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Where are the photographs and where's the proof?

He doesn't even have images of

the alien on his site

Various hatchet job

additional videos

made using meat,

plaster of paris,

and plastics.  With the

reasoning that 'legal'

reasons prevented

screening of the original.

If the Footage was genuine

the US Military would own

copyright of it.

Here lies Ray Santilli.

His Footage and Debris




convinced alot of experts,

see Alien Autopsy Inquest

by Philip Mantle 2007

Warner Brothers


Ant & Dec


John Humphreys claims hoax

though he doesn't put it on his


UFO Data Magazine Press release - 24/10/2007

by MercuryRapids on Wed Oct 24, 2007 1:57 pm








Wednesday 24th, October, 2007


In 1995, London businessmen, Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield unleashed a phenomenon on the world. The Alien Autopsy film created a storm of controversy and split the UFO community right down the middle. Was it real footage or was it just an elaborate hoax?


Ten years later, Santilli and Shoefield would admit that the film was a fabrication, although according to them, it was based upon genuine footage that they had obtained from an elderly, American military cameraman. Unfortunately, that film from 1947 had degraded to such an extent when they brought it back to England that it was unusable.


A recent movie, produced by Warner Bros and Qwerty Films was made with the full cooperation of Santilli and Shoefield, was subsequently released. Alien Autopsy told their story, albeit in a comedic format, with popular British duo, Ant & Dec in the starring roles, and depicted the huge amounts of money they made from the autopsy



On Sunday, 21st October 2007, a new player entered the game.


Filmmaker and magician, Spyros Melaris, appeared in public for the first time at the hugely-successful Roswell 60 conference in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, in the north of England. The conference, hosted by renowned Alien Autopsy researcher, Philip Mantle, was the largest UFO event in the UK for years and was organised by UFO Data Magazine. Melaris'’ surprise appearance reconfirmed the controversy and stirred more debate into the Alien Autopsy fiasco.


Melaris claimed that it was he who created the autopsy films not Santilli and Shoefield. They merely commissioned him to create the greatest hoax of the 1990s. Bound by a confidentiality agreement, Melaris was unable to speak of his involvement, but the release of the Ant & Dec movie negated that contract due to the fact that Santilli and Shoefield had finally admitted that the film which was released to the public was a fake and by so doing, placed that fact firmly in the public domain.


There was no original footage. There was no Roswell cameraman. There was no alien on a mortician's slab.


Melaris wanted to pull off an illusion that would fool the world on an unprecedented scale. The plan was to release the footage, with the alien created by master sculptor, John Humphries. It was agreed that Santilli and Shoefield would not make any representation as to what the film was about, and broadcasters should make their own conclusions. After a few weeks or when Santilli had a sufficient monetary return, Melaris would be allowed to come clean and reveal to the world that it was just an illusion. Melaris would take a bow and then explain in detail how the effect was achieved.


Santilli did not allow that to happen, leaning hard on the confidentiality agreement signed by Melaris and his team.

Instead of the agreed 33% of all revenues which Santilli made, all that Melaris received were expenses to cover the costs of producing the autopsy footage and wages for his crew.


With legal action against Santilli and formal notice being served to stop Santilli further representing his copyright Melaris is soon to release a book and DVD about the affair, Melaris wants the world to know the true story of the Alien Autopsy film.


UFO Data Magazine will continue to follow this astonishing, breaking story and report any developments in the pages of the UK'’s only full-size, glossy UFO publication.


One thing is for certain, after more than a decade, the Alien Autopsy controversy is far from over!


UFO Data Magazine,

PO Box 280,


LS26 1AN

United Kingdom


Tel: +44 (0) 113 2865566

Tel: +44 (0) 7957 223358

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(UFOdata has since folded)

At the UFOdata Conference in Pontefract in 2007, Spyros Melaris appeared to give a talk.  He had important things to say, and he wanted to impress his audience without having to provide any proof of what he was saying.

So he told us about stones which "breathe" and selected - by throwing a piece of crumpled foil (the joke there was it's not the memory metal of Roswell but domestic kitchen foil) What's is funny about that? He selected a member of the audience to fool them and make an idiot of us all.  He said he had trouble getting the stones through customs as they were white.  He said they came from New Mexico.  In reality which he let us fully know, they were from a gardening centre.  Making the member of the audience holkd the stone wrapped in the foil above his head, he stage hypnotised the man into believing the stones were getting warmer.  Then he passed the stones around and instructed us to hold them tightly together.  He said the stones were magnetic.  It was a lie.  After this inauspicious start he then declared that he had made the Roswell Alien Autopsy 1995 Footage.

He claimed he had faxes as evidence.  TO DATE NO EVIDENCE HAS EMERGED


Melaris said he'd write a book to prove it, but he hasn't yet (February 2013)





Edited copy of AA video

with saw and medi-tool

tray added, apparently

a Fox version from

Bob Kiviat

Santilli came back in 2006 on the Eamonn Holmes Investigates programme and said that two parts of the Footage were genuine, the severing of a large tube/artery (often called the 'crystal' shot) and the cutting out of a foetus type sack.  He said he had John Humphreys make the 'model', but provided no proof, as they said they destroyed the proof by cutting the body into parts and scattering them around London.  He said the Footage was made in Camden, which is where I'm from, so the MoD telling me that "Roswell" was an american problem is not the point, because my research has been about the Alien Autopsy Footage, which Santilli says vaguelly that he made in a flat in Camden.  Personally Santilli seemed to be trying to close the discussion down in a barrel of laughs dreamt up by Ant and Dec with slapstick humour.  They did not attempt to make a replica of the highly controversial and bizarre brain of the alien, which suggests to me that they are pretending to have the Footage explained, when in reality they don't have a clue.

Also why create a dummy with six fingers, rather than the reported four if creating it from scratch?

This is despite telling Philip Mantle that the Footage was genuine: "PM:So what would you say to critics who are confident that the film is a hoax?

RS: Prove it.  You know, as simple as that, prove it.  I mean after six years the film has had millions of pounds all over the world spent on it, in imagery and so forth and analysis, and still no one is any the wiser, and it takes someone better than me to create a hoax like that, so if someone thinks it's a hoax well then simply prove it.

PM: What do you think the film depicts, Ray?...

RS:...One is that it's the real thing...or the other explanation is that it was an experiment that was taking place by the Americans..." (2007, page 243, Alien Autopsy Inquest, by Philip Mantle).

The only place where it really looks fake are when the scalpel or blood-knife, leaves a thick trail instead of a razor sharp line.

And what about the Debris Footage, was that invented aswell?  Apparently it was but then they've had eleven years to create it.  It fooled metalurgists at the time.

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