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Tamaroa –“The first reported blackout caused by a UFO in the United States was at Tamaroa in Illinois on 14 November 1957.  An area of four miles was blacked out for ten minutes while witnesses reported seeing a hovering UFO above the town.” (Spencer (1991) p. 371) However, it wasn’t the first, or the last. I suppose cutting off the electricity maybe one way to draw people’s attention to the skies, or it maybe that the UFO needs to draw the power for its own usage, see Blackout and Day the Earth Stood Still.


Telepathy, Telephone Tapping – did I mention remote viewing yet?  Oh well, it seems that not only are there satellite systems recording every electronic transmission, under the auspices of evading terrorism, but also as our brains are electric systems, you’d have to be wearing a teflon hat to prevent yourself broadcasting the mere thought of “shall I ring so and so?”.  So it’s not worth being paranoid anymore, just revel in your new found fame and influence.  The new way to go, so the aliens tell me, is to avoid them lipreading you in the video playback, you keep your lips still and use the power of your thoughts to transmit directly to the brain of the chosen receiver – telepathy.


Tesla – Nikola.Tesla (1856-1943) designed many magnetic flux devices for the Westinghouse company in the U.S. producing free-energy, beam-weaponry and anti-gravity devices using this system but he was refused patents for them and they were stolen after his death by the U.S government. (He did get a patent #787,412 on a device to “Transmit Electrical Energy Through Natural Mediums” in 1905.  In 1940 he announced his “Death Ray” invention).  There is a lot on his work available from different sources , one of which is Angels Don’t Play This HAARP (2001) by Jeane Manning and Nick Begich: “The physicist [Dr Bill Jones] made it clear that he wanted Tesla reinstated in a place of honor in history.  For example, Jones said, Guglielmo Marconi got recognition for radio, but Tesla had demonstrated a remote-control boat in Madison Square Gardens several years before Marconi’s announcement.  Dr Jones also told about incidents such as the time in 1911 when Tesla described how radar could work.  Tesla was too far ahead of his time to be heard.  Six years later Tesla offered his invention of a particle-beam weapon to the US Department of War, and was laughed out of the war office…he was too early in the century to be believed…”scalar electromagnetics”…the ideas hold promise for clean energy technology.” [but in the wrong hands become seriously evil weapons]  (Manning & Begich (2001) p. 14). Tesla seems to have been contacted in 1899 from “intelligent beings in space” (Spencer (1991) p. 375)


Triangles –  Triangles have been reported in many instances as symbols formed on the body of the experiencer, whether it is three dots or a patch, this may refer to the importance of the pyramid, or to the equal balancing of the Holy Trinity.  An event happened on November 1st 1968, which Jacques Vallee says has been investigated by an astrophysicist, a psychiatrist and a physiologist and still stands up.  The  experiencer is a medical doctor whose identity has not been revealed as he was an official in Southern France and didn’t wish even his family to know about it.  Awakened just before 4.00 am by the cries of his 14 month old son, the Dr discovered the child  gesturing towards the window.  The Dr was struggling a bit due to a blood wound in his leg caused by a wood-chopping accident three days before.  It was raining torrentially so when he saw flashes of light through the shutters, he just gave the baby a bottle.  Then he realised there was no thunder so he went on to the terrace to have a look, there he saw two sky dwelling objects “disk-shaped, horizontal, silvery-white on top and bright red underneath…[with] horizontal ‘antennae’ and a vertical antenna on top, while a perfectly cylindrical beam of white light illuminated the mist under the disks.  The flashes, which occurred with a periodicity of about one second, were marked by a brief increase in the luminosity of both disks, followed by a sudden burst of light between them.  The objects were moving in unison toward the left…centre of the doctor’s field of view…closer, their apparent size increasing while the object that seemed farthest away came to align itself with the closer one…their ‘antennae’ came into contact, the two beams interpenetrated, the flashing activity stopped, and the two craft merged…now a single disk…with a single beam of white light underneath.  After a time [missing time?] (the witness is unable to recall how long), the disk began flipping from a horizontal to a vertical position, until it was seen as a circle standing on edge.  The shaft of light…shone straight into the doctor’s face.  At that instant a bang was heard and the disk went away, leaving behind a whitish glow which was slowly blown away by the wind.” (Vallee (1988) p. 155) [I think that the ‘whitish glow’may have been an optical afterimage, but I wasn’t there].  He documented what he had seen and when he awoke his wife she noticed straight away that his leg had healed, and later found that his Algerian war wound had also cleared up.  However, in the days that followed, he became tired, lost weight, got abdominal cramps, was overstressed and found a red triangular patch around his navel.  On the night of 13th November he dreamt, and in the dream “a triangular pattern was seen connected with a flying disk.” (ibid p. 156)  The child also was marked.   The red triangle “on both the father and the son…would stay visible for two or three days at a time [presumably fading in and out for the next twenty two years at least]…and was again [officially] recorded in 1986 and in 1988.” (ibid p. 156).  Other anomaliies noted were levitational episodes, telepathy, electrical fluctuations and clock malfunctions.


Tulpa – Be careful what you wish for!  Your negtive thoughts can produce real nightmares. “Thought form which becomes human through the agency of ghosts or daemons which can remain at large for years once it has evolved; mischievous puppet with the vitality to possess humans and inert objects.” (Day (1975) p. 138)  [I’m pretty sure my computer’s got one, better rub your screen with garlic].


Tunguska – 7pm a historic catastrophic above ground explosion destroyed a million trees in the Tungus taiga (forests) of Siberia. “Tungus generated a heat several tens of millions of degrees – so intense that living trees were set on fire for distances of 15-18 km…the fire induced by the radiation was the consequence of a nuclear explosion.  Sufficient evidence lies in the fact that in various observatories people discovered microbarograms dating from 30th June 1908 [the date when the explosion happened] which registered infrasonic shock-waves with a frequency varying from 0.001 to 0.1 Hz.  Frequencies of this order are typical of very large nuclear explosions in the atmosphere.  As far as the magnetic disturbances are concerned, and the three successive nights of light in western European cities, a group of physicists at Tomsk, led by Plekhanov, published in 1960 their findings after comparing the American Bikini atomic explosion in 1958 with the Siberian one half a century earlier.  Bikini brought about changes in the gravitational fields of the planet very similar to the ones at the time of Tungus.  The 1958 explosion also caused a greater nocturnal light intensity, though rather less pronounced than the 1908 one must have been.  The lighting up of clouds of colours ranging from yellow to pink is the result of contact with radioactive dust thrown into the atmosphere.” (Hobana & Weverbergh (1972) p. 23-24).




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