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K continued

Kherson – Russia. On the 20th October 1966, the Director of the Hydrometeorological School, V. L. Duginov “saw, together with 50 other witnesses, a saucer-shaped object with a diameter about two to three times that of the sun and moving eastwards.” (Hobana & Weverbergh (1975) p. 288)


Kirghizia – Russia.  Many people observed in early September 1970 “south of Lake Issyk-Kul, Kirghizia, a fiery, soccer-ball-shaped object.  It moved above the Tersky Alatan mountains, stopped, and disappeared above the snow-covered crests in a shower of sparks.” (Hobana & Weverbergh (1975) p. 290)


Klarer – Elizabeth. Born in Natal, South Africa in 1910, she saw her first ufo at age seven.  Klarer had a CVIII on December 27th 1954 in the Drakensberg Mountains where she lived in a farmhouse.  It was a very attractive “alien” with a 55ft craft hovering, and she was most surprised.  April 7th 1956 she met him again, her handsome ufonaut, in the same place, and this time she rushed to him.  He embraced her and swung her up to the ufo as they laughed.  He spoke english and said “Not afraid this time?”.  “I have known your face within my heart all my life” she replied.  Akon said he came from Meton in Alpha Centauri.  Although she was married they flew off together and he said “We rarely mate with Earth women; when we do, we keep the offspring to strengthen our race and infuse new blood.”  It was an offer she couldn’t refuse.  Their child was named Ayling and was born on Meton with Akon acting as midwife.  But they did visit her in South Africa.  Her book Beyond the Light Barrier (1977) says Meton was “free from hunger, war and disease…politics and money…[but] she could not remain on Meton…due to the difficulty she had in breathing the atmosphere.” (Baker (1999) p. 136)


Kraspedon – Dino.  Real name Aladino Felix (it’s common for experiencers to try to protect their identity at least at first).  This Brazilian saw a ufonaut whilst driving through Parana, Sao Paolo. Then, in March 1953 the ufonaut knocked on his door!  The Venusian liked to talk about propulsion, theology and astronomy.  Kraspedon’s book My Contact with Flying Saucers was published in 1959.  Unfortunately the predictions Kraspedon was inspired to make about forthcoming disasters became true because he was a terrorist gang leader.  When arrested in August 1968 he said “I was sent here as an ambassador to the Earth from Venus.  My friends from space will come here and free me and avenge my arrest.  You can look for the tragic consequences to humanity when the flying saucers invade this planet.” (Baker (1999) p. 137)  Makes you wonder if Earth is a penal colony for wayward members of society that Venusians have had enough of.


Kilgallen – Dorothy. A famous national newspaper columnist, she had one of the last interviews with Jacky Ruby (see Kennedy).  “In a May 23, 1955 article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram [uh oh, Fort Worth – Roswell] Kilgallen reported that the British had examined the debris from the wreckage of a flying saucer and become convinced that the objects “originated from another planet…(and were) staffed by small men, probably under four feet tall.”  The article concluded…”a flying ship of this type could not possibly have been constructed on earth.” (Birnes (2004) p. 182).  Very soon after Jack Ruby’s murder, she was murdered too.


Kovalyonok – Vladimir. Soviet cosmonaut. “On May 5, 1981 we were in orbit (in the Salyut-6 space station).  I saw an object that didn’t resemble any cosmic objects I’m familiar with.  It was a round object which resembled a melon, round and a little bit elongated.  In front of this object was something that resembled a gyrating depressed cone…[then] a barbell.  I saw it becoming transparent and like with a body inside.  At the other end I saw something like gas discharging…we decided it was a plasma form…it did not have an artificial origin…tightening, then expanding, pulsating…during a certain time, we and the craft were moving together.”  (Birnes (2004) p. 184)


Kurz – Shane.  Several ufos were seen in 1968 around New York.  Mrs and Ms Kurz lived there too.  Shane Kurz had been outside watching them on the 2nd of May.  That night after a deep sleep, her mother awoke her “concerned that Shane was lying on top of the bedspread in her slippers and dressing gown with her legs and clothes covered in mud.  There were muddy footprints leading into the house” (Spencer (1991) p. 228).  It wasn’t until Shane suffered from severe menstrual pain and headaches in the next days, that she realised she had to find out what happened to her that night of which she had no memory.  Many years passed til she found a suitable regression hypnotist.  When she did “she recalled being drawn to the window by a telepathic voice calling to her and then outside the house and towards a landed UFO nearby.  It was when crossing a muddy field towards the UFO that Shane had become caked in mud…[inside she experienced] what appeared to be a hospital like operating theatre where a medical examination took place…Shane was physically raped by the leader of the aliens whom she described as humanoid though generally more slender than normal humans. Many of her worst fears about the encounter ended [subsided] nine months after the event, suggesting some  connection to pregnancy…Shane stated she had enjoyed the sexual encounter with the alien…because of a substance smeared on her body [by the aliens] beforehand.” (Spencer (1991) p. 229)

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