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Thoughts on Threats - Threats on Thoughts

It is worth remembering the 'cone of silence' which descends over abductees.  The ostracisation they feel, and the stigma.  No amount of proof seems to be adequate and as Jill Tarter/Jodi Foster says in Contact "there are no words" which can summarize the experience.


In summary, despite ten years of research, I have like many others been unable (due to a lack of data) to conclusively distinguish whether this phenomenon is technological, spiritual or dimensional.  It’s one option to conclude that maybe it is all three: ‘Gods’ (aliens, or advanced others) using technology who have retired to another dimension or space.


Therefore when reading dangerous propagandistic information or disinformation such as the passage below, do remember the old adage that ‘love conquers all’.

There is a theory about ‘mind over matter’ to explore, and it is true that scary stories can damage your health.  The fear of a possible enemy of enormous power who can influence your intuitive gut responses in a split second by remote device is debilitating – and the World is full of enough fear already.  Western societies may feel themselves to be more sophisticated and advanced, but in reality we are wracked by petty anxieties and much too eager to terminate others for stupid reasons.  Say an advanced race came down and tried to get a word in.  Western top brass would send out fear responses feeling themselves to be threatened, and therefore attack.  Jesus (as powerful metaphore) would say ‘be as a little child’ and so we have in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (the movie by Spielberg 1977, same year as Star Wars) the response of the boy child who runs towards the terrifying aliens calling ‘toys!’  His curiosity and hopeful expectations of brand newness free his mind to be open to the reception of a beneficial experience.


This advanced race of beings would have a head start on us by quite a considerable amount, and would have highly developed communications systems.  It is possible that Tesla and others were fed information in order to help us to interact and learn new dialogues by cerebral transactions with these advanced others, over vast distances (radio and microwaves).  That may be the reason why the American/Western Agencies and Russians delved into the sordid world of mind control, but like the Nazi’s they seem to have forgotten that in violating other people’s human rights (respecting human rights means seeking permission and not abusing those in a weaker position) they became more devilish and more evil than any aliens so far encountered.  There is no worse trauma than feeling one’s mind is not one’s own and that even personal head space has been invaded by persons unknown. – Victims of physical trauma know how important it is to maintain personal moral integrity, to retain freedom to choose, to have a personal self to retreat into.


So is mind control: a myth to scare us into submission; a weapon of war to kill opponents with; or a developmental tool for conscious expansion of the intellect much like the Krill devices in Forbidden Planet which expand the capacity for thought?

Fear is a perception, and Human Beings have freedom to choose, so the way that you perceive things is up to you.

When it comes to self-empowerment many people look to new age theories and tried and tested ancient philosophies for guidance.  Therefore it is worthwhile considering clearing one's chakras for well being and a healthy state of mind.  Chakras are wheels of energy which suggest a divine design in the body, an interdimensional, spiritual engineering system which are visualized by the practitioner in order to harmonize the whole mind, body and spirit connection.  An expert in this field is Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.  In her 1998 book 'Chakra Clearing: Awakening your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal' she says:

"The sixth and seventh chakras are inside your head, just above your left and right ears.  Resting at a 30-degree angle, the ear chakras radiate a beautiful shade of reddish-violet. {The colour of the lights in overground train doors used to be at the end of the carriage}

Clean ear chakras look like sparkling maroon jewels, mingled with flashes of white and pale violet.  Dirty ear chakras look opaque, with no light coming through them. They are muddy and dark colored.

The ear chakras relate to your thoughts and feelings about:

- Divine communication: your reluctance or desire to hear the voice of God and the spiritual realm.

- What you hear or have heard: mentally replaying loving or fear-based phrases in your mind, unforgiveness toward someone who seems to have verbally abused you, negative or positive messages that you have picked up from the media, the content and energy of music, and noises in your environment.

Ear chakras are an important element in developing clairaudience, which means "clear hearing."  Clairaudience allows you to clearly hear the voice of God, your higher self, angels, and ascended masters such as Jesus, Quan Yin, Buddha, Moses, Krishna, and Mohammed.  Ear chakras most often become clogged if we hold unforgiveness toward a person who said something that felt painful to hear.  They also become black, dirty, and shrunken if we fear hearing God's guidance for any reason."

In addition to her books and tapes and those of other authors, you may like to visit her website

Photo from the Metro paper 22/05/07   A civilian police drone derived from military devices.  Note the goggles enabling the police to see what the drone sees, for remote surveillance.  Merseyside police micro drone

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