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Ugly Photos of Strange Marks

No it's not ships, yet, but you wouldn't believe photos of OVNIs anyway.  Whether it is aliens, angels, demons, secret sevices, secret Orders of Astral Adepts, or electromagnetic interference/harrassment/disruption, I haven't yet discovered, but it was in the radio signals, on my mobile phones, as presences/poltergeists and intense sounds.  I tried to document any physical traces, eventually, after I'd ignored them enough.

You can get marks like this from your shopping bags, but I would have noticed that when they were made.  These appeared overnight and at a time of intense electro-interferance.  It's one leg.

Yeah we all get spots, the Sun included,

but did teenagers get spots before the '50's? - How do we know?  Quick bring out the revised history books so we can check cos the photos and the movies don't show it.  And cosmetics keep us wasting money on hiding our faces with make-up masks, and are full of silicates and whatnot.  These were not only triangular in formation

but also significant  (18/08/04 happening as they did ten days  before the nine year anniversary of the first time I saw the Santilli Footage).

On the right is an arm bruise inside elbow 19/08/04

which again is unusual and I don't know how it got there.  Fair enough things like this happen, but not to me, and it was amongst alot of 'contact'. It was 'evidence' - thing is evidence of ufological contact quickly becomes meaningless, either being explainable biologically, or else superseded by human inventions or discoveries.

If I was a super scientist of invisible abilities or with the machinery to move through time faster or slower than the human can perceive, I would design small capsules and pellets of nanotech which I would inject under the subdermal layer, to erupt as spots and blemishes when their work was over, releasing only fluids and crystals which are easily and shamefully dispossed of, leaving no trace or proof for analysis.  Perhaps this is where the 'bogeyman' gets his name, perhaps that is why pilots call anomalous flying objects and radar returns 'bogeys', but what is Golf's excuse for a 'triple bogey'?

Someone's having a right laugh making these spots much worse, that's disruption agents for you.

And here on my upper arm a triangular

bruise (again I have no idea how it got there)

29/08/04 but, again I discovered it the day after

the 9th  year anniversary of the Channel 4 and

other networks screening of the Alien Autopsi

Santilli Footage.  No it's not normal.


I should advise you to use a film camera for detail,

but the lack of a need for processing and the

convenience of a camera phone is what allowed

these images to be here.  000's and 111's are

temperamental, humans are much worse and no

excuse for abuse of any kind is the intention of Rosunwell,

If you stopped the porn in our culture then the

'Happy Slapping' would probably cease, unless you want camera phones to be banned as a bad idea.  

Pinhole cameras have been around for a while and

all the tiny video devices which now are becoming

part of the scenery, may be something we live to







Hopefully it won't happen again.  Speaking about

it now a year (almost) later, it is a thing which

ebbs and flows, comes and goes, but generally

everything has eased off since the website was

fairly much finished.  After ten years of researching

this stuff, you hope you're still learning.

If contact happens to you it may be difficult for you.  Keep paper and pens and

recording devices to hand and try to get witnesses.  Time and date things in a journal.

The triangle faded within two days.  See there is a triangle, but the other one was imprinted within the confines of the natural one.  Compare pictures.  This was taken on 9th Feb 05.  on the day I put this up, 9th June 05 one appeared over her right eye.  Are they fitting tiny cameras there or is that just a nightmare?

Christmas 08, a mark looking like an injection over her left eye, for no known reason.

Fuschia 005

Inexplicable leg bruising


And here is the triangle.

You may think all cats

and dogs have triangles

on the end of their noses,

but this was a sharply

defined imprint of

a triangle which appeared

on 28/08/04, also above

the left eye you can see

a triangular patch from

which I picked a scab

which was clearly like

an injection mark.

The hair was missing in

a triangular patch



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