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Want to save the planet?

Ground all the planes,

trash all the cars, close the factories

devote half your house to hydroponics, and use wind, wave and solar energy !

The nature of capitalism seems to be 'what can i get others to do for me'?  and 'how much can i get away with'.  

people use this at work.  They skimp as much as possible and get others to cover for them, others to make the tea and others to do their work when possible.  

The more you can get others to do for you and still get the credit for

it yourself, the more status you acquire.  


Women are raised to wait on and serve men.  Women are conned into thinking that the 'war paint' they apply is for

their own benefit to give themselves confidence, but in reality it is an awareness that is easier to get your own

way if you are plastered with the conformist mask of self hatred.


I was told that people get promoted if they cannot stay in their current position.  If they make things awkward on

the shop floor they will get moved up and away from it.  Hence bullying dolts who are useless at hand and eye

coordination are moved into management, and people who are good at hand and eye coordination are kept in sport

arenas, whilst the dissenfranchised are kept on as labourers and the mentally dextrous kept frustrated working on

the daily routine and administrative roles.  Mind you I have a very limited knowledge of working models and

practises in these times.


We know though don't we that the helpful makers of tea are exhausted by waiting on everyone and the nasties are

getting ahead of them and into the top echelons.  The cut and the thrust of 'management'.  What disspointed me most

in Lightning Strike was probably the intended point of the plot, which is to say that military exchanges of might

for might are ulitmately destructive for all concerned.  Even if you 'win' you are mentally scarred by it and will

require a length of psychological recovery.  Although the adrenaline is a reward which people get addicted to, the

risk of a charred planet is not ultimately worthy of the goal.


Therefore there are simulations of adventures in computer 'games'.  And from this we find that 'cyberland' becomes a

fantasy realm.  Why put your banking and your business into a virtual realm of unreality then?  Is it just laziness?

Is it over dependance on a system of thought which you do not yet understand.  Or is it like asking the oracle to

help you with the future?


Over-burderning the fairies with hard real tasks, is like misunderstanding their worth.  Would you ask a butterfly

to carry a tractor?


As many individuals as there are on this planet, are there ways for a new understanding and perception.  It is an

enormous task for the system of noughts and ones to be able to bear all that complexity.  It is a mad rushing life

of streaming thoughts and concepts.  A monstrous force of of rushing motivated ideology, which is of great depth

below the surface of what you see.  A 'replicator' (SG1 reference) menace of technology which is engulfing and

encompassing the globe with it's demand for one on one interfacing.  Humans are the sevants of the terminal, feeding

the light box with their brains ('brain slug' reference from Futurama).


Balance is good in most things, but people do not strive for balance - they long for extremes of passion and



Hence computer games.


Reality and fantasy.  'EVerything for hereon in is fantasy' says microsoft, and one owonders when we entered the

Matrix.  Was it a 'crystal entity' which engulfed us from deep space, as we travelled at this rate of 65,000 of

whatever amount of miles per hour?


Circutry, circuitry, Andy Sirkis as Gollum the long lifed and lonely entity, the holder of the ring, the ring of

power and knowledge.  Circuits are small items of gold and alloys which carrying electricity round to perform a

function.  How on earth does that work?  And before they had been invented for very long suddenly they were

decreasing in size, like fairies, so that we would understand them less whilst thinking that we knew them better.

You think you have control over the 'little folk' because they are so litttle, but truly their powers are increased

and their abilities are unknown.  The tip of the iceburg, the tiny hole at the base of the fairy mound, the small

portal into the underground realms which go on for miles.


When Ellen MacArthur went around the world or whatever she did in her boat, bravely and impressively, there was one

shot of something she saw floating in the sea.  It was an enormous ice cube, a cube of ice, a square, with a

perfectly round hole bored through it.  As if an ice cube from the fridge which has melted onto a pipe has come lose

and floated up to the surface.  What was that?  No explanation and I cannot find any pictures.  The news flashes

things into your head and across the screen so fast and the net doesn't always carry the story at all, at least not

at that time.  Also she arrived off the coast of England and she had company with her.  Something was with her and

that is why she mentioned 'laughing'.  "If you can hear laughter..." she said.  What was that?  We all know she was

alone.  We knew it so well by that point that this reference of hers could go unchallenged and slip past us.  She

brought something back with her from that long and lonely voyage.  Perhaps it was a 'MERMAID'?



Life is moving so fast and the potential for damage is so enormous that of course there must be 'observers' to

monitor moments when changes could rupture the safety of us all.  But more importantly their is life and knowledge

in the plants of this planet and they are the keys to the puzzle and the answers which we are seeking.  The

collection of these it is said, has been done by the 'scout ship' "invaders" as you think they are, which are

actually harvesters.  Our world as a resource which must be preserved.  A huge shop which the kids (us not them) are

trashing.  That is one thought.  Another is that the world is a yoke, a yoke of nourishment which we are using up as

fast as we can to grown enough to evolve into 'invisibles', souls and spirits which will space surf when our planet

is gone.  Gaia as an egg from which hatch 'elementals' sprites, ghosts, and angels, an earth egg from which will

crack open the demons and devils trapped deep within.  Many theories.  Many people.  Much information and some of it

true.  But what is truth?  It is only a concept which works at that moment.  Time is a river which rushes past and a

pool which is dipped into.  Truth is fluid, meaning is fluid, sanity is fragile and understanding delicate.



We have many languages here.  Being 'over priviledged' I do not require to learn any but the one I know.  The rest

of the world is learning our language, lucky us.  Do we think it is the simplest and richest one?  Let us go back to

Bable.  Before this moment there was an understanding between all peoples.  After this event we were scattered

across the face of the earth and our tongues set against one another.  Understanding broke down, and we were split

apart.  Anger and hatred from not understanding got worse.  Why do we strive then to love the one that did that to

us?  They were a powerful Oppressor, not a loving minder.  We sought only to reach up to where they dwelt, and were

smashed down for it in a way which has damaged us for a very long time.  'Learn your lesson', said God, you are not

us.  'You are only humans and you should know your place and not challenge us' [you have already cost me the love of

my right hand man, Lucifer].


Careful young humans, do not make the same mistake again.


Take care of the play pen or the toys will be taken from you.  Simple as that.

A strange thing to say, and i will pull out the contentious parts.


Skin.  "they want a piece of me, my blood, my skin" says a pale blonde woman in the Intruders film.


The underground races are said to have dark blue or brown skin.  Trolls, and in Russian says Whitley this is 'Cobals'.


Miners, who like metal ore to make weapons and tools and they also use mercury to make mirrors.  "Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?".  This was a reference to the communication between the realms through "reflective" devices or surfaces.


A thought occured to me that maybe the underground races would be pale.  pale travellers from the stars (the red beared Quetzecoatl) who would be adept at building, since they would require shielding fromthe harsh sunlight.


The Sphinx I was thinking last night.  A woman and a Cat.  A living stone ship which descended to earth.  A race of people coming from a Queen and her Feline consort who had the power to levitate stones through sound.


This would explain why the later descendants of the pale skinned would be able to travel the world later on and make such an influence in the countries of the dark skinned, by which i mean anthropologists and biologists and acheaologists.  Who not only travel and bring knowledge back, but also do things in the country of others which the residents did not think of or did not try.  Anglo Saxon adventurers.  Vikings.  Empires.  Was it only height, no since Nigerians are very tall.  Surely there have been great people of all races.  But not many if any Nigerians for example coming over to England and telling us about our past and our culture and our history.  Not until now perhaps.


The dark skinned are more adept at surviving with what they have.  Using Aborigines as an example, they are the oldest race of original humans so they say, we can see that they have survived for hundreds of centuries without houses, without cars, without structures of any kind except temoral temples and natural rock formations.  They have been happy and provided for on the surface of the land.  Due perhaps due to dermal burning, or an angsty temperament which brought them enemies or predators or something, other races have needed to shield and defend with walls.


Atomic or nuclear devastation has occurred before, causing mutations and polluting the earth to necessitate an escape route, possibly through the natural interface of rock caverns, to the source of the water spring.


Mercury is a liquid metal.  Craftspeople skilled in the use and nature of metal and concentrating upon it for many years, may well have found a way to blend.  think of the composits of bread and how they are 'kneaded' into a new consistency.


Crystal and metals found undergound, like the flowers and fruits of the surface.

The Trolls inform us that

the pumps are giving

them a headache, and

that the oil is


Engraving of a wall relief showing Akhenatum and his wife holding small people close to themselves as if feasting.  

People say these are 'babies' but are in proportion to adults, so an element of doubt remains.  Stories of 'little

people' are prevalent throughout the world, the most famous of these being Gulliver's Travels and The Borrower's in

western culture.  Suppose they form an underground system of mountain range tunnels and appear at certain locations

dotted over the globe.  in Ireland, the island next to us and quite rocky and heather moorland strewn, there would

be ever decreasing in size races with the smallest bveing further into the earth than the more human passable sizes.

I was thinking of the jokeys who say they spend their lives on strict starvation diets and are stunted to be short

and thin and 'lightweight' so that they may ride the horses better and faster with less weight for them to carry and

less long limbs dangling about to better hold the balance of rider and horse.  What if these jockeys are naturally

like that and do not have to work at it?  If I starved myself or ate alot, i think i would overall maintain the

original body shape i was designed with, my metabolism speeding up or slowing down to compensate and maintain the



 So this is why the rock carvers, with the sonic tools who carved the huge monuments to the Giants depicted

Akhenatum as a pot bellied (he ate little people to intimdate them and their magical influence out of his land) and

with the snide features of a facial snake, universal language for hissing lies and being snakey shakey eyed

[hypnotic].  Hence Hathshepar (?) and Akhenatum after her? and Tutenkhamun his son, were so able to build so quickly

such large monuments, she being able to build Karnak in less than twenty years or some such thign that Discovery

channel said in 'Queens of the Nile', and why the building stopped never to be repeatable, and why the power left

the Pharoahs (the power behind the throne, a large chair as shield with a little person behind, giving the right

sounds and words to influence the Royalty by guidance and counsell and mirroring and scrying - which is talking to

other clans and races by telepathy and long wave radio, and images/dreams).


So I was thinking about Tibetans.  The difference in their thought processes and their body shape and their facial

composition.  I was wondering at what they must have achieved in psychic power to 'justify' the massacre and exodus

which their nation suffered by imposing forces.  Shangrala.  The way of the warrior.


Small pointy chins, wide cheekbones and long elongated eyes with large craniums.  And a shortness of stature, and a

lightness of movement.


Yesterday I kept seeing hands and shapes, a black rectangle, a swift shadow, lights and glows.  Psychic power for

example as in the Celestine Prophecy where the ultimate achievement is to walk into another dimension.

With the fear and suspicion that these images are manufactured by a human, the necessart bars are in place to

prevent 'shifting'.-  When world's collide.  Leprechauns.  And the way Admiral Byrd went threw a 'shimmering' before

passing into a place where his ship was remote guided.  St Patrick's day is their Annual General Meeting, but actually it is 'don't  pat

Rick's' and by that time they had dissappeared, and the next word would have been 'head'.  Lyrical is 'Lie! You Rick , all?'Which is why on that day,

an agreement has been set that for secrecy there will be talk of someone who drove the 'snakes' out of Ireland, and

the pubs will be full all day long so that they little people will be free to roam the hills and dales on their way

to their arranged meeting places, without the risk of sight or stepping or chasing by the big annoying and war like

small minded large bodied people who are different.  Well, fairies have a reputation for being tricksters and

swindlers and deceitful punmeisters in your books don't they, but in their world it is funny.


There was Gog and Ma Gog left.  Daniel hit Goliath in the head with a rock. Poor Ma Gog, this being a lyurical

transaltion of the words for 'Missus or Mother of Goliath'. She went into a cave and had many varied species of

friends, after the death by murder of the only other large one.  And in 'Of Mice and Men' the large guy is stupid

whilst the small guy is clever: braun and might versus wit and mind games.

Near to arrest last night I was for simply lying in my bed and resting.

Could Eden and the expulsion be related to this?  Consider Peter Pan, the original boy who never grew up, and his

consort the little fairy TinkerBell.  Could Adam have been a giant of great dexterous skill and manual labour, the

gardner (Demuzi) and could the Queen have been Lillith, Demon Queen?  That way their sexual unity would have been unsuccessful and unsatisfying for both, his vigour threatening her life.  And a new Mate of Eve would have had to have been built to be Adam's partner.  One is seen as Queen of Heaven and one is Queen of Underground.


So Lillith is accursed and accused forever as the creator and mother of tiny evil people, a race unseen and

unacknowledged and feared.  Rumours abound of her being a nighthag who would sleep upon you stealing your juices,

but maybe that is human fear and a guilt and an explanation for the little unknown people who arrive in the night and frighten humans so.  Remember the bizarre tale of Zeus turning into a Swan in order to inappropriately and deceitfully gain sexual favours, which somehow led to the springing forth of a fully formed God from his thigh at some time?


Now Goliath is Jerusalem, and Ma Gog and Gog are Britain.  So I think there was a splitting at some time between that land and ours, not by geography which is a new science, but by dimensional, steams and fogs, the shimmering Island, the magical land dressed in green, which sits upon the sea and rises out of the mists at thee.  Guarded by the Dragonians.  That's why Shangri La is hard to find and is in the high mountain cloud regions.


R.E.M. sleep is something which happens seemingly randomly, in maths and geography classes for example, and at strange times of the night when a few split seconds becomes months in dreamtime, so that it is like a slipping into another zone of consciousness where other worlds open up with choices, challenges and threats, to 'test' your

reactions, drain your emotions and awaken your fears, like warnings, which if solved do not appear in your reality.

Husbandry and Shepherdry, the watcher/observer, angellic voices realmers travellers and messangers and the wizardry, sheep dog type herding, safety reconnaisance and problem solving monitor class.


... just feeding the fairy mound, and thinking that soul manifestation may be in four forms: air/clouds; water/fish;

fire/rock ('Beware the Lavamen', X-Files) and earth, insectoidal, worm forms and jelly transparencies and uv lights, such as phosphorescence and leading to crystalline forms.

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