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Friday 13th Jan '06

20.30 pm

Watching 'UFO Down

to Earth' (again)

found in my left ear this

object seen below, at

several times it's

original size.

Actual size: I      I

from the first upright

the distance to the

second upright


Due to anxiety about mobile phone tracing, I did not take a camera phone to Wilts.  But on August 26th 2005, fourteen days later, I was in Fleet Street at approx 7am, and captured this strange hole in the clouds  travelling to St Paul's, into the rising Sun.

Whilst watching UFO Down to Earth on 13th Jan at 20.30pm an apparent implant was found in the left canel of my ear.  A dark twisted fibre, dry, just suddenly  there.

As we know from stage hypnotists, people collude and get caught up in the hysterical reaction which is acceptable at the time.  I think this is why Budd Hopkins (an artist) has been able to produce a large amount of witnesses who, prompted by Whitley Strieber's Communion book have been describing horrible sexual/medical examinations.  There is something going on, but it is far more likely to be militaristic abuse than it is to be aliens.

I will now give you my contemporary theory on this crop circle 'phenomena'.

It is being done to (a): attract commercial tourists to an otherwise barren area. (b): to get ladies for bored troops, and (c): to get slaves to do menial tasks by mind control.


NASA goes on about terraforming Mars, but they cannot even make the Nevada desert a verdant place to be.


Under the grassy fields of Wiltshire are American bases.

"It's like trying to find a cure for hayfever in a hayfever factory" said 'Mr Invisible'  the self professed masonic spy.

I had been in much 'mental angst' due to a need to contact a Wiltshire man, who due to gender, would not communicate. Someone astrally was saying his name over and over again and telling me to phone him, for years.  

This was a 'ufologist' who had equated flying unknown sky craft with getting 'groovy and hunky dory' in a lecture hosted by Roy Lake lurking in the ladies toilets and Nick Pope trying to give it an air of authority by linking it to the government.

If humans cannot understand each other between genders, then how can we hope to ever speak with 'aliens'?

If it's not aliens it is covert spies hiding behind holographic projectors and hidden devices.

"We've got the tech and you haven't", they said through my computer without consent to be there.

If men hate women, and if men have the tech to abuse you invisibly then there is obviously a problem.  Women are excluded for being too ugly, whilst really ugly men use nasty tech.  

There had been alot of bizarre contact, growing in intensity.

 I first felt a presence and then saw shadows, and later images were projected into my room, presumably holographic projectors from aerial devices or hidden projectors.  Was it a set up?  If there are no aliens, only aetheric men, then what does that mean?  


What if the 'aliens' were sophisticated human spies?

What if they were inappropriately overtly or covertly sexual or criminal?  What if they were inappropriate by age, relation or understanding or predatory or abusive?  How would you defend yourself?  It is a field of study designed to be laughable, embarrassing and to drive you insane.

If you exclude women from this technical expertise (and they have) for being born women, then you are missing out, and limiting your life and your human experience and possibly misrepresenting the opposite gender as alien.


What if the electronic radar or satellite devices they use now to make these circles in the crops are used by sick sad old men?  Not fairies but old astral gits.  The Magic Circle is all men. The masons are mostly men, the police, the lawyers, the jailers, the army and the sailors.  Men-only environments use women to bribe and celebrate deals.  Women driven mad by such secret and unreasonable pacts have always been silenced by the likes of Freud who covered up the conspiracy of fathers against their daughters and wives, by word play and hypocrisy, the bribe and the lie, corrupt underhand deals which ensured her dependance on their dirty dealings in return for her silence. Imagine the elegant balls and coming out parties where only one word spoken at the wrong time to the wrong person could ruin a girl's chances for life, and turn a good man mad. Court entertainment by the Jester, the cosmic joker, the 'devil in the detail'.


Why is it that the woman being abused is hauled off to prison for being a prostitute whilst the men who placed her in the position do not face criminal proceedings?


It seems to be the use of targeted sonics, using various wave cancellation and amplification devices and sophisticated light projectors.  


It would of course be much nicer if this was 'fairies', but I blow the whistle on this now because people are peddling a 'zero point energy' scheme (which seems to be basically the perpetual motion of being shagged by an 'invisible man' - Battle in Heaven, see the movie (I haven't) which means there is no friction so it does not stop).


I am guessing that Mexico (where this controversial film originates) has been used by America for mind control and sex abuse under the guise of the return of aliens at the Sixth Sun, using remote controlled aerial devices, projections and 'air weapons'.  The silver balls passing in front of the helicopters and the surreptious floating boat shapes called 'cigars'.  


As well as the esoteric occult knowledge of 'astral travelling', using your consciousness to journey out of body, there seems to be a technology which makes this easier and less mythical, possibly a unifield field theory body suit.


The underground watchers who work for the Council told me that 200 cameras had now been replaced with 56 over the Autumn- Christmas of 2005 - with superior 'pan tilt and zoom' facilities.  Remote viewing is only the feeding in to the mind of the subject by inaudible secret sounds (subliminal 'sheep dog whistles' too high for the human to register) of what the technological eye sees by video from satellite or camera. The flash of an image, the projection of nasty dreams.


'Living the Field' has one example of a panel of six old men, some of which are known for mind control.  Why is it that conference organisers, even a young attractive female, so often present old men exclusively?  

Because at the top and back of mind controlled victims there might be an old sex pest, and loads of bored soldiers who sit around writing out scripts and plans for your abuse.  


Think of the magician who is able to practice torturing women all year, aslong as just once in front of an audience he is able to 'cut her in half' and she survives.  How many women have died in secret, beguiled into being submissive to that 'trick'?

The trade in human remains for necrophilia is as old as grave robbing, and the disposal of dead prostitutes has ever been a scandal, covered up in one hideous criminal which no one wants to hear of and who is rumoured to have been royal only as a further measure to ensure the silence of the 'miss'informed.  (Jack the Ripper).


One gory horrendous nightmare to cover up the loss of so many women. And here we find concerns regarding the burial chambers and Barrows, put there in 'ancient' times - so they must be 'alright'.  How many people have been murdered at Stone Henge for example?  A place only visited once a year at Summer Solstice by the majority, and four times if a 'Druid'.  Tess of the D'Urbevilles a stunningly beautiful socially disadvantaged but clever woman who was driven out of society by heartless men and left with no place to escape to but the barren rocks in the desert of the rural landscape, where she is sacrificed on the cold stone.  Tess, so badly treated by men who should have loved her but only raped her, cannot be the only one.  There is also the illegitimate children whose existance shames the village and who have been tortured and eaten by these sick secretive ill men.  In secluded batchelor houses, and dark scary places hune into the landscape in times past like smugglers caves.  The dark side of the religions which worship the slayer father, the wrathful vengeance of an angry male god who punishes and 'mows what he reaps' blaming the victim for 'sowing what they reap'.


Androcentricity  by it's design encourages male bonding, secrecy and the filtration of knowledge which keeps women out of power and men in power for longer than they should be.  Religion, Government, the Trades and apprentices, the enforcing of orders and the legitimising of scriers who make sure the men get written into history through story telling in the pub rather than the sober recording of what the honest women have achieved.  


Unfortunately this has the effect of making you a very dedicated self-policing soldier to them, emotionally cold and psychologically harmful, don't put the men before the women and sacrifice the children to the increasingly bewildering goal.  


These secret sects of men in sport, law and ruling - It is where we get the notion of Satanic Abuse (porn rings) from.  Using the transmitters and receivers they seem to be present, due to the effect on your brain, and yet you cannot see them.  It is where the 'hearing voices' situation comes from - a type of voodoo.  A nicer presentation of this is seen in the Tainted Love video by Soft Cell where a man is bothered by two star people in his bed and has to evacuate the premises.  Manipulation with no tangible proof,  the little people and the unnknowable others, and then you get the witch crazes to burn the evidence and rid the heritage of wise women who knew better ways.


Like the film Event Horizon, the tech is there and how you interpret it is up to your unconscious mind.


People have been told to 'push this person under the train' by voices they cannot see the owner of, they interpret it as a message from God and so do as they are asked to do.  Hence becoming a covert spy assassin who takes the blame for something which really wasn't their fault and then waste the rest of their lives in mental institutions where the torturers enjoy teasing them (and what happens in prisons?).


It's a human rights issue.


I am not saying that real Angels don't exist, but I am saying that projected imagery, whether it be indoors at home or outside in the sky, or anywhere - the Church, your bedroom - and targetted sounds which only you can hear and which know things about you and give you orders to do things, are probably man-made, steming from very cruel and selfish people who have no concern or regard for the pain you go through, and who hide to prevent detection.


I have had enough clues to suggest this but not enough proof to convict. Reading a 'Treatise on White Magic' which is a Masonic text book, I find that the ultimate aim of this company of men (a private company) is to 'progress' you out of your body (having released your money from you by selling the knowledge as a product) basically killing you and sending your soul on missions of their bidding - what they call 'Chelas'.


You may say that it is 'God's work' but God is very clear that your time is alotted on this Earth and is not for other humans to terminate prematurely, or to steal the direction or purpose thereof.  Of course the whole religion thing in every part of the globe is male dominated and spoken of in secret gatherings away from the women, a typical way for the men to plan surprises or supressions which make them feel sexy, bring them concrete rewards and organise their idle time - while the women cook, look after the children and prepare the home by housework - a trap which keeps them in their own but beaten and compromised circles - away from the lawmakers and history recorders.


Esoteric or hidden knowledge is usually so because it is too rude or dangerously shocking - artists often feel the 'zeitgeist of an era' and reflect this, hence contemporary 'conceptual art' which is a meaning and not a product.  Hence the 'landscape art' of crop circles which shows the trap and the sexual planning like a strategic military strike map - the battle of the sexes, the loss of humanity in the lie of the mystique.  The way that rural dwelling has become a locked out desert of ownership, polluted by toxins and boredom, rather than the idyllic zone of contentment that we are led to believe.  Farmers kill themselves alot, followed by doctors in terms of professional chances, nature is turning against us.


While we concrete over the land which nurtures us, we are left like rats on a sinking ship, trapped in boxes above the sewers beneath us, hiding the hidden cities of spies and rejected mutants.  Our balance with nature has gone and our time is spent underemployed, underjoyed in isolation and servitutude to the tech masters which we do not understand, and which chain us to unnatural rhythms and unsustaining demands, costing us dear in emissions and energy.


Only the technophages and cyberpagans have the time to dream, and are frightened by the horror of overpopulation which causes entire continents to starve and die whilst we diet to try and attract men who hate us.  Men who feed their faces to puff out their suits and work well into retirement age just to have one-up-manship in wealth and influence.


Turning us into aetheric beings will only clear the way for an insectoidal irradiated burning hot planet, but the thousands who commit suicide after being rejected from the army, system, order or sect, were not told that, before they died of their own shame or because of yours.


If there are aetherics out there, then that's ok, but do not aim for it as an end point in your evolution!

And realise that 'no' means 'no'.

For when your soul travels out of your body and you yearn for what you can't have they cut you off without a word.


Having said this, I wonder if I am being overly cynical, or whether real experiences have been covered over by viscious men.  There is a cyncial side and a gullible side, the dark side and the light side.  The frightening and the jovial, the threat and the gift.


What I experienced was very odd and very inexplicable to me, but being logical, I offer these thoughts as an explanation of the reality it may be.  Just cos you think they are out to get you doesn't mean they are not!


What is praying but telepathy?  Aliens may be telepathic but being alien simply means being unknown, and mind control is a way of reading and transmitting thoughts.

Priests are an institution which are mainly men, as are the Police, Air Force and Army - so who will you report it to?  Will you sit beneath the spire of the tower of the Church and think your thoughts to it once a week on Sunday, and for all the respect the priest receives for his  half hour surmon - what does he do in  his dress all week long?  This empty building so scary and deserving of your 'respect' - what does the radio emitting tower do all the rest of the time?  Does it transmit nightmares to children to keep them in line?  Does this explain the secrecy of it?  


And 'the Greys' maybe refering to bio-engineered soldier type mutants who belong to old grey haired men!  Or who are designed to fetishize the idea of 'alien' for sexual purposes, being small, weak and 'listless'.  As in the Second Alien movie where Ripley has been cloned in medical malpractice and with hurtful results.


Of course I hope not, but the rise of crop circle production in the last two decades suggests it is the technological accelleration rather than the 'spiritual' one which is in effect. And that there is a large underground powerful group where spiritual effects can be produced by tech.  You only have to look at satellite and Star Wars placement to see that we are under permanent surveillance wherever we go, and that we are dependant on this tech.


Two blades of grass appeared in my house, from out of thin air.  (Whether they were pushed through the ceiling or not - I don't think that happened, I'm sure it didn't, though  that is a logical conclusion)  The significance was poignant.


So I asked for an ear of corn, and went that day to Wiltshire, because the 'astral' was saying the name of the only person in England to have been arrested for making a crop circle.  It happened to be the day that NASA returned to Mars.

I arrived and saw a transparent pyramid to my right with Silbury Hill to the left.  The sun passed a cloud and the Hill turned from green to black as it does.


Two ears of corn, one at the beginning and one at the half way stage.  Two pairs of poppies in the cornfield.  And a presence with me.  I sat and watched the sky where a four image scene was depicted.  The head of Andrew Collins talking to a large Grey.  Above that, my face taken from the computer screen which has been alive with presences, in a side profile, and a large torso of a headless man.  'We need you' said the sky.  I bet you don't, thought I.


Mr Williams was not in, he was some place far away, not nearby.  I assumed it was powerful men, using sky painting equipment suggesting that I was of no use but as a thrill, but I saw no trace of this, assuming the noise nextdoor which began some hours later to be a lawnmower. It seems they can project from the atmosphere above as it happened before this from something in the sky, see the later poem on invisibles in blue.


My visit had been impromptu. An initiation into nothing as the plan had been to rob me there and then and leave me alone miles from anywhere.

However the 'man of grass' means something else in the Bible as I found out later by chance at Halloween.

Stunned but also dissappointed, by this imagery, I waited and the intrusive incubus attacked whilst the 'stars' clustered above.


It stayed with me, as it has been with me since May 2003.  This was on August 12th 2005.  It stayed with me, whilst the police searched and spied on me, enraged me all through the police cell and two hospitals.  There were visions and there was static.  In the ambulance on the way home there were three fairies on the black screen of the window blind, only one was recognisably a fairy, it was black and white with egg shaped eyes, the others were in colour, like robots marching.  They were moving, and flying but on the blind as if on a screen.  The ambulance was on the motorway.  I assumed someone had done that to amuse and calm me.


I wonder now if that was unique or whether other people have been through similar weirdness.

In November I was stalked by a Matthew  Williams lookalike, or the real deal, who pestered my neighbours and never actually rang the bell or phoned.  He kept his distance and his silence from my rational and yet misguided enquiries.

All the time the astralist was still bothering me, as it had done for years, and the voice telling me it was him and to ring.  It was not his accent though. The phone calls were not wanted.  From a man who seeks to attract the paranormal, the response was zero, just swearing and threats.


Later I met a man who looked just like him, and said he was a lighting engineer for the theatre.  A plant to throw me off the scent, or one last sad mismatch before loss? Ten minutes is all it took to throw a spanner in the works.


The moving image may have been projected, though the culprit would have had to be following the ambulance or had the ambulance rigged up for it.  There was no evidence to suggest this, but video projectors are so small nowadays. Living under such a sky as that would be difficult day by day, perhaps he was being tortured by Murdoch?


The image of MW appeared in my house four times.  It was three dimensional and very real, with colour and movement.  Illuminati?  Can't say that he seems intelligent enough for that though, though contact can often result in what seems like paralysis or stunning, and men do act. If aliens are real they used his image.  If it is sick sad old men, then they used a lookalike.


I saw stars that moved, and heard speaking as if by telepathy.  I thought I was getting close to something after ten years of work.


So have these years of mental anguish and abuse been to show me how they are men using tech to invade and pester you at home?

Or was it real aliens immitating a human.  I have no idea.  Why do I have no idea?  Because men do not answer questions.  They lie and they are selfish with selfish reasoning, resulting in long term black budget projects.  It makes for a secrecy, possibly involving horrendous crimes which they do not want to admit to, seeking instead to drive one mad instead of claiming it.


This entire ufo field is so full of 'secrecy' and lies that it is a diversion and as many students have commented, like Jodie Foster in 'Contact' by Carl Sagan - 'occam's razor' is the quickest and simplest answer.


Here are his comments on making crop circles (no explanation of how) from the website, under mass media funk:

November 7, 2000. Crop circle prankster Matthew Williams, a 29-year old pagan, was fined £100 and ordered to pay £40 costs for damaging a corn crop which he decorated with a seven-point star. He said he did it "to prove wrong an academic who said only aliens could make such elaborate designs."


Williams accused "academics" of trying to cash in on people's gullibility by claiming that aliens are making the circles. However, Williams is cashing in on the craze himself. "Williams set up his own magazine, Truthseekers Review, devoted to crop circles and has now opened a sister website. He has also appeared on television to talk about the subject and is suspected of being responsible for the creation of several circles."  


"The general public are being conned," said Williams. "The majority of crop circles are man-made, although I do believe some are the work of the paranormal." Right.

[thanks to J. Gravelle]


So far I have received no email and no phone calls relating to my website.  And for most of the time, I have been scared out of my mind and it seems to have been men not aliens, very possibly the police who are bored in rural areas, or local men who are skilled in the arts of charlatanism: like the showman Andrew Collins who has recently been connecting the paranormal apports which litter his life with huge sums of money in dubious auctions; Collin Andrews who has worked with MW in the cerealologist field (please note MW can also mean microwave, medium wave radio, microsoft windows or murderous weirdness; Chris French and Nick Pope who seem to like the ladies and my personal favourite conspiracy theory - Tony Blair and his 'Foundation Hospitals' which seem to have begun in May 2003.


Anyway to be specific about Crop Circles, I will direct you to Nicolas Montigiani's book (2003):

"...another article in Air & Cosmos, that appeared in issue number 1842, dated May 10, 2002, states: "RF (Radio Frequency) and HPM (High-Powered Microwave) weapon systems, better known under the generic terms of electromagnetic or ultrahigh frequency weapons, are indeed likely to be incorporated into the panoply of offensive military equipment more quickly than experts had foreseen.  These are weapons emitting electromagnetic pulses (of non-nuclear origin) sufficiently energetic to disturb or even destroy the electronics of enemy weapon systems: calculators, self-directed systems, electronic flight controls, etc."   Thus, a ground generator delivering several kilowatts in a few micro or nanoseconds can send a beam to a reflector system at high altitude [but below normal airplane level] that will focus and reflect it back at a ground target.  The analysis of the texture inside a crop circle (the alignment of tufts of the same width arranged as if they had passed through a comb with teeth spaced every few feet) indeed reinforces the idea that low level radiation had passed through the figure causing, through heat, all of the modifications observed in the ears of wheat." (p. 163-164)


1:Possiblities therefore are that the foul mouthed abusive prankster who isn't a pagan, had nothing to do with it.

2:That I've been abused by men with superior tech who are laughing their heads off.

3: That I've been engaged in slowly increasing contact with invisibly cloaked martians who are a bit clingy and entirely secretive, and like to pretend they are people I know to make me feel more comfortable.

Zero Point ?

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