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One Coin - Two Sides, Same Difference

Did it not say that they would rise from the grave and that we would all be judged on our actions?


Are we not all God's children?


And wasn't Jesus a celibate Priest?


Mary Magdalene was a wise Rabbi in her own right (but her sermons were not recorded, or were destroyed / rewritten in the centuries afterwards - see Nag Hammadi etc)


Maybe Jesus 'kissed her often' on the hand, which is where the Pope is always getting kissed, and kings and so forth, as a sign of respect.


Maybe her hair was a bit crispy and dry and so that's why she dried off the excess oil with it.


Maybe there were two angels who came down (alright better than angels) [No, they weren't better than Angels, the Angels were their friends].  We are all in tuition.


One male and One female, and the female was older.  Maybe her birth was not from a virgin so she had not as much status or something like that.


Maybe she was exactly the same as him, but got mashed up in the renditions written a hundred years after the death/ressurrection. (Or after his tricky drugging magic act, maybe he 'took the bullet' for her, so that she would survive) - cos after all men are better at charismatic performances and convincing crowds aren't they.  And people believe men a lot more often than women.  Especially in the many centuries afterwards.


Men who wear dresses and call them 'robes', lecture on about children constantly, and violently repress their own and your own self gratification, and then have the hypocrisy to bar women from taking part in the institutionalised practice of something which is free for everyone - the worship of Holy God, have only themselves to blame when their pews are empty.  Not only that but the Son, is probably a reference to the Sun, without which there would be no life on Earth.


As far as Christ and the Devil go, there seems to be little difference since Satan was released from his prison a thousand years ago and has gone on to decieve the nations.  One wants you to eat their body and drink their blood, like a canibalistic vampire, and the other wants to torture you slowly forever, like a sadistic dungeon master.


One is proud of you and wants you to achieve your Godly potential, the other had his pride piqued, was God's favourite, and despises foolish, stupid earthling humons.  


It is best to think of the Earth as God's Goldfish, a precious centre of life which we are charged with protecting.


We are told when growing up that a 'hymen' is what stands between virginity and being 'bad'.

We are made to sing in church a song called a Hymn (sounds like 'him' but is hymen without the 'e')

So the God is masculinized, but the idea is of the womb, the cradle of life.


Mary, Mother of God, is not an empty vessel. So when you rave on about God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost as a trinity, you are insulting her.  In ancient times the Goddess was considered a Trinity - Innocent, Lover, and Mother.


Humans spring forth from the womb, God created humans, therefore there is no reason on Earth for anyone to call God a male, except to compensate the male ego for it's paltry and minor role.

Life and love of you is part of the biology of the female, whereas for men it is a duty and responsibility.

I hate to differentiate between the sexes, we are gendered with both traits, but if the Church is arrogant enough, then so will I be.  Perhaps they thought a social institution should force priority onto the male for the benefit of drawing him into society, but I think several centuries of this is more than enough since it makes women angry, excluded, insulted and over ridden and stipulates that she should give herself in submission to her man, whilst he gives himself to God, thereby ensuring that he thinks he gets to heaven whilst she presumed damned by gender, and thought of as a corrupt second best.

Whoever heard of a new born coming from a rib?  And as for singing 'ahmen' at the end of everything, that is just one gender bigoted comment too many.


If your sisters died under the wheels of a huge juggernaut, as mine did (Ruth, Julia and Karen) would you remember them in that situation, or in a nicer moment?  Seems strange to me that Christians and Catholics like to iconify Jesus in his moment of pain and death, hanging from the cross.


Why do we call it an Act of God when a natural disaster occurs?  Why is it not rather an Act of Lucifer when something bad happens?  If the Devil knows what you have done, it is a much worse situation to consider isn't it, than if God knows it.


Makes you wonder.  "When a thousand years are over Satan will be released from this prison and will go on to deceive the nations" (Revelations).  Does anyone else wonder about the red clothed figure who keeps a check on the behaviour of children and bribes them with consumables, climbing down the chimney at night?  What's his name?  Santa?  Other than that, Revelations was written by a mad, misogynistic, isolated monk who was off his head on drugs.  Most of the Bible was recorded by people who may have taken Hallucinogens (though you do not need to), in their own time at leisure and not at the time of the events but in recollection, to suit their own agendas - by men, who had the ability to write (the Church kept writing from the people for ages, using only Latin).


What if God picked up the Mayans cos they were good and listened to 'it' or 'him', recording 'his-story' up to 2013 faithfully in their records, and later on Jesus elected to be reborn as a human because he had grown too much like God to continue in that company.  His message was : make yourself as unpopular as possible by telling people what to do (this took along time for him as he was so angellic) and they killed him (a deliberate act of self sacrifice by the orders of Yahweh - a very angry God-type character) because in the Garden of Gethsemane before hand he knew it would happen and could have escaped.  The cup as spoken of in Matthew 26, 30:43 is apparently the act of death. (See Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare, where drugs are taken to simulate death, mandrake.)


God had promised not to keep on flooding them off the face of the Earth, though they annoyed the powers that be intensely. I think you had better pray to God/Goddess/Holy Ghost (Sun, Moon, Earth?) and see if you've been forgotten.  Open your mind and listen, but then how will you know if it is human information or divine?


Jesus said he went into the desert alone and there he was tempted by the devil who offered him the world.  In modern terms we would say that he got dehydrated, went a bit mad and probably met himself in a dissociative state.  No one else seems to have met the devil or had this much of a conversation with him since.


Satan or Lucifer or the Devil was charged with keeping humans in order on behalf of his Master the Lord God.  In patriarchal terms there is no other man who has owned this much of the world and the souls in it for as long as Jesus has.  It is Christ this and Christ that, meanwhile all the other deaths are subjugated under that, and other Messiahs forgotten.


'By their fruits shall ye know them' but then again he also said 'judge not lest you be judged', so leave the judgement up to God, and don't hide your light under a bushell [Gary? Ed.] although he did when he appeared in the burning bush [now that's a good idea, where's George?] Oh, he let me say this, so he can't be that bad really, or maybe it's a controversial plot to discredit my good name [I can probably do that myself, oops already did].  We are all already cursed by being expelled from the garden of Eden, and have to work our way back.


Oh yeah, the devil, want to talk about that?  How many people have led miserable lives and been sent

to war and been tortured into abortion or circumcision in the name of Religion?  Oh yes we love God, God is with us, and on our side, so people try to think it is justifiable to kill you in 'His' name (Witch Burnings) and think that you must slice parts of your dick or clit off (Bah Mitzvah and Genital Mutilation atrocities) - they think that you must give birth to the baby you don't want (cos the Pope said don't wear a condom, like he'd know about willy action) and who says men have any right to decide on the birthing choices of women?


The men demand that you must submit with no questions to a man who is religiously unchecked from  changing his mind or dominating, exploiting or abusing his position of trust, and people commit genocide in the name of any old saviour who does not save them.  So who is the devil then?


See what I mean?  Is the devil the one who keeps you poor and pining after what you cannot have?

Or is that CAPITALIST greed and FETISHISTIC object worship?


I  know what is invested in them for Jesus having been a married father, and also what is it for them for him being a male only male discipled man.


On the one hand they get an excuse to keep secrets, enormous status, and the stitching of Jesus into patriarchal, women enslaved bloodline bollox.  (which may or may not be bollox)


And on the other they get a man who needs only male priests and only male adoration and silence from women and they can pretend he is gay.


Both ways they get silence from women who are too intimidated, hurt and left out to complain out loud.


They get a male role model to ensure male only continuation without female 'interference' which would actually be enlightenment and joy.


And they get to think they are special.


A major excuse to have male only spheres, and by slandering Mary Magdalene and Mary the Mother of God (how is that? she was the Mother of God's child, which all women are) they get to prostitute and exploit the fairer gender.


It is important to remember that Jesus did not write anything down. Unless it was John.

Kudos, let's exchange

some long chain

molecules and conquer

earth at the same time

[or preferrably not]

from Simpsons who

joke about nuclear


"Let this place forever be a cry of despair"?

NO, never ever condem by memorial a place to suffer forever.  You need to heal and forgive and - get down off your cross, we need the wood!

I am feeling a bit cross, very cross!

Pass me the nail polish would you?

A new way of looking at things is the Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light.

By Barbara Hand Clow (1995) afterall the internet and computers are light, fibre optics, light, and all light on Earth comes from the Sun.

She says in Chapter 7, Alcyone Library and Tzolk'in - Keeper of Time, " the Vatican in 999 A.D. Millenial fever had begun building in 980 A.D., when early medieval Europe was just emerging from the Dark Age that had set in after the fall of Rome, and people were fanning themselves into a wave of religious fanaticism.  They were neglecting their fields, families, animals, and villages.  They were whipped into a frenzy by a series of prophets talking about the coming Revelation, and people began to believe the world was going to end at midnight on December 31, 999 A.D.  The Roman Catholic Church encouraged this apocalyptical fever because people gave more money when they thought there was little time left.  All over emerging Europe, the streets were filled with flagellants and fanatics screaming about the end of the world.  Children were ignored, women were free with their bodies, wars and plagues spread, and from every point of view, reality became the world described in Revelation.  In 999 A.D. everyone waited for the end."  

So you see, we have probably already had that part of the 'his-story' described in the Bible.

Mary Magdalene was a Rabbi - a teacher of faith,

 not a purveyor of sexual abuse.


is abuse invented by men to attempt to make all women disadvantaged.

Jesus was celibate

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