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Meet Hel, one of many roboticized androids or fembots in the cinematic and literary archives.  What were those men up to in the early industrial era?  How far have they progressed? And does Nichole Kidman really want to be in the remake of Stepford Wives (1975 - 2004) ?  It's alright for the men isn't it, it's not them being terminated.  The men get all their needs met, that's patriarchy for you and it's worse than racism.  Thank goodness Kidman's making Bewitched now, let's hope no one gets burned at the stake.

Hel is the dark destroyer in Metropolis (1926) by Fritz Lang who also made The Woman In The Moon  (1928) and is the opposite of Maria the nurturing heroine who saves the day.  Hel is created or conjured by a heart-brokenly mad scientist, but she is technologically far in advance of the society she finds herself a part of, which makes you wonder how he managed to create such a machine.  Here she is seen naked, but in the film she gains the outer appearance of Maria so that the two are indistinguishable.  In August 04 it was reported that a titanium jaw was created by allowing the patient's body to graft with it via his back, and then transplanted to mend his cancerous mouth, so the capability is there.  While Maria toils selflessly underground to protect the children of the underprivileged worker class, Hel dances and seduces above ground in the luxury of the 'gentlemen's' club - think about that, that's sexism, a men only club.  It would be alright if there was a comparable female only club of equal strength and influence, but there never is as women are kept divided amongst themselves by patriarchy (see examples of Stepford Wives where feminity is for the men's benefit, and women are banal or suspicious of each other - that's mind control, and it's poisonous). The voyeuristic men get into a frenzy of frustrated destruction and anhilation, and wreak havoc upon the working classes and children, flooding the lower city.  If Hel had been an evil alien seeking to take over the world, she couldn't have done a better job.  It is only because the real Maria is loved by the son of the prime industrialist that the children are saved.

Thoughts on Mind Control



Most information in ufology seems unfounded as official sources like to erase records and most people choose anonymity for security reasons.  Science itself is usually theory with the practice being moulded to fit, and science fiction  the ancestor of science fact  is of course dreamt up, or inspired.


Mind Control is in reality the act of hearing voices, disincarnate ones, channelled to you through an ether.  Not exactly God on a megaphone but more a subtle angelic whispering.  Mediums and Spiritualists say it is the voices of the dead, religious people that it is the Celestial realm, and if you are unfortunate then other people may classify you as mad, telling you its all in your head.  In the latter instance you will find yourself compelled to swallow artificial medications manufactured by pharmaceutical companies which make them a lot of money and you rather quieter, suitably chastizened and chemically coshed.


This situation is not new.  In previous eons one family from each tribe would be the chosen ones to commune with the Spirits of the ancestors on behalf of the rest of the village.  These medicine men and women, later termed Shamans would be adept at tuning themselves in to the rhythms of nature and the potencies of local herbs in order to  become wise enough to listen and to help.


Some theories say that time is not linear as we perceive it, but coiled.  Therefore the world is like a great big onion and everything is happening in layers at the same time.  This means that when you see a ghost it could be a dimensional shift to another time, a crossing over, a glitch in the matrix.  A moment when one time touches another.  If we follow this through then sound may be similarly transmitted, not just the visual image.


Barbara Hand Clow in the Pleiadian Agenda (1995)  (yes 1995, I seem to be in a time loop as it keeps cropping up significantly) tells us that there are sentient metal lifeforms called Anunnaki from Nibiru (p. 107).  In the film Terminator we see this idea expressed as the self healing fluid metal forms which travel back through time to alter past events to create a better future.  In Greco-Roman myth we see the idea expressed as Mercury the winged messenger of the Gods, mercury being the only metal which is fluid at room temperature. Its main use is now in batteries, switches, lamps, and other electrical equipmentand in alloys (amalgams) with other metals. (Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary (1991) p. 908).  Many people have experience of sound transmitted by the mercury in their fillings, thus filling amalgams with mercury have now mainly ceased to be used, especially as the metal after centuries of medicinal usage is now considered toxic.


Mercury is a naturally occurring substance, so it is possible that on some other planet it has gained a sentience.  Nibiru is thought to be a large planet which swings around on an elliptical orbit, only coming near to Earth once in a wide cycle of time, due here fairly soon and Barbara Hand Clows Pleiadian channelled information seems to be saying that these metallic lifeforms, the Anunnaki are communicating more frequently now.


So the next time someone tells you that the tv is talking to them, or the radio is emitting sound bites just for them, just ask them what the message is.  Write it down, log the time of it and dont be so hasty to reach for the man in the white coat with the huge injection needle.  It may be that their sedentary position next to this electronic equipment has created a relationship, possibly via a satellite, or maybe just through the electricity of their frustrated brain function.  I say 'frustrated' as anyone sitting indoors is thought to be bored as hell, but consider that holy people have always pursued a solitary, hermetic/hermitic lifestyle, locked away from the distractions of the everyday to pursue a mental or physical path to the holy.


So my point is, we don't really know who is communicating with us remotely.  It could be a human with a gadget (soldiers trained to 'disrupt' using e-weaponry on civilian populations to cause psychological/mind, physical/body, or emotional/spirit disharmony for political reasons) or it could be a government agency somewhere with a massive satellite dish antenna thing (HAARP?) or it could be a dead ancestor  - yours or someone elses.


Metal could be a conductor or a natural instigator, a tuning fork emitting a vibration which you interpret.  In my experience what it is unlikely to be is your imagination.  The drugs you are on may (if they are non-prescription recreational ones) may facilitate connection with these aetheric realms but are unlikely to be the root cause of your experience.  Be careful as they might, whether natural or chemical, create a psychotic change in your brain which does not wear off.  The main thing is to realise that thought forms, tulpas, whether negative or positive can have an affect in the 'real' tangible world, so be careful what you wish for.


Another thing to consider is that since we now have mobile phone signals, television signals, radio stations and internet  there are  thousands of invisible channels whizzing around, bouncing off things and carrying images, sounds, subliminal codes and unknown and corrupted information which passes through your body like cosmic radiation, slicing and dicing as it goes, leaving you feeling fried, burnt out and microwaved.


So before you reach for your metal foil cap, get up and go for a lovely sea or country walk (if you can do so whilst avoiding the hidden military/medical testing facilities) and ground yourself by planting your unshod feet in the soil of Gaia/Mother Earth to discharge all that electricity.


Mental illness can be as simple to describe as the affect which your computer suffers when it has too many large or useless files to process.  It slows down, gets confused and suddenly crashes, stuck in a loop.  The only option then is to escape and restart.  Dump the memory to free up space or bolt in a new gigabyte.  So write down those Martian messages coming through your fillings - it's the equivalent of saving to disk -  don't panic, just blame the incredible speed at which information is whirling around and through your cranium.  End trans.  

"Ha Ha Ha" says the Cosmic Joker, "you call that a spooky coincidence?  I call it a damn fine one liner!"


Tab Goode 29 September 2004 (Updated 18 October)






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