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Billy Meier Beamship, showing energy displacement

Below is a depiction of Grey courtesy of Terrell Publishing Copyright Rosunwell 2005

Black Hole

Infalling matter

Sharp event horizon

point of no return

Point-like singularity

Hawking radiation consists of random energy

Potential wormholes to other universes




Infalling matter

No sharp event horizon

Messy surface stores information

in vibrating strings

Hawking radiation carries

information back out

Wormholes may exist

but are unreachable


Evolution theory of black holes


Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity describes how matter and energy bend space-time.


Karl Schwarzschild solves Einstein's equations for the case f a very dense point mass.


Roger Penrose develops the idea of a singularity, a point wheere space becomes infinitely dense.


John Wheeler coins the term "black hole" to describe a star that collapses to a singularity.


Penrose suggests that singularities are hidden behind an event horizon.


Stephen Hawking and Jacob Bekenstein calculate the entropy - a measure of the amount of information - in a black hole and get a very large answer.


Hawking shows quantum mechanics predicts that energy escapes from black holes.  he and colleague Kip Thorne bet John Preskill that this Hawking radiation cannot carry information.


Andrew Strominger and Cumrun Vafa use string theory to calculate the entropy of a black hole, geting the same answer as Hawking and Bekenstein.


Calculations in quantum mechanics and string theory suggest that information can escape from black hles.  Hawking concedes the bet.  Models of black holes from string theory cast doubt on the idea of singularity.


New Scientist 22 January 2005 P.30-33


Billy Meier's

contacts were


human in

appearance, and

led by a woman


named Semjase.

It made Billy's wife

Popi so jealous

that she destroyed

many of his

Beamship photos,

but luckily not all.

Semjase said many

things to Billy which

he wrote down.

She said "You will

have the best UFO

photos of any

human being on this

Earth" and "We are

like you".

And some random space pics.

Filtered image


Billy Meier



Rosunwell 'o5

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