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This is a gross pic isn't it.It's from the Truly Dangerous company, with no reference and no explanation, and no response to my enquiry.  Discussion forum below.

One enigmatic, sickening and frightening black and white film of an autopsy - whether alien, human or special effects - is quite enough.But then to prove that it is possible to recreate it (which it isn't because it's a unique artifact and so trying to copy it after the fact is pointless - and apparently can't be done) the 'boys' have made other versions.This confuses people because they see one version and think they've seen the Santilli version, and it gets included in programmes on the Santilli Footage and is screened instead of the original.As Phil Mantle says: Your opinion really doesn't matter at all.Well actually Philip, I think it does.

Above is a film still fromRoswell The Moviewith Kyle MacLachlan.Below is an unknown,but it has a zipper, andmay be from the JapaneseUFO Museum.

Truly Dangerous Company“its not real, there really convincing evidence and thoughts on why its not real. the autopsy was VERY amature and not how 1 would go about doing the autopsy. They were not doing the autospy how it should be done, they didnt even hold the scissor things correctly lolit looks like a stuffed toy of E.T.”Tab’s reply ------------------------- If you were in the fifties or late forties, and had come out of the second world war, and were hyped up on the power of being in a base where nuclear power was yours to command, and suddenly some freaks with super dooper tech arrived, would you be a little bit phazed by it?  Yes.  And if they were strange and smelly with no hair, and not very pretty and quite shocking and they got into your head and were telepathic and spooky, then would  you hold your scissors correctly?  Would you be a bit jumpy and disorganised and panicky or what?Or would you cut them up fast in a panicky attempt to stop the telepathy, hastened by fear of biohazards.

And the original unknown, Santilli's 1995video of footage from a military sourceunverified but also not proved false.


Point one:The scalpel chest cuts initially look like a paintbrush.  The mark left is broad and wide, but this may have been iodine.Point two:The black and white hides the fact that her teeth may have been removed as black and red look the same in monochrome.  It did look like black lipstick on a normal closed mouth, and it could have been digitally altered to make the mouth seem open (which only is seen from the side in one shot, revealing a gap).Point three:The reaction from people has been that Santilli's Alien Autopsy 1995 is a dummy.  Why?  Because that theory is the most comfortable, and they can go on being macho and playing shoot em up aggressive games against major monsters like Predator.

Even bloody worsecoming out of Canada,seen on the appropriately namedouttahere site

If it is just sick men being prats, then I would like to be the first to drop the nuclear bomb on 'em (the men that is not the aliens, which I believe in even if you don't, and will begin a career in 'dismembering men' movies, or something equally twisted and revolting, or become a buddhist or just vomit alot.

Illustrations by Don Schmittfrom the book co authoredwith Kevin Randle: The TruthAbout the UFO Crash at Roswell1994.  These pictures weredrawn in response to first-handtestimony.  They looked almosthuman, with fine, serenefeatures and were dressedin a silvery grey cloth, reputedlyfastening with velcro.

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