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April '04, BBC World Service

   From : ?

This information has already been on the radio.  I assisted by informing the producer of Jenny's authority on the subject convincing him to contact her for an interview on Iranian UFOs.

I have tried to email her myself but found the mailer demon in effect.  Also this email correspondence itself was witheld from me by persons unknown and returned in the peculiar circumstance of my leaving my data storage with a print copy company overnight.  The next day my files had been mostly deleted and some new files added including the 'untitled document' on the Micronics page and my emails from the Producer and Jenny which I only saw nine months after he sent them to me!  He has confirmed they are genuine.


If you ever think a UFO may be Venus, check to see whether it is moving!  Even if it is, it still may be

Venusian.  The way I look at it is, if you believe in ghosts, spirits and other etheric beings, then they could easily reside on planets too hot for water based flesh and blood humans.

This is apparently my email which had been 'bound over' or incubated by the Secret Services or persons unknown for nine months for bad behaviour (goodness only knows how much other email I don't receive).


I presented it on my site, but, it went black.

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