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Pleiades – The Seven Sisters.  Apparently this star cluster has more than two hundred members in the constellation of Taurus, five are visible to the eye, but mythologically they have been know as Seven and “are the best known galactic cluster in the sky” (OEE, OUP (1991) p. 1113).  Light Work, the technique of asking for guidance and creating healing by visualisation of light eminations, is Pleiadian derived.  The best ufo photos ever taken are from the Pleiadian contactee Billy Meier, who says that traditionally the visitors who came to earth to contact humanity were females as they were thought to be less threatening. Is this the origin of visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary then?  In physical manifestations they seem difficult to tell apart from Venusians, as they are kindly, wise, graceful and beautiful. Meier explains to Brit Elders how the Pleiadians (specifically Semjase from Erra) visit with him: “What does it feel like to be dematerialized?” asked Brit.  “It is a condition of being well-balanced,” said Meier.  “Explain that, please,” said Brit. “As if you would find yourself in eternity,” replied Meier. “It starts the moment the dematerialization begins.” [Brit says:] “Does it end when you rematerialize?” “No,” explained Meier, “it does not  end like that.  That condition stays, depending on your own thinking and feeling.  You see,” he continued, “when I leave the ship, I jump inot the hole, and into the hole they, what we call, ‘arrange’ the material.  If you leave the ship and lose your material body, you wil not realize it in that moment until the body touches some other material thing, like the ground or a tree….You can’t see them…But if they touch the ground, they will materialize.” (Kinder (1987) p. 106)  So you see, you have an anti gravity field generator, and you have a technique for invisibility, so then you have floating invisible people – souls of the disincarnate.  And then when they materialize, they look just like humans from Earth anyway. So does that mean that ‘ghosts’ are ghosts from earth humans, or technologically advanced people messing about?  But it’s not really soul transfer, it’s more like teleportation (Beam Me UP Barwood/Scotty) with a momentary inbetween stage of floating invisibility, which can include the ship too. “Though Semjase sometimes landed the ship and met with Meier in the meadow, she now utilized the “anti-gravity” system more frequently.  A third, even faster, method was potentially dangerous: Meier could be dematerialized.  Meier called this method the “teleportic”, which worked only, he said, “if I am clear in my head and heart.”  Using it, the Pleiadians could break down Meier’s molecular structure as he sat in his office, rematerialize him on board the ship, converse with him for an hour or two, then break him down a second time and reassemble him in an instant inside his office again, or at the edge of a road…When he was “upped” by this method, meier could feel nothing; the danger lay in the return, for Meier would again have to be clear in head and heart.  According to Meier, if the ship hovered high in the atmosphere ready to place him back on earth, and he jumped into the teleportic shaft without his head and heart being clear, he would “die for sure”.” (Kinder (1987) p. 54-55)  I think this may be because of stability issues, if there is conflict in the atomic level, then reassembly may be tricky, that’s why his years of meditation were important in preparation, and why the vibratory frequencies of thought processes play an integral part in telepathy.  “According to Meier, the Pleiadians lived to be one thousand years old; Semjase herself was a comparatively young 330.  Her home planet, Erra, was only slightly smaller than Earth, yet was populated by far fewer people, less than 500 million…the Pleiadians themselves had [terraformed] engineered the planet to support life, and today its landscape looked much like the countryside found on Earth, with hills, grass, trees, and running water.  Robots and androids performed most physical labor on Erra.  The androids looked and acted so human…Each wore a uniform, the color indicating the job the android was assigned to perform…their skin was made of living protoplasm…Pleiadians did not marry until they had completed their education…acquired specific skills in fifteen or sixteen disciplines, or, in the case of Semjase, as many as thirty.  There was no government…[instead, they have] ‘spiritual leaders’…the highest of form that they have for their leadership they call Horralft.” (Kinder (1987) p. 23-24)


Nick Pope - only member of the British Government to publisize UFOs after working for the relevant department, see link above, as a civil servant for the MoD, see


Proctor – Loretta.  Was the one to tell Mac Brazel to take the debris found on his ranch in to the Sheriff George Wilcox, which he did on Sunday July 6th 1947.  It seems important to note that her “brother, Master Sgt. Robert Porter, was a B-29 flight engineer with the 830th Bomb Squadron.  Porter claimed to have flown Roswell debris to Fort Worth and that one officer said they were parts of a flying saucer.”  (Dolan (2002) p. 26-27).  “Thursday, July 3, 1947, when…William “Mac” Brazel, foreman of Foster Ranch, and his 7 year old neighbour [William] Dee Proctor were out checking for damage after the previous night’s violent thunderstorm.  Sometime during the previous evening, they heard a “different” crash among the many claps of thunder.  No damage to fences or windmills could be found, but something quite unexpected arrested their attention: a field full of bits and pieces of shiny material unlike anything the veteran rancher had ever seen.  According to newspaper reports at the time, Mac gathered some of it up and hid it under a bush or in a shed.  He kept a few pieces, one of which he took with him when he drove Dee the few miles back to the home of his parents, Floyd and Loretta Proctor, his nearest neighbours…[Loretta says:] He wanted to show it to us and wanted us to go down and see the rest of the debris or whatever, we didn’t on account of the transportation and everything wasn’t too good. [?] He didn’t get anybody to come out who was interested in it.  The piece he brought looked like a kind of tan, light-brown plastic…it was very lightweight, like balsa wood.  It wasn’t a large piece, maybe about four inches long, maybe just a little larger than a pencil.  We cut on it with a knife and would hold a match on it, and it wouldn’t burn.  We knew it wasn’t wood.  It was smooth like plastic, it didn’t have real [!] sharp corners, kind of like a dowel stick [not unheard of then].  Kind of dark tan.  It didn’t have any grain…just smooth.  I hadn’t seen anything like it.” (Friedman & Berliner (1992) p. 71-72)  It makes me wonder about plastics and how they use developments for the space race first, and then decades later, release them to the public, but I’m sure that Loretta at that time would only have seen black bakelite, a rigid, shiny brittle early plastic, but it’s not unthinkable is it that they may have been developing polymers and latex.  I just wonder why Mac Brazel hadn’t picked up a more impressive piece to show them.   Floyd and Mac were both dead, by the time the researchers found out in 1978 from Jesse Marcel that anything untoward had occurred.

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