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Human or Alien ?  Don't be a Dinosaur

There have been freak shows of humans, the bearded lady and genetic abnormalities like the Elephant man.

There are disabled people who have Turner's Syndrome who now find themselves confused with Aliens because of Stanton Friedman's opinion on the Santilli Autopsy Footage.


Then there are people, like this damaged baby,  who have been bombed with radioactive materials - depleted uranium - and who have been genetically altered internally.

In our stupid western obsession with perfect hair, perfect skin,  toned and groomed bodies driven by capitalist greed we are destroying other nations for the next several billions of years.

Having mentioned reality, and the harsh world in which we live, the wars based on greed, religion, politics and the destruction of humanity and the threat to the Global environment - I now feel the need to mention a cult which

I have avoided due to natural cynicism and disbelief.

In a discussion of genetics, the crossover point between this and aliens is the breeding programme, where eggs and sperms are collected by the airborne unknowns, and abductees see feotuses and children being raised en masse either underground or in ufos. Christianity began like this with an Angel telling Mary of an unconceived birth and the name and destiny of the child.  There was a figure who appeared from nowhere out of the blue robed in light, and a bright light in the sky which led the way and signified the designated area for worshipping Christ's birth.  So I better mention this cult of Rael forthwith and offer some genetics links - see what you think...

Rael or Claude Vorilhon a French journalist, set up the Raelian movement on December 13th 1973. According to claims by the movement itself; Rael as he is now known, was contacted by an alien visitor from another planet.  The visitor or extra-terrestrial named an Elohim was described as being around "four feet in height, had long black hair, almond shaped eyes, olive skin and exuded harmony and humor"  The alien wanted Rael to establish an embassy on earth for his people in order to welcome them to the earth.  Allegedly he explained to Rael that "we were the ones who made all life on earth, you mistook us for gods, we were the origin of your main religions.  Now that you are mature enough to understand this, we would like to enter official contact through an embassy"  In the days following this, Vorilhon-Rael (Rael as he had been named by the alien) allegedly "received commentaries on the most significant parts of the Bible" (Jacques Vallee, Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults p. 143).



George Bush has been elected again ! As was Adolph Hitler ... Once again, random democracy is rearing its ugly head... 70% of germans were openly anti semitic and Auschwitz was a democratically planed event...


The US killed 300,000 innocent japanese civilians at Hiroshima making it the worst terrorist attack of the history of humanity and the vast majority of americans still support it ... 100,000 Iraqis have been killed and the majority of americans support it. Guantanamo is a concentration camp with torture and abuses and the majority of americans support it... Israel is building a wall and colonising Palestinian land and the majority of americans support it... If tomorrow the arabic

nations decide to create a new oil embargo, America will invade Saoudi Arabia to get the oil and a vast majority of americans will support it... That's democracy at work... The creation of an imperialist power democratically supported. It feels good to vote for the Emperor when you are a citizen of the empire benefiting from the fruits of the looting taken by brute force... Only geniocracy can save the world.


The USA only represents 5% of the world population and yet it dominates the whole world and has military bases in 120 countries...


The only hope for the poor and weak victims of such an imperialist american power is the rise of a new superpower able to oppose US domination.


China may be the new hope for the 95% of the world which is not american and yet who is dominated by it. The recent signature by Iran of an agreement to provide oil to China for 10 years may be the most significant event of this counter power which the world desperately needs. But this new superpower is also a nuclear has to as

long as the USA is...and that¹s not very positive for the future of humanity ... And the USA cannot even envision asking China to get rid of its weapons of mass destruction as long as they have them themselves...That's why our Creators say that we have an 85% chance of self destruction...

Sounds alright, but be wary they want $200,000.00 paid by you to clone you.

Probably better to be an abductee and get it done for free!

Also remember Yahweh is quite an angry jealous god.

Be sceptical, they seem to like Playboy magazine and they've made Bill Gates an Honorary Guide.

They are obviously rich and well versed in marketing tactics.

They say happiness is our natural state - not sure about that.

They say fear stops your connection to the higher consciousness - not sure about that.

They say if you don't ask you don't get - not sure about that.

Always be sceptical of cults making financial demands - As Lisa Simpson says Trust in Yourself and You Can Achieve Anything

Three years since war began on

March 19th 2003

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