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O continued

Orocovis - With the Vampire's exsanguinatory ability, Chupacabras bothered the residents of Puerto Rico's inland district Orocovis, and also Morovis,  from March 1995.  They soon discovered, as in the case of animal mutilations seen in cows in Europe and America the corpses of animals mysteriously murdered by clever surgeons, but this case differed as the suspect was observed.  “Goats, chickens, rabbits…all the blood [sucked] from their veins – usually through a single puncture mark…Six months into the epidemic of slayings, the first eyewitness descriptions began to appear…25 year old college student Michael Negron: “I was looking off the balcony one night, and I saw it step out of a bright light in the back yard.  It was about three or four feet tall with skin like that of a dinosaur.  It had bright red eyes the size of hen’s eggs, long fangs and multi-coloured spikes down its head and back.” The strange beast then disembowelled the Negron family’s goat, and drained the blood from its neck. Other descriptions have likened it to an alien-looking kangaroo…When six animals were found dead in south Florida, the woman owner claimed to have seen two beasts fly down out of the sky.  She described the beast as having large black eyes, prominent fangs, a huge pair of wings and a row of thorn-like spines all the way down its back and tail.  At the end of the tail was a kind of hook with which the beast grabbed her animals before sucking the blood from their helpless bodies.” (Tutt (1997) p. 156-157).


Owls – The Goddess of Wisdom.  “On 26th December [1985] Whitley and his wife, Anne [Strieber] went to bed at ten o’clock; their six year old son had gone much earlier.  In the middle of the night Strieber was woken by a whooshing, whirling noise coming from downstairs.  There seemed to be several people moving about.  He checked the burglar alarm panel beside the bed, but no door or window had been breached.  A short time later the bedroom door opened and a figure entered the room…wearing a sort of breastplate and a skirt which came down to its knees…the being rushed towards him, Strieber blacked out…several of the small beings moved about him…One of them produced a long, thin needle from a box and ‘told’ him they were about to insert it into his brain, via his nasal cavity.  He argued, but they went ahead and did  it anyway.  Altogether there were four types…the main group were short and stocky, with deep-set glittering eyes and pug noses…[others were robotic, and there were some] five foot tall creatures with large, almond-shaped black eyes, and a smaller one with round button eyes…When he awoke as normal on the 27th, he had a feeling of unease and a bizarre memory of seeing a barn owl staring at him through the window during the night.  Of the abduction he remembered nothing.  Yet when he looked for claw marks in the snow on the window ledge there was nothing.  Strieber was later to come to the conclusion that the owl was a ‘screen memory’ to hide what really happened.” (Randles & Hough (1994) p. 236-237). Whitley wrote about this in the film and the book Communion, but there are other cases of witnesses seeing, for example in Budd Hopkins’s regressions, a large owl in the road. It is mainly the reflective quality of the big eyes, and the grey shape with the big round head that makes the owl an effective screen memory for little people – alien greys.  Also that it is nocturnal, can fly and sees in all directions whilst also being frightening.  Lilith is a night demon/Goddess who steals the seed (sperm) of drowsy, unwilling, men and she is depicted as a Screech Owl, with wings, and claws instead of feet.  She seems to be synonymous with Inanna Queen of Heaven and Ereshkigal Queen of the Underworld, a conjunction of the primordial mother, the Triple Headed Goddess.


Oz Factor – ‘We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz’ sang Judy Garland as Dorothy in the film, refering to the ruler of the land who hid behind a frightening machine with a booming voice – but was found out to be a gentle and helpful person sheltering behind a curtain, or veil of deception. There are many ufological references in this Frank L. Baum tale of the Land of Oz, mainly the need to greet strangers with an open heart and quickly understand their culture.  Jenny Randles grabbed the term in her book UFO Reality, A Critical Look at the Physical Evidence (1983) as a perfect description of the uncanny and peculiar UFO effect, where one experiences the “sensation of being isolated, or transported from the real world into a different environmental framework”.  (Clark (1998) p. 426)  It can refer to the cone of silence which cuts out natural bird noises, or traffic noise in the area of a UFO sighting, or the sense of time distortion, or the perception of someone human but not of this earth.  It is a magical realm where the laws of physics do not apply as we know them.  It‘s when you’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!  Right, we’ve got that straight, let’s find an example…“15 July 1995, Calder Valley, Yorkshire, UK…It was a warm summer evening and two couples were in a house garden of this Pennine village…A strange atmosphere began to descend upon them…distortions in the flow of time and spatial changes (objects suddenly not being where they ought to be). This, plus the strange mood they all felt and the oddness to the atmosphere, may well indicate that they were now in an altered state of consciousness. This is usually what the Oz Factor denotes.  At 21:40, a dark gray mass with flashing lights approached across the trees and a mist seemed to emerge to envelop the garden.  Another witness has a confused recall but remembers the object drifting off along the valley.  All four witnesses struggle to describe the correct sequence of events.  There is some memory of a beam of light, a moon above…One man was violently ill…reported nausea, plus a skin rash and great difficulty sleeping…A sickly sweet smell…odd dreams or images of children seen innearby trees.  Of the weird time lapse one man said: “Imagine your memories recorded on video tape, cut into lengths of a few seconds, throw most of the segments away and splice the remainder together in the wrong order”.” (Randles (2000) p. 221-222)

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