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Space Shuttle - Human Time Bomb , Discovery Science 2-3pm 31 August 2005.


Using 'reelthing animation' they show us footage they could not possibly have of the shuttle Columbia on fire as it begins to explode.  A human face burns behind the windscreen.  This is unreal footage which they could not poosibly have.  The Shuttle went absolutely white as it fell apart in all directions.  Looking at their giant nuclear missile type design, their roman candle, their big fire cracker shaped like a big willy, I realise that they do not have ufos, and that they have not a clue as to the technology of them.  The Shuttle is not graceful or beautiful but is a military rocket, long and tubular with little delta wings.  It is not a 'bird' but a phallus.


Nixon cut the funding to the Shuttle programme, or the 'Nixon administration' did, and so the military got it and made it much bigger.  Do you think for one moment that if the Americans had got to the Moon (which is a long way) they would have had trouble getting funding?  It is more likely that the 'programme' was vulnerable to being found out as fabricated with screens and scenes and props and photographic fraud and so was handed over to the military for secrecy purposes.


UFOs are all about anti gravity and lightweight materials, so why is the Shuttle so heavy needing so much fuel to propel it out of our gravity?


Also the fact that it punches it's way out of our atmosphere and punches it's way back in, means that it is unfriendly towards our protective atmospheric shell, the only thing which holds life onto our planet and without which we will end up as Mars, hot, exposed and barren to biological life.


They have punched our atmosphere approx 57 times and intend to have done it seventy times before the so called 'space station' is completed.  Therefore they are risking global safety and I have noticed that the atmosphere looks increasingly thin.  could this be the cause of global warming and environmental disasters.


Remember the Tower of Babel in the Bible.  The Sky Gods do not take kindly to arrogant invasion of their upper atmospheric realm.


It is like sending a rocket through an egg shell, and I think that so far we have been lucky.  They do not know why Columbia fell apart, they said there was composite reasons and that the managers had made a series of mistakes piled one on another without due care and attention.


Their heat shield tiles are plainly ridiculous.  They said one fell off which was the size of a suitcase, but the tiles are smaller than that.  They say they are made of sand silica, but it is white polystyrene looking stuff which a finger nail can damage, covered in black paint and glued on with red glue.  White, black and red, the war colours of Mars.


Martians (if they exist and they probably do) are not biological entities but spirit.  Spirit would not want noisy stupid flesh bags in their area, digging and scraping and throwing things at them.  They would want another planet which had no atmosphere.


So basically, Shuttle proves that all their talk of ufos is lies, and Shuttle hurts Earth, not just by using too much of our precious fossil oil which lubricates the Planet Gaia, but also by corrupting our atmosphere like a needle through a thin membrane.


There is life in the upper atmoshpere.  The large storm jellyfish footage, the invisibles, the lights.  Throwing big old metal planes through it is bad enough without this massive monster going through it from one side to the other and back again repeatedly.


It is not just about killing astronaughts and pedestrians with the wreckage of exploded Shuttles, it is about endangering our very planetary existence by ruining our protective shield.

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