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Aliens are probably androgynous and celibate

Man's inhumanity to man?  What about man's inhumanity to women.  15,000 women (per year in the UK, at least) get a surgeon to cut them for no other reason than to try to 'look' better and thereby feel better

about themselves.  They hand over the money they could have spent on holidays or parties or

something fun and instead receive bruising and scars and lumps and bumps and shame and pain and

have to say 'yeah it's great' otherwise they feel very stupid and very conned.  Actually that is a very

conservative estimate.  Add in all the 'needle doctors' who inject you with poison and take huge wads of

your cash for it.  The bruising and the swelling is your fault you asked for it, and the only thing that really

changes for good is their bank account.  Very lucrative business and women will go to great lengths to

hide the damage you have done to them.  The pampering alone cheers you up, you do not need the

metal entering your flesh. Don't get me started on body piercing.  There is also nails, manicuring them

and gluing on falsies, nail polish and even stupid jewellery for them, very expensive business and

without them you are not a woman.  Without them other women wil not speak to you, and men will not

flirt with you.


Think of the expense!  Women who are given smaller wages than men for the same work, and then must

spend it on lingerie, cosmetics of all kinds from deoderant for your fanny to gloss for your hair, removers

for hair your partner doesn't want to see or feel, tints to make your skin appealing, nourishing vitamins

for your eyelashes! Strappy little impractical and won't last shoes to break your delicate ankles and

ladder your expensive tights.  Skirts which make you a rape victim on sight (to some damaged people), upholstery for your chest  and restrictions for your waist.  Jewellery for your ears, chains for your neck and bars for your belly.  

Meanwhile Mr long eyebrows tells you with his smelly breath how to live your life, whilst his beer belly

tries to digest six pints and a couple of dead cows.

Why are there so many men dominating culture ? It's lke this.  If a single woman approaches a bloke professionally for interaction. He will assess whether she is lower or higher in status than himself, and whether she if friendly and pull-able.  If she is threatening to his own sense of self and place, and has no bloke higher than him to intimidate him into sumission,  he will ignore, chastise, deride and insult her in order to "keep her in her place" so that his own shitty ego is not in danger.

So a woman must pull a man whose status is such that she will be accepted at her own level due to his 'shadow' of influence.  That is the reason for women dressing up and wearing make up.  However with no 'penis key' to faciliatate her entrance into society, no amount of make up or dressing up will achieve it, she will simply be labelled tart and whore and ignored when she enters a social space on her own.

You stupid men do not know how over priviledged you are and how much you keep out from your arena.  YOu would rather allow any colour of man in, than a female of your own nationality or race (if ou don't think you'll be able to 'shag' her, AND ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO!).

We know this because the words for exploitation and assimilation are 'to get shafted', 'to be screwed' and to 'get fuct over'.  So we know what you blokes think about people who will or wont let you put your stupid dick in them, you think very little of people like that and assume you can insult them, abuse them, exclude them and exploit them at your own will.  It is discriminatory behaviour and there is no room for it in this millenium, which we are already five years into.

This is why you fantasize about strong beautiful women but really prefer mousy, unthreatening, submissive women.  This is why you  try to keep 'feminists' down.  Also you don't like it when you think women are interested in you and then they lose interest.  

So when approached by a woman who requires your assistance professionally, you hold back and do not help her, knowing that if

you do she will accelerate away from you having got what she needs, like a driver leaving a petrol garage.  Most men only build

monuments, and companies and only achieve professionally either to impress or to reap the financial reward to impress men or

women that they like.  

So it is part of the motivation of capitialism : Women buy things to progress through patriarchy; men

participate in capitalism to win the love and company of women.  Luckily we seem to be at a time when these patterns are in flux

and changing, but yet everyday I am reminded that major industries rely on the exploitation of the image of woman, to motivate

men and to repress women.  This is why there is so much suspicion between the genders and so many desperate attempts with surgey

and cosmetics to achieve ideals which are actually mirages.

 I am so sick of male only platforms and male authorities while women's experience is denigrated even by themselves with self-censorship and apologies to the men for even daring to breathe.  Aren't you sick of war and competition and shoot 'em up aggression?

Men expect you to function on all cylinders all the time.  You have to look pretty.  You have to be happy even when they have torn out your heart and thrown it away, or just ignoring that you're alive.  Talk about being on another planet- or wishing you were!  It feels as if You have to be independent and working, with friends that they can flirt with.  As if You have to be permanently up for sex and looking gorgeous and yet not really want it.  You have to know how to tease and play stupid mind games, you cannot be yourself because it is not good enough ever.  The sophisitication of capitalism which keeps us competing.  The slightest insult from them carries more weight than all your hard work.  Hence you get Toyah Wilcox, who has worked damn hard, well and variedly, all her life, paying to get her face cut, simply because Mr Johnathon "Too ugly for TV" Ross (who needs a haircut) thinks it is ok to be a rude and insulting.  Toyah should've said "pay me to cut your face Johnathon and then I will look much happier".

I loath all this plastic cosmetic surgery, you pay them how much to cut and bruise your face and stuff toxic bags under your flesh, and then when you have spent the money and healed yourself from their abuse, of course you're going to say 'oh, i feel so much better', you'd be in a sorry state if you didn't wouldn't you.  Pay enough money and you're going to think anything is great - remember the Emperor's New Clothes?

So a singer has to beautiful and thin and sexy, but not if she's a man.

A politician has to be charming and pretty and intelligent, but not if she's a man

Same for actors, same for presenters, same for Mum's, same for 'working girls' whether it's the office or the bedroom or the dungeon.  See, I can't even say 'working girls' without you thinking 'prostitute'.

And when they have destroyed you with insults and torn down your self esteem, it is up to you to 'bounce back' and if you can't it's your fault but not if you are a man.

If you are a man you can rest assured that you will always be listened to, you will always be supported by lovely women who will compete for you and care for you even if you are a murderer/rapist/robber/bastard son of a bitch.

That is 'patriarchy'. (or is it showbusiness?)

Nobody helps women, not women and not men. (We just get exploited)

Every body loves men, no matter how ugly, badly dressed, overweight, alchoholic, dangerous or stupid the men are. (we wouldn't dare exploit you)

My describing this will not make it any more real on a global scale than it already is, at least in western capitalism and probably most other cultures.

Can you see how unfair this system is?  There are always exceptions, but they are just that, exceptions against the odds of probability.

In these days of 'political correctness' which is not feminism, you have to be tolerant and non-discriminatory to every other race under the sun, but gender discrimination is still accepted - why?  Cos we're on a propaganda drive to recruit them to a system which doesn't work that well for us already.

because most men are gay anyway and that doesn't challenge patriarchy at all. 'Hit me baby one more time' would Britney have been a success if she hadn't worn a tiny school uniform and suggested that she liked domestic violence? and most criminals are men - peadophiles, rapists, murderers and villains.

Millions of intelligent useful caring women are underpaid, exploited, hurt and abused and excluded, simply because they are female.  Men are so desperate for an ideal which is corrupt that they import brides by mail order, making sure the women have no money and no passport.

No matter how beautiful a women is, she will be insulted regarding her looks, while men get away with being smelly, ugly, selfish useless and rude.

Women help men, men get ahead, men leave women behind and move on to the next girl who doesn't know yet how sick the game is, and so isn't jaded, cynical and skilled in playing it back.

Tell me it's not true. I won't believe you because men lie and they do not give a damn.  They lie in court under oath.

Hate creates hate, release yourself from the structure which holds us all in bondage.

Did I say 'men'?, no no I meant monsters created by patriarchy.  If you want to be a man you won't do the bad things anymore, no more insults to humanity.

Where are all the feminists?  You think you know what it means but you don't.  Every strident, productive, successful and hardworking woman who is radical and free thinking in her life seems to say 'I'm not a feminist but...'.  Are they afraid of putting men off, or scaring men away or receiving negative press or being ostracised and ignored, dishonoured and blamed for the world's ills?  Yes?  Well let me tell you - it does not matter.  Just call yourself a feminist.  No men, you can't call yourselves feminists because as a male you can't understand it since you have not been discriminated against as a woman. NO transgendered men you can't call yourself a feminist once you are a woman because you chose to be in the situation, you chose to become female.  When you are born female and stigmatised for it and are aware that 'the personal is political' and that the system is unfair, unjust and needs changing then you can call yourself a feminist.  And be proud of it.  Many women go through their whole lives thinking it is their personal fault - that they are not slim enough or blonde enough or clever enough or pretty enough to earn an equal wage, to be treated with respect, to partake in a society of advanced humans.  People may tell you that things have changed now, that equality is a recognised and achieved aim, but decades and centuries of conditioning do not so easily fade in thirty years.  War, politics and the media is still dominated by men and male opinions even if there are (fractionally) more women employed in these fields.  Don't get me wrong I'm sure childirth and homekeeping are wonderful and fulfilling roles but they are also extremely difficult twenty four hour comttiments and should not be underestimated.  Also the skills and talents which women can learn and bring to non-traditional arenas are refreshing and rejuvenating - some arenas have alsways been female like the Queen's role in running the kingdom (why is it not yet termed the Queendom of the UQ?).  Matriarchy is not so unusual and may lead to less thanatic fixation with war, death, exploitation and destruction.

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A quick search for books on aliens in Amazon gives a result of two women authors as compared to fifteen male out of a total of 17.  This is just an example.

When they said "The Truth is Out There" they probably meant the internet :)

Her own page in the

Independent, article on G8

and she rips the best

female pop stars apart !


I'm so sick of male only panels on UFO conferences.

I'd like to be the Angela Merkel of UFOlogy!

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