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Many people

describe the

Santilli Alien as a

male.  She does not

have a willy.  Here is

a willy, so you know

what one looks like.

It's a flying saucer.

As 80 percent of 'domestic

violence' is recorded as by men

against their own

partners, the citing of gender

difference in a domestic

setting seemed important.

The verbal violence against

the humanoid in media

reporting the Santilli

Footage was that

she was described as

a male despite not

having what everyone

uses to define

'maleness' in

Global patriarchy.

In  what people have

considered to be a

'state of lack'

she was unable

to gain credibility

which is the very thing

which women want.

She was rubbished as

a hoax, though no proof

of her being 'manufactured'

has ever been found.

Rumours of being

made from a 'shop dummy'

seem pale

when one sees the original

Footage (as opposed to

the dreadful plaster cast

copies made since, or

the more mutilated

immitations, or that despicably bad

travesty of April 2006

featuring Ant and Dec).

This plate was made in 1993,

by hand by me

using liquid light

emulsion on ceramic

plate specifically for

a women-only


exhibition, which

toured nationally - a

book of the same title,

Curated by Naomi

Salaman with an

introduction by

Linda Williams

was seen in a

limited print run.

Private Eye Magazine, Pseud's Corner

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