showing that such a balloon had been sent aloft during the time in question." (Marrs (1997) p. 157).


Martians - "“A number of extremely prominent minds around the world were stating the belief that intelligent signals were being transmitted from the planet Mars.  Chief among these was a report made by the inventor Nikola Tesla that was registered in the colorado Springs Gazetter of March 9, 1901, and received worldwide attention: the eccentric genius was convinced that he had received intelligent radio transmissions from the planet Mars.  He had been attempting to achieve wireless contact with the Red Planet for at least two years, and had made statements to that effect.  Nevertheless, when the event came (if in fact it did), he did not immediately publicize it, certain that he would be ridiculed.  Ridicule was exactly what he got, until a year later, when Lord Kelvin publicly announced his concurring opinion that Tesla had been contacted by Mars.  The matter received no further press."”   (Rux (1997) p. 13).  William Pickering, the astronomer, reported "“absolutely inexplicable"” lights on Mars on December 7th 1900, adding to his Lowell Observatory observation of a "“self-luminous object approximately twenty miles above the unillumined portion of the Martian surface"” on November 24th 1894. (ibid p. 13)


Masse -– Maurice.  On July 1st 1965 this French farmer encountered alien lavender fanciers (or herbalists).  He was a lavender farmer, afterall, so it'’s only to be expected really.  In Valensole, 41 year old "“Masse heard a strange noise early in the morning and saw an oval object one hundred feet away in his field" (Dolan (2002) p. 283).  He thought it might be a prototype vehicle and so approached the egg shaped craft. Twenty feet away from it, he could see that the craft was fifteen feet long and had six legs attached to a central pivot.  He could make out a cockpit area.  Wearing greyish green all-in-one suits were two little beings, they were examining the lavender and had little containers on their belts, probably for sample collecting.  Their skin was very white and they had no hair but very large heads and barely any mouth.  They were under four foot in height.  On seeing Masse they seemed to be amused and spoke to each other in a gurgling language whilst pointing a stick-like device at him to immobilize.  Masse seems to have seen a sliding door on the craft through which the aliens entered and they departed with a whistling sound.  He remained paralysed for the next twenty minutes and was exhausted for a few weeks afterwards.  The local police knew Masse well and considered him "“absolutely trustworthy"”, and verified that there were landing traces of holes in the ground left by the legs of the craft.


Meier -– Eduard Billy. This charming one armed Swiss guru meditated in India, in a cave for a long time and was deported for claiming to see UFOs.  He went to live in Hinwil and married Popi.  He had a sense of contact approaching and would ride out on his moped to the woods and hills and meet Pleiadians, photographing and filming their beamships, scoutships and Semjase his contacter.  Semjase imparted very wise words to him "“that they are humans like the humans from this earth"” (Kinder & Intercep (1987) p. 104) but earthlings "represent an earlier part of their society"” (ibid p. 106).  He has received an enormous amount of defamation, seemingly for no good reason.  Jacques Vallee for example, who seems so sincere and thorough in other respects, mentions Meier out of the blue with not even a full sentence, on four separate occassions in Revelations (1991).  The first time is to call people naive for believing Meier (p.31) the second is to say "“I have told the story of Billy Meier"” (p. 224) when he patently hasn'’t, and the third mention is "“Billy Meier'’s Pleiades hoax" (p. 256) making the snide comment on page 257 "who is putting up the money for the dissemination of Meier'’s glossy photographs?"” [probably Wendelle Stevens]. No introduction to Meier, no summary, no respect, just snide assumptions.  This coming from such a prestigious ufologist as Vallee is suspicious.  Meier lives by the hardwork of himself, his family and his friends on their farmland.  He is not jetting around the world with government money.  He has had some beautiful encounters with spiritually advanced, benevolent beings, and in his unassuming, gentle manner wishes to do as Semjase instructs and share that knowledge.  He was chosen because of the vibratory rate at which his brain transmits, the Pleiadians have said that they find it easier to tune in with his thoughts than other people'’s. "“Meier explained that he had been [prepared] for the contacts since he was a small boy, and before that, in a previous incarnation" - “"the vibrations, the waves and everything, that'’s much higher"”."” (Kinder & Intercep (1987) p. 104). When he was seven on February 3rd 1944 he had telepathic contact for the first time with Sfath.  This continued all summer, until September when Billy was alone in the forest four miles from home.  "There I saw something falling down from the sky, very, very slow and it became bigger and bigger.  It was something like a metallic pear.  Then this ramp opened and it came out, going down like an elevator.  I entered the ship and we went up very high above the earth.  There was a very old man who looked to me like a patriarch.  His name was Sfath.  He was a human being, like each other one here on earth, only very old.  We talked for hours, then he brought me back to the ground" (ibid p. 78).  Sfath'’s voice communicated with Billy until his sixteenth birthday on February 3rd 1953, then a few months later there was Asket, a female from a parallel universe communicating telepathically with him.  He did travel extensively through the Middle East and India, working as "“snake catcher and a gardener, drove a nitroglycerine truck, sang in the streets, waited tables, herded pigs, sailed an oceangoing tug, sold pots, pounded nails, supervised a youth hostel, prospected for rubies and gold, posed as a veterinarian, coached, worked as a male nurse, picked grapes, designed jewelry, performed puppet shows, raised chickens, and taught German "– all "under the tutelage of Asket"” (ibid p. 81).  So with luck and persuasion he was able to continue his travels to India and back to Switzerland. In 1965 he lost his arm in an accident and met Kaliope Zafireou (Popi) who became his wife. His photographs are clear and beautiful.  He says the ships pose for him and that they have told him that he "“will get the best photos of any human on this earth"”.  Computer analysis only enhances the majesty of the ships by revealing the aura of energy enveloping them, and proving that they are the size and distance stated.  They are in the open countryside, and there is footage of them hovering, swaying in falling leaf motion, gyrating around a tree and "‘jumping"’ across the sky.  There were also metal samples, but many of the photos and the samples were stolen, for example; "The metal fragment, which represented one of the final stages in the manufacture of the material for the beamship hull, glistens under Marcel Vogel'’s electron microscope at IBM.  The unique sample disappeared while in Vogel'’s lab."” (Kinder & Intercep (1987) p. 106-7).


Menger -– Howard.  Astroeroticist with partner and wife Connie Weber, he wrote of saucey encounters dating back to 1932 with spacewomen and Venusians.  He sounds like a bit of a space tramp to me.  Menger was married with children but took Connie on as a mistress, and she soon discovered his Saturnian lustful nature (My Saturnian Lover (1958) with Menger using the nom d'’plume of Marla Baxter -– according to Jerome Clark (1998)). "“Venusian contacts - …in which Menger was able to offer help [by providing] "… Earth clothing for them to wear".  …According to the Venusians, there were civilisations scattered all over the Solar System, all of them perfectly human- looking.  In 1959 he published a book entitled From Outer Space To You which detailed his adventures, including a trip to an alien base on the Moon. [He got] "…some alien food, a piece of processed potato, which contained five times more protein than Earth potato" …part of the aliens'’ highly nutritious vegetarian diet.  According to Menger, this diet enabled them to live much longer than Earth people.  Their technology was approximately 2,500 years in advance of our own "…in the early 1960s, Menger performed an abrupt about-face and claimed that he had been working for the CIA in an experiment to test public reaction to claims of extraterrestrial civilisations". (Baker (1999) 158-9)

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