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Glaser – Hans, a 16th Century artist whose woodcut print depicts a battle fought in the sky over Nuremberg, Germany on August 4 1561, between flying balls or disks, some attached to crosses, some emerging from within cylindrical storage craft, crossing the face of the Sun which has two arches behind it  There are also what appear to be broken planks in the air and a big black arrow close to the ground.  A building seems to have been destroyed and smoke is rising from it, surrounded by spheres.  This “very frightful spectacle [was seen by]…numerous men and women” at sunrise.  The globes were a blood red colour, some bluish, some black, some three in a row, some in a square of four, some blood coloured crosses, and “two great tubes” (the dual pillars of Masonry – Mishpat, priestly and Tsedeq, kingly, perhaps) “in which three, four and more globes…all began to fight one another”.  After an hour it all seemed to fall “from the sun and sky down to the earth, producing a lot of steam.” This event was interpreted as as divine warning.  (Carl Jung, Flying Saucers (1978) p. 95-6).  This also happened in Basle, Switzerland in 1566.  Again at sunrise in August, this time on the 7th “many large black globes were seen in the air, moving before the sun with great speed, and turning against each other as if fighting.  Some of them became red and fiery and afterwards faded and went out.” (Jung (1978) p. 95).  In the print illustrating this event, the spheres look black or white, and again the sun is depicted with a face.


Godfrey – Alan, a Police Constable in Lancashire (G.B).  In the small hours of the morning of November 29, 1980, whilst driving on patrol he saw what he thought was a bus across the road sideways.  At a distance of 60ft he became aware that it was more anomalous than that.  “0ft wide and 14ft high and shaped like a diamond, he saw windows and noticed that the lower half was rotating and hvering 5ft off the road.  He made a sketch as his police radio had now cut out.  Suddenly he was 100 yards ahead and the ufo had gone.  He had hypnotic regression to recover the missing time where he discovered that he’d been abducted and placed on a table with a tall bearded man, called Joseph, looking down at him.  There were bizarre looking creatures and a large dog. (Spencer (1991) p. 163-4).


Godfrey – Arthur, Air Force Colonel, Navy Pilot (U.S.A). In June 1965 Godfrey was a broadcaster with his own tv show.  Whilst flying his private plane with a co-pilot, a ufo tried to collide with them and then fell into synchronous pursuit. “The Air Force was well aware of his sharp temper and the fact that in his position he could make a nationwide response to any adverse comments [so, despite normally debunking ufo sightings by saying that witnesses were either incompetent, hoaxers or deluded, the USAF]…apparently decided discretion was the better part of valour”  (Spencer (1991), p. 164).


Gorman – Lieutenant George Gorman, of the North Dakota Air National Guard (USA).  As often happens the month and time are recorded but not the day! In October 1948 Gorman was piloting an F51 at 8.30pm to a landing at Fargo airport from about 7,000 ft when he saw an 8 inch ball of light which nearly collided with his plane, but passed over the top and circled around above him.  Why people give chase or try to catch the ufo in situations like these is a mystery to me – you’re encased in a plane for goodness sake, so,  what are you going to do?  But for half and hour that is what Gorman did, with the control tower “watching the aerial combat through high-powered binoculars”.  Even so officially it was described as “Gorman seeing a lighted balloon for some of the time and a mirage of the planet Jupiter for the rest.”  Gorman retorted “I am convinced there was thought behind the thing’s manoeuvres” (Spencer (1991) p. 165-6).


Gonzalez – John.  An amateur radio enthusiast picked up, wrote down and reported the following exchange between Newark airport control tower, two unamed jetplanes (Jet#2 and Jet#3) and Flight 262 on November 17th 1997 in the late evening (no exact time specified).  As Ripley says, you either believe it or you don’t, believe it or not:

Jet#2 “Watch out! The two are coming up to you”.

Flight 262 “Well, Captain, the two are up here coming down to meet with you.”

Control Tower “Flight 262, what is your status?”

Flight 262 “We have 236 souls onboard and 50,000 of fuel.  I think THESE DAMN THINGS ARE GOING TO HIT US.  We are over Morristown just in case there is a collision with them, (pause) They have taken off towards the northeast.  And by the way, towards the northeast, it also looks like a meteor or space debris is coming down.”

Control Tower “Do you wish to report a UFO sighting?”

Flight 262  (pause) “NO, we have nothing to report.”

Jet#2 “We heard you.  I am making sure the passengers are all alright.  And, no, I have nothing to report, either.”

Jet#3 “You guys have seen more than your share of UFOs.  I know I have.”

Control Tower “Who are you?  Please identify yourself.”

No response

Control Tower “Flight 262, go to the emergency frequency.  We will meet the both of you there.” (Birnes (2004) p. 146)

Now, why am I sceptical of that exchange? 1: Why is Jet#2 not identified in every dialogue exchange. 2: Why does Flight 262 not identify itself before every comment. 3: Aircraft are noisy but there is no repetition. 4: The Control Tower would surely have had Flight 262 on radar and known they were over Morristown. 5: I doubt they would have said from the Control Tower “UFO”, they would have said an unknown or an unidentified. 6: Would the Control Tower have invited an unidentifed Jet (#2) to a meeting on an emergency frequency just because Jet#3 joined in the chat?  If they were going to do that, it would have been at the start of the event.  It doesn’t sound official and responsible enough to be genuine exchanges, but then, maybe things are informal in Newark?  I doubt it though because this is a commercial flight and there are standards to maintain and rules to follow in communicating with a Control Tower.

I think this is more of an example to show that space debris falls down, and that planes see ovnis/ufos and don’t make it official, perhaps because people would stop using planes as passengers if they knew how crowded it was up there.  It also illustrates that ufos may threaten collision, but frequently are just goosing or spooking the pilot.


Graham – Lee, an aerospace engineer who authenticated the MJ-12 papers, as much as possible.  As a government worker he was bound by Deparment of Defense regulation 5200.1-R to report any leak of Top Secret documents to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  After a year of investigation the Bureau admitted two things: if the MJ-12 documents were forged, then they were extremely good forgeries; if they were real then no other agency or department of US gov would admit them lost or stolen. (Birnes (2004) p. 147)  This leaves us with the possibility that the FBI made them, or that they were stored and retrieved from another country’s government.


Green Fireballs – Specifically occuring between November 1948 and January 1949 over Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Strange green lights were seen with increasing frequency, brightness and size.  “Dr Lincoln La Paz, head of the University of New Mexico’s Institute of Meteorites and a world-renowned authority on meteorites, conducted a thorough investigation of the green fireballs.  His conclusion: “they were not natural phenomena.” (UFO Guidebook, Briazack & Mennick (1978) p. 101). No meteorite fragments were found and the case has remained a mystery.


Gremlins – This term refers to reports made by “a number of airplane pilots during World War II [who] complained about mischievous beings who landed on their airborne planes and caused engine trouble and mechanical difficulties”.  (The phenomena was brilliantly depicted in the Twilight Zone but was set in the fifties on a commercial airliner).  “Army intelligence discounted reports of these beings or gremlins” (Briazack & Mennick (1978) p. 101) and blamed the stress and exhaustion of flight fatigue on the pilots perceptions.  The Gremlins were concurrent with the Foo Fighters and may have been fairies, inter dimensionals or aliens trying to prevent the massacres of war, in much the same way as nuclear weapons and space missions have been mysteriously tampered with and deactivated by ‘persons unknown’.  Time travellers afterall would be able to go back to an early enough point where they could tamper minimally to prevent a chain of events occuring which would be catastrophic, thus interacting the least and doing the most amount of good.  It’s funny that the Foo Fighters are remembered but the Gremlins have been forgotten (mind you, they do have their own film).


Greys – or Grays.  A typical species of ‘Alien’, an anomalous creature which has become a cultural icon since appearing on Whitley Strieber’s Communion (1987) front cover “which attracted a $1 million advance” (Darling (2000)  p. 409).  If he was paid to promote an affinity with a genetically modified human designed for spaceflight and enlisted to familiarize us with night time abductions by covert military groups he is not saying, responding only with “Sticks and stones…” [may break my bones but words will never hurt me] when questioned.  The beings are about four foot tall with enlarged craniums, very pale skin, and large black almond shaped eyes for night vision with small nose, ears and mouth, with thin lips which barely move as they use telepathy (or audio or visual electronic devices) to communicate with us. They have been described as very lightweight, possibly with a covering of foam vinyl, or fungal like a mushroom (as in Strieber’s Majestic). They have thin arms, longer than normal, with three fingers and a thumb, possibly with suction cups. They may have claw nails or no thumb in some cases. However the figure in the Santilli Roswell Alien Autopsy has six fingers (polydactylism). Witches have been known for this trait, as have members of the aristocracy (for example Queen Anne Boleyn).  It is a hereditary condition, a genetic mutation.  The Greys may be developments of human science, or from our future, or from another star system like Zeta Reticuli, or from inside the Moon, or under the sea, or a combination.  They are ‘unknowns’ associated with reproductive and medical covert maneuvers by UFO, apparently capable of walking through walls and with the trait of  deep soul connection by their eyes (hypnosis?) and wibbly wobbly heads that bob about on thin necks (possibly an effect of our higher gravity).  They also often hold a wand or long silver stick in their hand which can immobilise with a light beam.


Gulf Breeze – Pensacola, Florida. Ed Walters is the principle witness in this case and has produced a book of the same name.  He has been discredited for apparently taking pictures of lampshades reflected in window glass, yet many people have seen the objects and caught them on video.  Walters says his experiences were preceeded by a buzzing sound in his head, which could easily be an electronic device interferring with his perceptive and cognitive abilities. The events began in November 1987 and ended when MUFON suggested the removal of his implant. Before they could arrange this he experienced ‘missing time’ and persons unknown removed it thus ending his experiences in May 1988, but the sightings of anomalous craft began again for him in 1993. Of no small import is the location of huge military complexes in the area which would give both a reason for the ‘aliens’ interest and also a mundane explanation for the sighting of unusual craft with technological devices.  Also it would provide a reason for the discrediting of the principle witness.  Walters says “Experiments by scientist Ross Adey and his colleagues have proven that EMR (electromagnetic resonance) beams can be used in several ways to control animal behaviour.  Also advanced focused EMR beams are being developed by the military.  Experiments by the Department of the Navy have led to a working electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device mounted on a barge and originally deployed in the Chesapeake Bay.  Named the Empress, it is described by the military as a testing device used to study the effects of a nulcear blast on military aricraft and ships…it is reported that a single blast from this EMP “gun” can disrupt all electronic circuits within its field and effectively shoot down any aircraft within range…redeployed to the Gulf of Mexico…This new location was only thirty miles offshore from the Gulf Breeze UFO sighting area.  It is unavoidable not to consider the possiblities of using an EMP gun against the electromagnetic systems of a UFO.” (Walters (& Bruce Maccabee) UFOs are Real: Here’s the Proof (1997) p. 255).  He also mentions “pulsed-microwave audiogram” beam weaponry which can be used to cause a target victim to hear disembodied voices, like radio, but tailor made and singled out on the individual, to disrupt them and cause them mental anguish.  The important element in this case is a blue beam of light which apparently transported Walters and also alien beings from the ground to the anomalous craft.  Between November 23, 1990 and July 13, 1992 over 170 UFO sightings were documented by MUFON’s Gulf Breeze Research Team.  The Islander News reported (April 15/16 1992) “The UFO made two of its better appearances, and what better audience than a film crew and producer from ‘A Current Affair’, Lila Mc Murry, the producer, said she could see a “ring of light.  The object turned brilliant white with red lights on the upper portion” (ibid p. 227).  But as Walters says “A “UFO” video only proves that there was something there and not what it is and where it’s from.” (ibid p. 233).

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