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Bentwaters – Royal Air Force (RAF) and National Allied Treaty Organisation (NATO) airbase in Great Britain.  On August 12 – 13 1956 radar tracked objects moving at 2,500 miles per hour.  Air traffic controllers saw bright lights and a stationary aircraft was seen hovering. A Venom night-fighter tried to intercept until it ran out of fuel chasing the zigzaggging object, and a second Venom suffered instrument malfunction and was forced to land.  The ufo metaphorically stood around laughing for a while and then just disappeared.  Boxing Day 1980, December 26-7 another event at Bentwaters which became known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident.


Black Budget - something in the region of $100 million a day goes through Lockheed Martin and NASA, the budget is black which means it is unknown (hidden) and the projects they work on are classified non-existent in the 'white world' of publicly disclosed projects.  Rumours abound that either the Germans or the Americans (or Soviets or Chinese or just the very rich internationals) got access to super technology from another realm and have gone way out there without letting us know, hence the sudden development of computers (started off with velcro and went superballistic (wrong word cos gravity doesn’t matter to them anymore).)  Maybe it was Nikola Tesla, anyway it’s ultra science, lasers, electro magnetics, magneto hydro dynamics, particle physics, quantum mechanics, antimatter, antigravitics, electro conductive barriers of plasma to form an energy bubble to protect from shock waves and g-force, and AJAX plasma craft are suddenly flying over Sweden at twelve times the speed of sound, or over Russia at sixteen times the speed of sound.  As an earth pedestrian you’re not really going to know what’s in the air, atmosphere or space or who’s pointing what e-weaponry at you, hence the term “Need to Know Basis Only”.


 Black Helicopters  - seen at the site of cattle mutilations, and spotted snooping on abductees and following ufos.  These craft have no markings, often no lights and usually use a device to cancel out the sound waves emitted by the machinery with opposing sound waves which neutralise the noise, so that all you may notice is a strong draught. Used in urban warfare (as seen in the Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson movie Conspiracy Theory) secret spying and intelligence gathering missions,  and presumably transportation. 160th SOAR Division, a group of the “most skilled aviators and support soldiers in the U.S. Army, the 160th’s mission is to fly nighttime special operations assault raids deep into enemy territory…‘Night Stalkers’…SOAR division is most closely related to the appearance of black helicopters in the vicinity of downed UFOs or UFO retrievals.” (Birnes (2004) p. 239) [Perhaps like in the X-Files episode where soldiers pretend to be alien greys (the alien autopsy episode) the helicopters are planting the evidence?]


Blackout – When the electricity suddenly quits on you, there may be a ufological explanation, see Day the Earth Stood Still, and Tamaroa.  It is probably a warning to prepare for a time when fossil fuels run out and alternative methods like wind, wave and solar power are needed.  It may also be a comment on the godlike powers of electricity which power the human biological processes of thought and sensation by neurone and nerve synapses; “electrical fields are translated into DC-current interactions between the meridian and glial-cell network.  The meridian network interfaces with the axiatonal grid system, an etheric-energetic structure which focuses higher frequency energies into the physical body.  One entry point for these higher energies thus occurs at the acupoint-meridian network via its connection to the etheric-axiational grid.  The grid provides an access route for the organizing life-energies which provide and maintain coherence within the physical-cellular structure.  These subtle magnetic currents create measureable changes in the physical-cellular matrix, in part through the induction of secondary electrical fields.  These electrical fields go on to affect primary bioelectronic processes which occur at the cellular level.” (Gerber (1988) p. 196) “The human body is made up of electronic vibrations, with each atom and element of the body, each organ and organism, having its electronic unit of vibration necessary for the sustenance of, and equilibrium in, that particular organism.” (Edgar Cayce (1928) from There is a River by Thomas Sugrue, quoted in Vibrational Medicine (1988) by Richard Gerber, M.D).  Also the atmosphere which keeps our planet alive is made of water and electricity in constant flow around the ionosphere: “there is a powerful electrical connection between the ionosphere and the part of the atmosphere where our weather comes onstage, the lower atmosphere.  Furthermore, scientific theories describe how the electrical energetic levels of the atmosphere are connected to cloud processes…Humanity lives within the cosmically stimulated bubble of the magnetosphere…upon the twirling spherical generator that is the earth.” (Manning & Begich  (2001)  p. 72).  From the days of the Greek God Thor and his mighty thunderbolts to Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, electricity has had the power of life and death, it is important not to take it for granted, especially now as all our data and most of our life support systems of food delivery, industry and domestic servicing is so reliant upon it. “Los Angeles on February 25th 1942…a number of undidentified craft flew over the city [at night] and seemingly caused a blackout.  At least a million residents awoke to air raid sirens at 2:25 am and US Army personnel fired 1,430 rounds of antiaircraft shelss to bring down what they assumed were Japanese planes.  But these were not Japanese planes.  George Marshall wrote a memorandum to President Roosevelt about the incident, which remained classified until 1974.  Marshall concluded that conventional aircraft were involved, probably “commercial sources, operated by enemy agents for purposes of spreading alarm, disclosing locations of antiaircraft positions, and slowing production through blackout.”  Despite the barrage of American antiaircraft fire, none of these “commercial” planes were brought down, although several homes and buildings were destroyed, and six civilian deaths were attributed to the barrage.  Considering the carnage, the military’s explanation was meager.  US Navy Secretary Knox even denied that any aircraft had been over the city; he called the incident a false alarm due to war nerves…The Long Beach Independent noted that: “…it appears some form of censorship is trying to halt discussion of the matter.”  It is noteworthy that for thirty years, until the release of the Marshall memorandum, the Department of Defense claimed to have no record of the event.  Five years before Roswell, the military was already learning to clamp down on UFOs.” (Dolan (2002) p. 5)  “On July 22, 1958, a major blackout occurred in Salta, Argentina, while a large UFO was observed.” (Dolan (2002) p. 216)   “On September 23, in the Mexican city of Cuernavaca, a major blackout coincided with the appearance of a glowing, disc-shaped UFO hovering low over the city.  Witnesses included the governor, Emilie Riva Palacie, the city’s mayor, and a military zone chief.” (Dolan (2002) p. 290 also see pages 292-293 and 355).  We had one in the UK in 2003, but the official explanation given nearly a year later, was human error and a chain of coincidences leading to overload.  It causes too much fear to contemplate a lack of control of something as basic to our survival as electricity.


Black Vault – Begun in 1996 by a boy of fifteen, John Greenewald successfully filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA created 1966, amended 1974, 1978) requests and has now well over eighty thousand pages of previously classified data from the US gov.  It takes twelve net servers to hold it and has more than four thousand hits a day.  The files are also available on CD.


Blanchard – the man who retracted the ‘Roswell Captures Flying Saucer’ press release and issued the Weather Balloon crashes cover-up story instead, under orders of General Roger Ramey, Eight Air Force commandant. William Blanchard was the Commanding Officer of the 509 Bomber Squadron in 1947, New Mexico,  the only division in the world to have atomic capability and the army who had  bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  


Blavatsky – Madame Helene Petrova.  She toured around Europe picking up esoteric knowledge and then founded the Theosophical Society in New York. “Blavatsky saw thinkers and writers such as herself as the recipients of thought transference in channeling inspiration from “more evolved spirits” both embodied and disembodied.  She saw this as a matter of two sympathetically related minds being “tuned to respond magnetically and electrically”.  Although she wrote of human masters and beings on other levels of reality, she claimed that her guides, responsible for the essential content of her published work, were incarnate spirits…as much at home on nonphysical as physical levels of reality.” (Klimo (1987) p. 105). She wrote Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine, both in 1888. She said (April 1931) that in the Solar system there are 7 Prakrti layers.  In the 1st Prakrti which is the visible universe realm, there are seven levels: Objective (blue); Astral (violet); Kosmic Pranic (psychic, Orange); Kosmic Manasic (Kama, red); Manasic (green moving up to indigo); Buddhic (yellow) and Aetheric/Auric Envelope (black and white). This links the cosmos (universe) to the chakras of the human (personal energy systems) so that the interconnection can be seen between the macrocosm and the microcosm. (Spierenburg (1995) p. 104).


Bluebird – Somewhat other than the bluebird of happiness. This mind control programe is probably of ufological importance as it was begun in 1947.  It was a collection of techniques developed to cause amnesiac subpersonalities in unwittting humans who would then not remember their programming.  A keyword would be used to awaken the sleeping identity which would be under the control of the programmers, this unknown identity or subpersonality would then be able to commit crimes or missions without motive or morality.  Then the subpersonality would be switched off again and no trace left in the conscious mind of the individual used by the mind control programmers. A simpler way of putting that is the catchphrase Manchurian Candidate.  Case histories of: Linda MacDonald; Mary Ray; Palle Hardrup; Patty Hearst; Candy Jones – all people used in this programme are given in the book on the subject by Colin Ross MD – Bluebird (2000). What if contactees were such manipulated people?  Makes you wonder.


Blue Book – began as Project Twinkle in 1952, became a bit of a Grudge and was closed down as Project Blue Book in 1969.  What was it?  The United States Air Force (USAF) Official Investigation into ufos.  Began with Captain Edward Ruppelt, Intelligence Officer at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (Dayton Ohio) where the Roswell crash remains had been shipped to in 1947 and probably spawned any number of other projects classified and hopefully becoming accessible under the Freedom of Information Act.  Remember that much of this becomes propaganda and disinformation used to ‘spin’ leaders out of responsibility.  But you may want to research into the Blue Room and Project Blue Paper.  Project Blue Book was apparently a whitewash to make the public resign interest, but did encourage Dr Hynek (who’d been up to his neck in it since 1948 with Project Sign to bring out a classification System: Nocturnal Light; Daylight Disk; Radar Visuals; Close Encounters of the First Kind (within 500 ft); CEII (tangible traces); CEIII (ocupants of ufos observed); CEIV (alien abduction, where the human is taken and hopefully returned again, often to another location, hopefully to the same place, having been examined and maybe operated on); CEV (communication between the human and the Other).  It was the Condon Report that closed down Blue Book and Hynek went on to found the Centre for UFO Studies (CUFOS).  Check out ‘invisible college’.


Brazel – William, or Mac to his friends, credited with finding and giving the Roswell Crashed remains to the USAF (remember though, it’s not all military, there is spiritual enlightenment involved to, hopefully) anyway he was threatened to shut up about it by them, and they bought him a new pick up truck.   He and his son Will Junior said the material found was like foil but light as air and unwreckable and there were I-Beams (an architectural structure) with purple or irridescent symbology like hieroglyphics along the side. He actually took it to the Sheriff as advised by Mrs Proctor, his neighbour, to claim a reward for finding a Flying Saucer, and it was George Wilcox, Sheriff of Chaves County who was the one to contact the airbase.  The army cordoned off the area and imprisoned him for a week (See the movie on the subject with Kyle McCloughlin + Martin Sheen, ‘Roswell’).


Brazilian – January 6, 1958 daylight disks seen over South Atlantic Ocean near Trinidade, by the crew and civilians on the Almirante Saldanha, and also by her Captain Carlos Alberto Bacellar.  Almiro Barauna photographed the event and on February 21 the Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek declared them authentic after they had been analyzed by the Brazilian Navy.  A rare event.


Brown – Courtney.  Associate Professor of Political Science at Emory University.  Author of Cosmic Voyage (1996) which deals with the US military psychic warfare program and information on ETs gathered by remote viewing.  “We are composite beings.  Our physical forms are inhabited by subspace life-forms.  Physical life-forms are temporary creatures, in the sense that they eventually die.  The subspace aspects of these life-forms persist, apparently forever.  Our human “souls” are simply our subspace selves that existed before we became physical, and will continue to live after our physical bodies decay and slough off.  Advanced sentient races understand all of this, and they actively communicate across the physical-subspace divide, often using technology to bridge the gap between the physical and subspace realms…using…nervous systems.” (Brown (1996) p. 363-4).

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