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And God replied:


The stars and the moon that shine in the sky


The mountains you see in the distance


The islands upon the sea


All of this exists to reveal my Mystery


Day unto day, night unto night


The whole world is full of My Glory


But you are My finest Work


Even the Archangels and Lords of Creation


Know not the Bliss I have hidden in your hearts


Learn to speak with your Voices of Wonder


Nature is the training ground


Where the paths of Spirit are found


The elements contain the notes with which My Voice Sings


In air is openness of heart as vast as the sky


In fire is will power--the same that drives the stars


In water--empathy and love that join as one with another


In earth is endurance and stability--


The backbone of time and Eternity


Build these four gates


Within your soul and within your heart


Then you shall speak with My Voice


See with My Eyes


Hear with My Ears


And Love with My Heart




Then your Songs shall recreate the universe anew


My Beauty is not separate from you


Come forth.  Hold nothing back.


Shine with the light of all the stars.

My Mum to me whilst in the hospital

How ignorant are you? she said, Very ignorant I grinned.

I said I've been to the National Gallery

She said well I can't go there

I said I've been there for you  and I've seen the objects in the sky above Jesus.

I said what are the things in the sky?

Angels., she replied.

    This Site is A


to O M D

O M, U M,

& M ary Daly

Universal Mind             1929-2004



UFOs exist - like it or not very few people now deny their existence.

For many years, especially the last fifty, thousands of people from all walks of life, culture and occupation have reported UFO sightings and experiences. UFOs have been picked up by radar, recorded on film and video and have been witnessed by reliable, professional people. In more recent years even astronauts and pilots have reported sightings and declared their knowledge of the existence of UFOs. However, most UFO sightings are experienced by "ordinary persons" - people who become unwitting witnesses to an event that could well change their outlook on life. Modern society has been almost "programmed" to regard such witnesses with derision but remember - if the same person witnessed a crime, his or her testimony would be acceptable in a court of law. In fact, according to most recent opinion polls, not only do the vast majority of people regard UFOs as a "fact", they also believe that they are of extra-terrestrial origin. There is, also, no doubt that various governments have lied for years about their covert interest in and knowledge about UFOs - often adding confusion to an already complex subject by the spreading of "mis-information".

With thanks to the Why Files.

Camden Town is a place where you can look anyway you want and no one will think anything of it, if you think of that in terms of aliens, you begin to see - it's not so strange that contact occurred here, it can happen anywhere. Xenophobia needs to be addressed when it comes to confronting the strange and I think we've all got a long way to go.  I lived here from 1995 - 2000.  These are photos of the time.  

 "A picture is worth a thousand words" says Kodak - but also they may need a thousand words to explain and can be misunderstood.

When I saw the Footage I went through a fear barrier and it changed me, many people live their whole lives and don't experience that, others feel the fear everyday.  We realise now, since the Millenium, how important it is to be in the now, the present which is always happening now.  For the right reasons hope it'll be ok.  

Grant next door gave me good advice, he said to take everything as a compliment.

I was afraid though, the paranoia of being observed or monitored is real.

It comes and goes in waves and whether it's God, the Secret Services Thought Police or aliens,  or the opposing force against God it's how you deal with it that counts.

It is you who decides how to perceive.

Is my Creator a God or a Man?


Neither, your Creator is the One


Who Gave You Life



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