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Christ M'Ass

Rosunwell Christ M'Ass,

Or in other words eat your own shorts Bart


"They've got star-ships or devices,

Which view, project, emit targetted sounds

And push by air pressure changes,

And also affect brainwave patterns,

within reasons, (not counting treason)


Or else it is HAARPy aeirals emitting

Waves to create shows and sounds

air pressure receiving

Or else it is Faerie wizard type mind power

triperie, trickerie, eerie deceiving


A cold war air weapons probing

or Tuttenkhamun wearily rerobing.

Screens upon screens one way windows

Afterlife Spirits thru a glass darkly

Whatever I do, it's gonna get parky.


Amphibian aquatic green humanoids annoyed

Who travel by aerial ship

Or soldier scouts dousing

By the hive bouyed


Vampyre or Yeti cloaked in disguises

BlackSkyclad or Wiccan Witch

Digital signals or surveillance surprises


Angels, Aliens, Gods or Dinos

Jellyfish, octopii, do they all wear trousers?

Are they 'made in God's image'

Or Maid, in God's Image!

If He was a She we wouldn't sing Hymns

But dance around everywhere in her many houses.


Knowledge of cult is hidden for a reason

For this is a frightening crowded-in season

Static transmissions and star crossed genetics

The word is now written in binary electrics


So light the candle

Draw close

There's a chill in the air

Faint hearted travellers

Had better beware

And do not forget to

Get up from your chair!"


Have a nice mid winter.

Sleigh bells, a man dressed in white and red who flies from the sky, intrudes down your chimney and disappears mysteriously again.

Virgin birth, a man dressed in white appears, declares the future of his child to be important, departs and there remains a pregnancy.  Hit and run driver.


So is the whole of religious christianity only a doctrine of male oppression ?


Depression - smelling a rat where others smell roses.  I have a bag of twenty year old letters from anarchists which has hideously infected and permeated, like every old lady in Lavender and moth balls.


I sometimes think that 'history' is a mish mash of rumour which is not reliable before the time of your own birth, since before then you had no idea what was going on.  Also, there is so much of it, another 'dimension' might be in the adjacent hidden area and you would not know.


Adverts, BBC, an electrical 'spaghetti monster' jellyfish transports people from the here and now to the somewhere else.


BBC - sound and images, best before Christ.


The Polo Car, men as winged hybrids who angellically help and conveniently can't be seen.


I just had a dream about glamour and luxury and realised that the image is false when you equate it with the percentage of reality which conforms to it by knife cut and deceptive lie (those look nice Kerry! Thankyou it's, erm, an old family recipe, regarding food bought at wherever, product less clear than celebrity).


It is a tissue of lies which stretches over a 'bigger than the grand canyon' lack of poverty, starvation and 'i've got mine, screw you' culture.


It is an 'impossible dream' which does not last, being unsustainable not only by mind, but body and planet too.


It is the 'ideal' which is exagerrated out of possible harmony.


So, to get back to 'christmas'...


Follow the star they say and a 'virgin birth', - obviously a good thing in feminism cos it hints at parthenogenic production by a radical feminist (group) but becomes a burden of a hidden rape and a man who absconded, leaving the 'burden' with another man, betrothed before the event who is very unusual because he accepts this 'angellic offspring', this changeling, this bastard son.


Mary is unusual because surely then as now a woman would not be 'good for her word' since in patriarchy, balls must be squeezed to 'validate' the 'testimony', his balls held in a vice by the overruling powers that be.  


So we have a massacre of Herod slaughtering thousands of under two year old boys.


So Christmas is the after massacre, post apocalypse event for many villages and towns of grieving mothers and bereaved families.




A cold war ensues, where a King Herod (again?) questions everyone to find out where the child, 'the child' is. This is the 'Passover' where the Angel of Death, by prayer and observance of certain rites (?) hopefully will sweep past you without slaughter. Was it Herod's own illegitimate heir.  Had Herod been travelling on his magic carpet?


The message was that this 'child' would have great power, so the King in power is threatened - 'as foretold'.  Much as in the Greek tragedies, every man's fear that his own power will wain as his own progeny's increases.


A special envoy.  An empowered messenger is sent to go between the 'haves' who have machines which fly, and the 'have-nots' who are grovelling around as slaves in a homeless situation, sleeping in barns due to overcrowding during the 'censas' - head count.  In a culture where the bodies of workers are more numerous than the gadetry and devices of the 'Gods', and the Gods had feared weaponry - Ark of the Covenant type stuff, stone moving equipment and cutting, sculpting rays.



I think the 'rat' / clue is in the fact that Mary was believed, with no witnesses, regarding the heritage of an unknown baby. This points to a 'patriarchal myth' or a remnant of feminist matriarchal culture which has been distorted retrospectively.  It is hard to think of any time since (except Joan of Arc, and look what happend there) when a Lady is given such credence in 'matters of the faith'.  Hence a dichotomy, a disruption in the spell of the tale, which is only experienced by the female under androcentricity, rapidly becoming unmentionable in the language of the  non excluded gender.  Virginity afterall is a very private, personal, sacred and embarrassing thing (and not the Richard (Dick) Branson multinational conglomerate it is now masquerading as).  In terms of her place in society by marriage, a woman has frequently found herself slaughtered if she did not bleed on her wedding night, and in Royal cases, this would be a witnessed event, with proof required, even. Just to ensure that the event which was so scary for men, the arrival of a stranger who defiled the betrothed producing an heir of unknown heritage, would never happen again. And books, especially religious and biblical texts were translated into Latin and from Latin by studiously antisocial, misogynistic, cloistered servants of the very powerful, often to confuse, or edit out the (rapidly becoming) weaker sex whose skill at herbal life enhancing medicine was stolen and reversed in Anti-Witch/Midwife destroying/burning massacres and bloody Crusades of the opposition/'heathens'/UnGodly/Arabic nationals and Others, like all those natives who were missionaried.


Maybe centuries later they accepted this version of events, long after her demise, Holy Mary Mother of God, in order to set up a lie of oppression, an impossible ideal, which all peoples (under the faith) would be subjected to - to keep them confused, emotionally disturbed and lamblike gullible to the authority of the body who made it, claimed it, enforce it and

subject us to it yearly.


'have a nice mid winter - don't have a turkey'


I feel i have compromised myself by thinking people could enjoy such a weird farce, when more people top themselves at this time of year than any other due to depression - 'wrong thinking' by themselves or others, impossibly high standards, and a selfishness which has been 'nurtured' and cloistered, waiting all year for the big present at the Mass (ceremony) of Christ (the child, risen one, sacrificed one, healing and smiting down one.).  He did afterall overturn the money changers tables which is the not the action of anyone who would want the plate passed in the House of God, or the 'have's' to be depriving the have nots by keeping it stored in the Vatican vaults.  Who said 'the poor are always with us' and should they really always be kept poor?


One might say that he was given (spawned) by an aerial flyer who was either wreckless, or else intending for a unification of the races, - Metroplolis where the over grounders and the under grounders meet by the strength of individuals against he societal machine and a desire to 'save the children' from harm.


Aerial devices are undoubtedly useful, but requiring skill.  also the length of brain wave patterns, time it takes to think, year of lifespan, time travelling time passing type of set up might be very different.  So a seed was planted by a wreckless radical traveller, who had the means to appear and disappear and be unknown by people who saw that person travel there and slowly depart on foot or hoof.


That's Jesus's father, or rather an emissary from an aerial race.


Then there is the confusion of what we call now 'Santa' or 'Father Christmas'.


I always thought it was 'Old Mother Russia' or a female saint who made cakes and sweets and distributed them to the needy quietly at night so she would not be embarrassed by it.


But here we have 'ho ho whore' a laughing at you in your face fat man, who sneaks around into people's bedrooms to play with their 'stockings' while they 'sleep', and escapes untraceably on a sleigh full of bribes and bells and pulled by dodgy named reindeer, as in 'it looks like rain dear'.


So we have a male God, a male baby, a male father Christmas (whoever or whatever that devil is) and a 'Virgin' (woman who does not 'know' men, inexperienced person, green as grass, religious trainee/beginer, Amazon) who has a broken betrothel (though the agreeement is enforced nevertheless, possibly to Joseph's hidden humiliation - Bahmidztvahs as a way of drving away the 'Lillith' by cutting off the unclean before it sins) by going with someone either against her will or without choice or by choice, who has since absconded.


In other words a woman who is against the rules, outcast (if you emulate her you will be stoned) incredible, telling tales of 'Angels', an abductee, a rape victim, or a self impregnating self producing single mother.


Despite her 'weird' experience which is wrapped in words of prediction the example is held up that she will be believed.  This is the part which shocks and stuns women like an electric cattle prod into horror when they realise that in fact, in the face of a male dominated and interpretted church, she is disempowered, impotent, laughably outclassed by the bonded male hermogenous mantle or cloak of power which controls her society.



Neither the Virgin nor the Bride, she is now the Whore who is outside of the patriarchal shroud which hides other women indoors.  she is now travelling on a donkey, homeless, sleeping rough with the cows.


A 'star' is not of much use when it is so far away and you are surrounded by poverty and dispossession without stability and only strange men arrive (not midwives) bearing presents which are not of much use.  Gold which is difficult to barter and exchange without losing out, Franken-sense which is a fragrance and which will blow away in the wind and burn out, and Myrrh which again is rare and exotic and not for example as practical as a new set of clothing.


Glamour, clothing is all important in the Mythos, the shining light of the clothing/raiments/garments which surrounded the traveller and are remembered as being impossibly white (the luxury of the pristine, the exclusivety of the dustless smock).


To be believed the aerial race must have been around quite a bit, as in 'Oh, that's the Sons of God cult' or overlording it over people, so that when Mary said it, her clan considered it to be a possibility.  It makes the building of the Pyramids much easier, and Stonehenge.  After the event they seem to have been a bit more difficult to find, having left the mountain tops and gone further up out of reach of the troublesome man beings who kept asking questions and would not think for themselves.  Hence the 'Sermon on the Mount' and the Ten Commandments being of import.


So he is now blood red and shoving our selfish consumerist greed in our faces while threatening the safety of our kids, and the privacy of our homes, and we still do not know how he enchanted his flying sleigh!


The Mother, glorious, attractive, powerful, indepedent, nurturing and umbrella like is reduced to the waiflike, 'encroyable' vessel whom no woman can follow in the path of/footsteps of or way of, since men rarely marry you after you have conceived out of your engagement and carried the baby to term (a difficult journey even for the Mother of Jesus).  And societies which have been corrupted by such over emphasis of the male - Angel, Joseph, Jesus, Herod, Pontius Pilate - do not accept unless in matriarchal cultures, the self defining, redeemed creator Mother and instead stone 'adulterers' to death - even if they are the victim of rapes or attacks by unknowns - or so we are told of middle eastern cultures and medieval times.  Even up til the late sixties in England single mums were institutionalised in mental hospitals and their babies were often taken away.  Right now abortion is still seen as a  safer option than bringing a baby into this 'fuct up' world where women are paid less, listened to less, given less space in public arenas and unable often to thrive if 'deprived' of the 'support' of a 'man'.  The phrase if usually 'unfit mother' rather than 'unfit father' and the woman is blamed when the circumstances are at fault.  Joseph's role of nurturing, forgiving,

protecting father and provider of a stable respected career (carpentry) is all too often forgotten.  Women thus divided from themselves are constantly at odds with each other, unable to be 'Virgin-Mother' and without a female heir, unless it is the other Mary - whom Jesus respected, a duplicate, a priestess, a teacher with her own status who has been written out of 'his-story'.


I've had a most 'her-ethical' thought.  What if the Bible was written from stories told by Mary, a a distance in time.  It came from the notion of Halloween being like a good time to give birth, and Christmas feeling like death.  Then she would say that her miraculous baby, possibly born to a High Priestess of celibate stature, would have 'turned water into wine' and 'fed the five thousand' and brought life back where before there was death etc, as all Mum's are totally proud of their kids and celebrate how they achieve and thrive and blossom. Hence the Jewish Mumma mythos and the sense of exagerrated outstanding achievemental pride.


Dubious/Miraculous parentage, and a lack of stable political or social landownership, threats to their lives from the ruling authorities and from this we are told a powerful man with a message arrived.  But you cannot follow it, even though he said 'I am the Way'.  A tough act to follow, which ensures that we all feel inferior, when the message is that we should be like that, shine, treasure people, treat them with individuality regardless of the job they are paid to do, and most of all share what we have til the plain water we are forced to drink turns with joy into warm cultured comfort.


Star man did not come back, unless it was to roll back the stone and take the body after the painful criminal hanging by the Romans (not the Jews) in a public place - it could be seen as a journey from the times of the Egyptians into the new Empire of humanity where the aerials had retreated due to their overwhelming and taking advantage of the women / or their consortation with the powerful women matriarchal race of Amazons and Queens,

driven back by chariot confrontations the passing of the mysterious into the brutal dominance of the oppressive Roman rules, and a while after that (or during?) the birth of this cult, the Christians, fishers of souls.  Not the Marians (Mother power worshippers) but the worshippers of the Son/Sun, possibly a hidden cloaked continuation of the mysterious in disguise through the fascistic male dominated, empire building, gay male dominated Roman era.  (Afterall Anthony and Ceasar, and then Cleopatra was apparently the last Pharoah to rule Egypt having had her power compromised by two colluding men).


Jesus came back as a stranger, recognised only by his lover, or maybe that was a metaphore for the continuation of the sect - the sign of the fish, the Egyptian Horus Eye - undercover in the face of brutal repression, a thread which met together in secret to eat and break bread (messages wrapped in plain everyday substance).  The Seer/Swimmer/Traveller/Scout/ Messiah/Messenger,  the Dove from Above, radiant light in the darkness of despair.


But remember, what is respected is often what is feared.  You are feeders on light.


07-12-2005, 17- 01- 2006

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