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Anyone seeing strange humanoids, UFOs or aliens will, by most Doctors, be judged to have an hallucinatory psychosis, even if only hearing voices.

Channelling and concrete evidential visual proof does not necessarily guard against this diagnosis.

This website seeks to challenge this dark taboo, hence the name.   RosUNwell.Co.UK

Social Stigma "All serious UFO researchers know that a very large proportion, a figure of 70 - 80 per cent is probably reasonable, of those making claims not only seek no publicity but make it apparent that their case and name should not reach public knowledge or even be anonymously quoted in books [think how many cases we don't know about then!].  It is quite apparent from talking to these people [witnesses/experiencers] that their sole aim in discussing these events is to try to find some meaning to them and to take comfort from the fact that. They may lose their job or find that peer pressure makes it impossible for them to continue their work.  There are several cases where people have been vilified by their local community, accused of religious fanatacism, been the subject of arson attacks and of general character assassination. [me, I have, the experience can have the affect of putting you outside of society].  For some people it appears that the more frightening content of UFO reports is best dealt with by ridicule and the alarming subject is thus dismissed.  A very few people have made some financial gain from their UFO reporting and there are clearly some who enjoy the publicity and attention that it brings; for the majority, even the smallest amount of publicity and attention is unwelcome.  Critics of those reporting abductions shoud bear in mind that these people are undergoing a trauma not dissimilar to rape where victim support is necessary (the Americans call this the "buddy system") where kindness and understanding are often essential, and where one of the major duties of the UFO researcher is to provide or obtain some form of therapy to obviate the witness's fears.  It is the simplistic view of UFOs and abductions which results in many witnesses remaining "in the closet"; a full exposure of all abduction material on UFO researchers' files would undoubtedly cause this view to be reconsidered, if people had valid information instead of only silly season stories from the tabloid newspapers, [the stigma wouldn't be so crippling]." (John Spencer  - UFOs THE DEFINITIVE CASEBOOK p. 362-363)


First of all, it's not unidentified flying objects, it is undidentified flying craft, especially those silver balls seen maneouvering in front of and around helicopters over Mexico City in 1996.  The reason why they are important is because if we could get anti-gravity machinery then we could get rid of petrol dependant engines and go free energy, clean and hopefully limitless - if it is magnetic from the Earth's gravity fields.  There are many examples in the ufological encyclopedia - or ufologicus encyclopedicus RosUnwell, of craft which hold occupant drivers, picking lavender in France seen by Maurice Masse, or abducting fishermen in Pascagoula.  We don't know if it is extraterrestrials or fearie folk, so the craft, as in witch craft, connotation is a good one.


What got me into this subject was very specifically the Alien Autopsy Footage, though I had had strange events and traumas before that, but hadn't known it was within the field of ufology.  So when I saw the Secret History documentary on August 28th 1995 it scared me deeply and I began reading about ufos, and hearing voices.  In the Recent Events page I quote Ray Santilli as saying that some of the Footage is genuine, he does not say it is all hoaxed. He is still dealing in hoaxes, having helped produce Alien sign by Colin Andrews in 2002. In Eammon Holmes Investigates (2006), Santilli waves vaguelly at a flat in Camden, saying that's where he made it, and I too lived in Camden.  In the Ant and Dec movie the brain is solid and hard, whereas in the original, the brain is a complex, jelly like object which comes out of a dura membrane.  What John Humphreys has described as raspberry jelly and sheep's brains, but he doesn't have images of the Alien on his website, even though he says he made it.  It is very intriguing but most people didn't see that - as it wasn't included in the Channel Four Secret History documentary, and later investigations used pathetic mock up dummies, as Santilli prevented them from using his Roswell Footage.  


I came to consciousness after watching that programme standing in the corner of the room with a grey spinning thing dissolving above me.  Personally, I was so scared I  was retching for six months after that and had a very vivid dream of a gold submersible craft in the canal. At the time I lived on Camden High Street opposite the Oxford Arms and the Elephant's Head, but I didn't drink alcohol.  My friend saw a black column person in my flat, and I saw a white fluffy cat which disappeared in front of my eyes.  I heard voices but psychically telepathicallly replied that I wasn't ready yet.  That was 1995, and it wasn't til 2004 that I began my website.  I had a lot of contact with someone on my computer and on internet cafe computers, a voice which I heard on my brand new computer which was not connected to the internet and had only just been switched on for the first time.  I found I had a 'remote interactive logon' but never found out who or what agency it was, though I know the NSA investigate ufologists, and had intangible proof that the NSA were on my mobile phones, many of which I threw into the Thames.


In 2005 there were lights that looked like stars but which were lined up very symmetrically, one in front of my house, one behind and three above in a line, one of these flashed an electronic bright white light at me as I walked out.  Back in the '90s, in 1998 I camped up at West Kennet Long Barrow with a friend for a few days in May, and we saw a red light that moved along horizontally and then came down to ground level and from it came a squeaky wheel bird-like sound which went around the Barrow in a perfect circle, though there was nothing to see of what was making the sound.  We then went into the Barrow and there was a warm column of air below the skylight, though this was late in the evening at about 8pm.  I stood in this column which isn't there on the hot Summer days when I have been back to the Barrow recently.  I channelled something, something spoke through me, but whatever it was wasn't recorded by my friend who was quite scared.  Then I got the message that we should leave, immediately.  So we went back to our tent which was close by and it found it was exactly midnight.  So that suggests some missing time.  


I have been terrified frequently - in 1995 I thought something was going to come through the kitchen and in 2002, in a brand new flat, I was bothered by a poltergeist and visions.  But the voices never said anything useful, as they do when it comes to mediums and professional psychics.  They were always male voices, sometimes singing chorally.  The Alien Autopsy  was female though, you can see that in her hip shape, and I initially worried that it was a snuff movie, though she was called a 'little green man' by the newspapers which you can see at my newspaper archive site.  Santilli in 2006 said that they had cut the body up and put it in bin liners and distributed it around London, another example where there is no proof left to say it is either a hoax or not.  The first person to say they made the dummy, which in 1995 the Hollywood special effects artists said "If we knew who had made this we would employ them and they would earn thousands", was John Humphreys but he does not have the Alien on his website.  Then in 2006 Spyros Melaris said he'd made it, and that he would bring out a book to prove it, but there was no book and no proof again.  If you look him up on the interet you will see he was kicked out of the Magic Circle for malpractice.


So do not be so quick to write off the macabre Alien Autopsy as it is still not proven to be entirely a hoax, although the blood trails where the scalpel cuts are obvious in the bits they have admitted to hoaxing.  The Turin Shroud in 2004 was proved to be real, despite years of ridicule and discredit. See the video Shroud of Christ by Channel Four.  Because humans are  armed with nuclear weaponry and are a genocidal, vicious and nasty race, aliens cannot approach us directly, they have to come through telepathy, dreamlike vision and symbolisitic channels.  Giving just enough proof to support those who believe, and not enough to convince those who do not.  We have free will.  If we have a soul which continues after death, then perhaps in 2012 we will enter into spirit on masse as disincarnated souls.  It is important to realise that in other countries, the apocalypse has already occured by earthquake, volcano, tsunami, war, disease or famine.  We have been very lucky in England, and perhaps it is right for people near to sacred ancient sites like Avebury and Stonehenge, to make crop circles which the aerial travellers can see clearly, in case the Sky Gods are nearer than we think, even if they are only ETs passing through.  How do we know how they travel, it might take them seconds to cross vaste swathes of space!  We do not know the Universe, it is huge, we do not even know the Earth, if you read LLoyd Pye's "Everything you Know is Wrong", you  might, like me, be convinced that Yeti's and Sasquatch exist.  Species we don't know about are becoming extinct all the time as we destroy the Rainforests.  So keep an open mind, read the encyclopedia which is growing all the time and keep watching the skies, and praying - because what is prayer but telepathy, expecting God to read your mind, and who is God but a being that came down from the skies.  RosUnwell.Co.UK / Roswell.Org.UK

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